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45 Ways to Feel Happier via [MillionLooks]

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45 Ways to Feel Happier

Posted byVeronica Valter


Depression is modern social evil. We get depressed of so many things that often the whole life seems to be the source of misery. But is everything really so bad or we just take it that seriously? I believe it is our wrong perception of reality that makes us feel depressed. And that means by changing the perception we can change the way feel. Doing this is quite easy. Read 45 ways to feel happier and try at least 10 of them to achieve the goal.


happy woman

1. Go for a walk every day and spend no less than 20-30 minutes in the open air. When I say ‘go for a walk’ it means you should just walk, with no purpose, and enjoy the process. Hurrying to the office or the supermarket doesn’t count.

2. Spend at least 8 hours for sleep that is essential for the organism to function well. You’ll feel more optimistic when you wake up.

sleeping girl

3. Find time for listening to soft music, meditating, dreaming. While doing that forget about your problems and just think positively.

4. Don’t restrict yourself with socializing with people of your age only. Talk to children and old people and you will see how different visions of life can be. Life will seem brighter and more interesting to you!

talk to people of different age

5. Spend some time alone. Sit in a quiet place and concentrate on your feelings and sensations. Do it daily.

6. Participate in games, both mind and active ones. Play ball with your child, do crosswords, find something that’s different from what you do on the regular basis.

7. Learn a foreign language. Listen to songs in it, watch films. If you feel it necessary start teaching a language you already know. You’ll have a chance to talk to people that do not belong to your usual social sphere.

8. Forgive everybody for everything. The main thing here is to forgive people in your soul. You don’t have to tell everyone that you’ve forgiven them, do it for yourself.


9. Don’t try to forget your sadness by working hard. This won’t help. According to Freud it will just sublimate but in the end you’ll start to hate your job.

10. Go to a club, dance, make new friends.

11. When you wake in the morning don’t jump up from the bed. Lie for a while, luxuriate and dream about your good future.

12. Introduce three ‘E’s into your life: Enthusiasm, Energy and Empathy.

entertain friends

13. Become the soul of your company, try to entertain your close people, familiars and even strangers. You’ll have some great fun!

14. Read more books. Don’t think that only losers read books. Education and erudition are valuable now. Besides, you’ll enjoy opening new worlds.

15. Experts say you must have good breakfast and lunch while dinner isn’t that important. This is right, of course, but each organism is different. So, it’s you who knows best when to eat and what to eat. Indulge yourself with delicacies from time to time.

woman eating chocolate

16. Don’t focus on things you already own for a long time. Try something new: makeup, perfume, clothing, etc. It will make you happy, believe me!

17. Don’t remember about bad incidents in your past and don’t remind people around you about those. Live here and now.

forget about incidents

18. Want to talk? Call your friends (even if you haven’t talked to them for ages). Ask how they are doing, what the news is. It will help you feel involved, and get along with others.

19. Smile if you feel sad. Do it even if it requires lots of effort. It will improve your mood.

20. If you have a chance, eat fruit right from trees, vegetables – from patches, and milk from cows. Experts say that it’s isolation from nature that is the source of our problems and dissatisfaction with life.


21. Drink more water.

22. If you can’t change the situation leave it as it is and don’t worry. Once I’ve read one man’s statement that made me think about worrying differently. He said: “If I’m being operated it’s surgeon who has to worry, not me. I can’t do anything.”

23. Take aroma baths, indulge yourself with aroma candles and spa procedures.

24. Draw! Don’t say you can’t. Now any pictures are considered creative.

25. Start watching an interesting serial and you’ll have a few happy nights.


26. Change the environment. Walk in places you have never walked, visit another city. If you can afford traveling find time for that.

27. Be closer to nature – lie on the grass, in the snow, sand; bathe in the sea or river; pick berries and mushrooms.

be close to nature

28. Visit concerts, exhibitions, cinemas – in brief, be a part of society.

29. No one will make you happy except you.

30. Get rid of hatred. What’s the sense in spending your life for hating someone?

31. Don’t be too exacting to yourself. If you can’t do something today, you’ll do it tomorrow.

woman laughing

32. Find strength to laugh at your own mistakes the way you’ll laugh at others’.

33. Learn to wait patiently until the problem is solved and think positively.

34. Sometimes to win you have to lose. Think about it.

35. You are not ‘other people’ and you shouldn’t always compare yourself to others.

36. Don’t overdo. Define feasible tasks, achieve them and feel happy about it.


37. Spending money on yourself is both pleasant and useful!

38. Only worthless people have no enemies. The more you’ve achieved the more secret and obvious enemies you have.

39. You have to be able to quit a bad job, leave off a boring book, stop chatting to people that irritate you. You have just one life and one shouldn’t spend it for minor things.

40. Envy is useless. You already have everything or will have everything you need in life.

41. Call your parents, family and relatives more often.

42. Give people presents, give them a part of yourself and they will reply you with the same.

give presents

43. Find a new hobby for yourself: dancing, embroidery, making plastic jewelry, etc.

44. Get yourself a pet that will make you happy each time you come home.

45. Remember you have all the best ahead of you!!!


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The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks via [msn/good]

The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks

You can slather yourself from your forehead to your pinkie toe in organic lotions, but if you think that alone will make you glow, we have some bad news. From its well documented health benefits to its undeniable impact on physical beauty, good nutrition is the pillar of every kind of healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you need to swear off bacon and beer or anything. The trick is finding the right balance.

