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BOOK REVIEW: The Measure of America: American Human Development Report, 2008-2009 via [Columbia University Press]

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(Summary) The Measure Of
America: American Human Development Report, 2008-2009

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Measure of America: American Human Development Report, 2008-2009 (A
Columbia / SSRC Book)

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by Sarah Burd-Sharps

“The Measure of America” is the first-ever human development report
for a wealthy, developed nation. It introduces the American Human
Development Index, which provides a single measure of well-being for all
Americans, disaggregated by state and congressional district, as well
as by gender, race, and ethnicity. The Index rankings of the 50 states
and 436 congressional districts reveal huge disparities in the health,
education, and living standards of different groups. Clear, precise,
objective, and authoritative, this report will become the basis for all
serious discussions concerning the realization of a fair, just, and
globally competitive American society.

Policymakers and the media are continuing to react and respond to the
publication of The
Measure of America: American Human Development Report, 2008-2009

* Kristen Lewis, one of the book’s co-authors, was
recently invited by Charles E. Schumer to testify before the Joint
Economic Committee for a hearing entitled “How
Much More Can American Families Be Squeezed By Stagnant Wages,
Skyrocketing Household Costs , And Falling Home Prices”.

Lewis discussed the report’s findings and highlighted particularly
worrisome areas of vulnerability for different groups of Americans in
today’s faltering economy. The Web page includes Lewis’s statement to
the committee and a video of the hearing.

* NPR’s Day
to Day
recently had a fascinating program that focused on The
Measure of America
and interviewed residents of both Fresno County,
which the report ranks as the least economically developed district in
the country, and New York City’s Upper East Side, considered the most

In addition to listening
to the program
, you can also read about it and follow a discussion
on the NPR Blog, Daydreaming:
Taking Stock of the California Dream

* In the Falls
Church News-Press
, Congressman Jim Moran of
Virginia’s 8th Congressional District noted that the district he
represents was ranked the 2nd best district in the nation in terms of
its human development index. However, he also pointed to the many
disparities between the haves and have-nots that the report lays bare.
Moran concludes:

This report is yet another wake-up call to America that our domestic
strengths: ensuring everyone has access to a good education, is afforded
quality healthcare and can obtain a job that is both meaningful and
provides a decent standard of living are receding. Closing the gaps
brought to life in this report should be a national priority. The
billions we are sending overseas each day to Iraq for war and to oil
producing nations for our energy would go a long way towards bringing
new job, health and educational opportunities to the long-neglected
regions of our country.

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The World’s Coolest Kiddie Playgrounds via [Mental_Floss]


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10 Unusual Playgrounds From Around the World by David K. Israel

Playgrounds have come a long way since the days of hot, steel slides and open-backed infant swings. Take a look at some of the many unusually cool designs popping up around the world.

1. Nishi-Rokugo – Tokyo, Japan


In Japanese, Nishi-Rokugo means Tire Park. The Kawasaki plants are located not far away, so it’s possible they donated the 3,000 tires that make up the dinosaurs, monsters, bridges, slides, swings, and all the loose ones there for kids to stack and hop on. But this sand-bottom park is hardly just for kids. Parents can haul tires up specially designed tire steps and tube down wide concrete slides. I can imagine it’s the type of place you can spend hours at before you, er, tire, of it.

2. The Fruit and Scent Playground –Liljeholmen, Sweden

A banana slide, strawberry spinners, a pair of cherry swings, an orange see-saw and a watermelon jungle gym are all part of this unusual, small park in the south of Stockholm. It’s a great theme because it also teaches kids the importance of fruit over junk food. Reports coming out of the country indicate that the outdoors-loving Swede is on the way out. According to a study by Karolinska university hospital, obesity among seven year olds in Stockholm has increased from 8.5% to 21% over the last fifteen years. What could be better than exercising in fruit as an antidote?


3. Clemyjontri Park – Fairfax County, Virginia


Not just the name is unusual at Clemyjontri Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. This place is one of the few playgrounds in the world where children with disabilities can play side-by-side those without. The entire park is equipped with ramps for wheelchairs and the ground surfaces are specially designed with a non-slip material. The park is named for Adele Lebowitz’s (a major donor) four children: Carolyn (CL), Emily (EMY), John (Jon), and Petrina (Tri). Mrs. Lebowitz and her husband were also sponsors of a local children’s television show, The Pick Temple Show, in the 1950s. The star of that show, a clown named Bozo, was played by Willard Scott. Bozo, as you might know, would later morph into Ronald McDonald.

4. Pruessen Park – Berlin, Germany


This next playground is not for kids at all. In fact, anyone under 16 is not allowed inside Berlin’s Pruessen Park, nicknamed the “Playground for Grown-Ups.” The equipment is specifically designed for people over five feet tall and caters to Germany’s fastest growing age demographic: seniors. The idea, obviously, is to encourage them to get out and exercise more.

5. Zabeel Technology Park – Dubai

Picture 3

Perhaps the first playground in the world with a technology theme, Dubai’s Zabeel Technology Park has two zones featuring futuristic technology and alternative energy exhibits, a series of high tech interactive displays, and a maze modeled on the solar system.


6. Takino Hillside Park – Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

The Children’s Playground in the Takino Hillside Park in Japan borrows ideas and images from nature. Varied lighting and sound conditions create a unique sensory experience for kids, unlike anything else on this list. Check out the cool net play tool in the rainbow nest dome. You can see how a lot of the park is built into, and under the hill.


7. St. Kilda Adventure Playground – Adelaide, Australia


St Kilda Adventure Playground is one of Australia’s best known parks and covers 4 hectares along the beautiful South Australian seafront. The park was opened in 1982 and recent upgrades include a wooden castle, a small maze, and a submarine, nicknamed “The Yellow Submarine.” But the park’s biggest attraction is the beached pirate shipwreck, which is especially popular with dolphins and other sea wildlife.

8. Teardrop Park – New York City, NY


Located between residential buildings in Battery Park City, Teardrop Park is unlike anything else in NYC. Built for a whopping $17 million, the park features prominent rock outcroppings, geologic formations, a secret path, a bluestone ice wall, a humongous, almost dangerous looking slide, sandboxes, water play areas, a reading space with rock seats, and places to rock hop. Best of all, because it’s not so easy to find, Teardrop Park is a real insiders secret. (Shhhhh.)

9. Yerba Gardens – San Francisco, California


It may sound like an unsafe setting, but the rooftop at Yerba Gardens in San Francisco is home to one of the most elaborate playgrounds ever constructed. Aside from the ice-skating rink, bowling center and the 130,000 square feet of open space to play in, the playground includes a beautiful 103-year-old hand carved carousel. The Zeum carousel was constructed in 1906 but could not be installed in San Francisco as originally planned because of earthquake issues. It was eventually housed at Luna Park in Seattle, where it was the only piece of equipment to survive a horrific 1911 fire. The city of San Francisco bought the carousel from a collector in 1998 and restored it to its original condition. It now serves at the centerpiece in Yerba Gardens

10. Playground – Boadilla del Monte, Spain


Spanish architects Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly designed this stunning modern playground with the intention of giving children inspiration to pursue their dreams in an airy and cool environment. I’ve never been to Madrid, a mere 30 minutes drive from Boadilla del Monte, but when I do finally get there, this playground is my first stop.

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