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The BEST Backyards Out There! via [hgtv]

Top 10 Extreme Backyards

take a photo tour of the extreme backyards of outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Photo 1 of 10

The crowning touch of this amazing pool
is the way it lights up at night.
  • Photo 2 of 10

This pool definitely keeps the children,
family and friends active for hours.
  • Photo 3 of 10

This racetrack is so popular, this homeowner
opens it up each week to friends to do their very own race.
  • Photo 4 of 10

This pirate ship makes the whole family happy.
  • Photo 5 of 10

Little Fenway Park is used not only to
play wiffle with family and friends, but also for charity events for
the community.
  • Photo 6 of 10

This homeowner has an 18-hole mini golf course
in his backyard.
  • Photo 7 of 10

colorful playhouse includes a main house and castle.
  • Photo 8 of 10

A beautiful light display illuminates
this waterfall at night.
  • Photo 9 of 10

Trains travel all over this homeowner’s
  • Photo 10 of 10

Tony Hawk can skate in his backyard
anytime he’d like.

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