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Let’s Have A Sex and the City 2 Party!!! via [celebrations.com and huffingtonpost]


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Sex and the City 2 Party: Abu Dhabi Style


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By Jeanne Benedict
Celebrations Expert

Sex and the City 2 Party: Abu Dhabi Style

SATC 2! Decadence in the Desert!

Couture, camels, and cocktails! Sex and the City 2 has landed the fab four right in the middle of the Arabian Desert and the ladies have never looked better exquisitely clothed in their designer drapings against a backdrop of cinematic sand dunes. Fill your Champange flutes and get ready to party “Abu Dhabi” style for the premiere of the Sex and the City 2 in theaters May 27th, 2010! Can you hear the decadence calling…?

Souk Entrance

  • A souk is an open-air Arabic market and more importantly, where Carrie and Aidan (her “what if” guy) meet up by pure coincidence in Abu Dhabi.
  • Deck out your own souk as an entrance to the party. Hang lanterns, baskets, and colorful lengths of fabric criss-crossing overhead for a fab flea market feel to get all in the mood.

Scraves and Sparkle Under Canopies

  • Purchase or rent white canopies for guests to dine under or as a covering for the food table. I usually go with the E-Z Up brand for events as the height is adjustable and they are simple to set up.
  • Drape long scarves or lengths of fabric from the top corners of the canopy down to the ground.
  • Dangle strands of crystals from the edge of the canopy and its center if there is an inner-structure where you can hang them securely.
Set a fashion-sexy mood with lots of candles and decorate your table with a batch of bright pink peonies picked up from your local market. Cut the stems short to let the blousy blooms show off. With blossoms this beautiful, any low vase is a fashion do.

Set a fashion-sexy mood with lots of candles and decorate your table with a batch of bright pink peonies picked up from your local market. Cut the stems short to let the blousy blooms show off. With blossoms this beautiful, any low vase is a fashion do.

The girls head to Morocco in this sequel, so set out a tableful of light bites, such as olives, dates, assorted cheeses and nuts arranged in small bowls. You can also add rice pilaf or couscous with saffron, chicken, beef or lamb kebobs. True foodies, now’s the time to dig out your tangine. I’m happy to just cocktail!

Download the Sex and the City 2 movie soundtrack, sure to get everyone in a flirty mood. I can’t stop playing Alicia Key’s Empire State of Mind and Cee-lo‘s Language of Love. Then, dish about old loves, new ones, and the ones that got away. Most importantly, wear something stunning — shoes to die for, and your favorite dress and accessories. For help here, I always click to see what my fashionista friends are dishing about, Rachel Zoe or Kayln Johnson give a girl a closet full of ideas. Currently I am rocking the wrap dress in white ( thank you DVF), strappy heels and gold aviator glasses, I say, take some liberties, have some fun, and channel your inner Carrie.

With coveted movie tickets in hand, take the party on the road. Dressed to the nines, you and your girlfriends will revel in the spotlight. Carrie & Co. would be proud!

Floor Pillows and Low Dining Table Trays

  • Use floor pillows for guests to sit on while dining at low tables.
  • To make a low table, place sturdy plastic milk crates on the ground and cover them with fabric or scarves.
  • Set a large round tray on top or a wood circle, available at many home improvement stores for standard tabletops.

Couture Champagne Cocktails

Sex and the City 2 Party: Couture Champagne Cocktails
What’s a SATC girl to do in Abu Dhabi but ride on camel back in couture, and toast your besties with Moet & Chandon Champagne Cocktails? Raise a glass at your Sex and the City 2 Party in celebration of friendship and fashion with flutes of bubbly elixirs inspired by the personalities of each SATC character.

The LVMH brand is sponsoring “Sex and the City 2” screenings in 10 to 12 cities around the country and certain venues will be serving up these signature cocktails. Here’s my version of how to make them for your party.Carrie – The Fashionista

  • Fill a flute 3/4 of the way with Moet & Chandon Champagne, add a splash of pomegranate juice, and garnish with an organic rose petal; a symbol of Carrie’s romantic side.

Samantha – The Player

  • Fill a flute 3/4 of the way with Moet & Chandon Champagne, add a lemon twist, and a sprinkling of minced candied ginger to spice it up Samantha-style.

Charlotte – The Socialite

  • Fill a flute 3/4 of the way with Moet & Chandon Champagne, add a splash of elderflower liqueur, and drop in a brown sugar cube for an elegant Charlotte touch.