But with new studies coming out every month about what we should put in our mouths—not to mention the unending discovery of mysterious superfruits from deep in the forests of wherever—it can be hard to keep track of what, exactly, we should be eating. To simplify things, here’s a can’t-go-wrong shopping list. Bon appétit!

1. Tomatoes. Organic tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant shown to help fight illnesses of all stripes. They’re also loaded with vitamins C and A, and if you believe Dr. Oz, they could be as good or better than açai and goji, those trendy, expensive antioxidants you couldn’t stop hearing about for a few years.
2. Green tea. In a nutshell, people who drink green tea have about a dozen health advantages over people who do not—from cancer prevention to longevity to gentler skin aging—thanks to its antioxidant polyphenols. Organic green tea is preferable (nothing undoes positive health effects like a load of pesticides) and can be found in bulk for cheap at large grocery stores.
3. Broccoli. This is the item on the list you’d be best off learning to love if you don’t already, because its nutrition profile beats out all other veggies according to a Harvard University study. It has well-documented anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with everything from eye health and arthritis to heart disease and sun damage. Eat it a couple of nights a week if you can. A favorite simple recipe is broccoli steamed with olive oil, salt, and garlic.
4. Salmon. You obviously want to be careful about sourcing when it comes to any fish choice—check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium‘s new recommendations for salmon here—but the short version is, wild Alaskan is a good bet. Salmon is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega 3s, healthy fats, and vitamin B12. Bonus side effect: Glowing skin.
5. Extra virgin olive oil. It’s gotta be EV: Eat it for heart-disease prevention, cancer prevention, its cholesterol-lowering good fats, its antioxidants, and because it’s completely and utterly delicious and frankly, a good olive oil tastes better than butter.
6. Dark leafy greens.Yes, they can be bitter and less than exciting at first, but they are loaded with vitamins and iron and can be snuck into meals easily (omelets, pasta, salads, etc.). Prepared the same way as the broccoli suggestion takes five minutes and is super tasty with eggs for breakfast.
7. Walnuts. These shelled suckers are packed with good fats (the monounsaturated kind), which is great for heart health, lowering cholesterol, boosting brain function, and reducing inflammation. You don’t need many of these to reap the benefits, though. Go easy.
8. Blueberries. What gives these guys a leg up on other fruit is the fact that they’re super low in calories and very high in vitamin C, fiber, vitamin E, and other brain-boosting nutrients. A Tufts University study found that when they evaluated 60 other fruits and veggies for their antioxidant capability, the blues came out on top.
9. Dark chocolate. You should eat this because it’s delicious, and because a recent study also showed its capacity to protect skin from UV damage. The claims that its packed with antioxidants have been recently called into question—you can read more about that here and here—but for now? Might as well go for it.
10. Avocados. As if anyone needed another reason to eat avocados, it’s encouraging to know that in addition to being nature’s unadulterated butter, they’re also loaded with cholesterol-lowering power, potassium, folate, carotenoids, vitamin E, and happiness-inducing monounsaturated fats. (And yes, guacamole counts.)

This is the tenth installment in a series inspired by No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics, a book by GOOD’s features editor Siobhan O’Connor and her co-author Alexandra Spunt. It will run every Thursday.

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The Crucial Links Between Social Status and Health via [Psychology Today]


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Body of Evidence: Top of the Heap

Name: Sonja Tremont-Morgan

Profession: Philanthropist

Tremont-Morgan, once married to a descendant of J.P. Morgan and John
Adams, is very aware of social status, having put herself through
college and now donating her energy and resources to benefits around the
world. Not one to take her current lifestyle for granted, she says,
Education is a great luxury.”

  • King Kong of the HillYour place in the pecking order may predict your susceptibility to
    addiction. Thanks to chronic social strain, neural reward centers are
    less active in subordinate monkeys than in dominant ones. As a result,
    stressful encounters increase beta primates’ demands for cocaine.
  • Lab Partner from HellCollaborating for just a few minutes with someone who dominates the
    assignment can increase your cardiovascular reactivity to stress. Study
    participants who worked with an assertive partner and then performed a
    tension-inducing follow-up task saw a higher increase in systolic blood
    pressure than those paired with a deferential teammate.
  • Cold ShouldersFeeling high on the totem pole could spare you a lot of sneezes. A
    study in which people were exposed to a virus and then quarantined
    showed that those who rated their socioeconomic status (SES) the lowest
    were much more likely to come down with sniffles than were others. Less
    sound sleep among those low on the ladder partially caused the sickening
  • Mind Your MannerismsEven without bling, your body exudes elaborate clues to wealth.
    Watching someone’s casual conversational behavior for only a minute
    provides enough info to guess his SES better than chance. While those
    with fewer resources show more signs of engagement, such as nodding and
    laughing, the well-heeled remain aloof.
  • The Young and the SES-lessGrowing up downtrodden may permanently sensitize you to social
    threats. Young adults raised by parents with low SES react more
    emotionally to angry faces than do others.
  • Say UncleWhy do some people step up their game after an embarrassing defeat
    while others roll over and play dead? Social anxiety has a big role.
    Although baseline testosterone levels—associated with dominance—are no
    lower in the socially anxious, these worriers respond to drops in status
    with dips in the hormone and a submissive white flag.

Author: Matthew Hutson

Social status reveals a wealth about health. Having more confidence
and resources can shield you from ill health.