Miranda – The Bombshell

  • Fill a flute 3/4 of the way with Moet & Chandon Champagne, add a splash of fresh tangerine juice and drop a Maraschino cherry in it to give it the bold yet sweet character of Miranda.

Cocktails and photos courtesy of Moet & Chandon, a Sex and the City 2 movie partner.

For more delicously themed SATC cocktails, try:

These stunning champagne cocktails are the perfect pour — colorful, tasty, and stylish party starters. Take two and don’t call him in the morning!
2010-05-20-42_StMartin_00010.jpgLOVE HANGOVER
Serves 4
2 ounces passion-fruit nectar
2 ounces pineapple juice
1 bottle Brut champagne, chilled
Strawberries for garnish

Combine the chilled juices in a cocktail shaker or small pitcher. Pour juices in champagne flutes to cover the bottom third of each glass. Top with champagne, garnish with berry and serve.

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“I’m Not Britney” starring Ndoema, Directed by Philip Christon via [IMDbPro]


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I saw this short film at the 2009 Women of Color Arts & Film (WOCAF) Festival in Atlanta that was presented by Mojisola Sonoiki of Iyalode Productions; and I fell in love with it on the spot. I never get tired of watching it and it never fails to leave me wanting more. The beautiful Ndoema is ferocious and fearless!

Plot Summary for
I’m Not Britney //

Global beauty Ndoema stars in this socially defiant and visually dazzling film boasting sixteen wardrobe changes, eight international leading men, a host of young women spanning five continents and a blistering send-off to Hollywood‘s stereotypical booty-girl syndrome. A masterful blending of art and activism, music video style and spoken word performance, ‘I’m Not Britney’ is a highly stylized visual feast that pushes the boundaries of cinematic language and captures the powerful words of Ndoema’s empowering stance.

via [You Tube]

Added BONUS: Here is a Sneak peek Trailer of THEGLOBALGIRL.COM – The first Fashion, Entertainment and Lifestyle destination for the global generation. Hear what people across the globe are saying about Ndoema’s powerful message.

via [YouTube]

Biography for
Ndoema  //

Trade Mark

Big natural hair

TriviaMade her screen debut at age three in a documentary that aired on National French Television.

Is an accomplished fashion designer. Taught fashion at Parsons, New York. Was featured in Variety’s Designing Hollywood Special Issue and produced large-scale multimedia fashion shows sponsored by Japanese cosmetic giant Shiseido, Vespa and Wilhelmina Models.

Graduate of the French National School of Music, Dance and Dramatic Art.

Received her first law degree at the age of nineteen. Has a Bachelors Degree in Law (Université Jean-Monnet, Paris), a Masters Degree in International Law (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva), a Masters Degree in International Relations (École des Hautes Études Internationales, Paris) and was a PhD candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland before moving to Hollywood and becoming a producer.

Became temporarily blind at the age of seventeen.

Recipient of Harvard Law School special invitation to conduct research on the interconnectivity of Human Rights, Women’s Rights and AIDS in Africa under the mentorship of Harvard Professor and former Director of the United Nations World Health Organization’s global AIDS program, Prof. Jonathan Mann.

Is raw vegan.

Is a lifelong human rights activist. Did extensive work on behalf of refugee women and children in Africa (Malawi and Mozambique) and was personally responsible for one of the most successful repatriation operations in the history of the United Nations. Also worked as a legal advisor to the Tibetan Government in Exile in Dharamsala, India and authored reports on the activities of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Grew up under house arrest with guards literally stationed in her living room.

World’s only former Parisian catwalk model with two law degrees.

Loves languages. Studied Sanskrit while living in India and started learning ancient Greek at thirteen.

Born in Bangui, capital of Central African Republic and raised between Central African Republic, France, Cameroon and Switzerland. Lived in India, Cameroon, Switzerland, Spain, Malawi, Mozambique, France, Panama, Central African Republic, the UK, Italy and the US.

Also known as The Global Girl.

Has triple citizenship.

“The September Issue” Movie Trailer in HD

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via [YouTube]

Anna Wintour will attend the NYC premiere of "The September <br/>Issue."  An insider says Wintour is being “completely controlling” <br/>in regards to publicity, which she stars in but didn’t produce.

Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief
of Vogue magazine for twenty years, is the most powerful and
polarizing figure in fashion. She is usually hidden behind her
trademark bob and sunglasses.

An insider says Wintour is being “completely controlling” in regards
to publicity for her flick, which she stars in but didn’t produce.
Perhaps she should spend more time managing her mag: Ad sales at Vogue
are down 36% from last year.