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6 Beautiful Tree House Restaurants via [Green Picks]


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Eating in a tree: Six wild, tree house restaurants

By Trystan L. Bass

Yellow Treehouse
, New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

In secluded woodland outside this country’s biggest city of Auckland
hangs a birdhouse-like venue designed by Peter Eising of Pacific Environments
. The Yellow Treehouse is situated over 32 feet up in a
tree on private land. It seats 18 diners and can be rented for private
events and parties — imagine a wedding reception up in a tree!

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

Tree House Restaurant, Bar, and
, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tree House
Polo Alberto)

Nestled high in the cloud forest of Monteverde, this large restaurant
offers fine dining, live music, gourmet coffee, and even free wi-fi to
customers. All within the tangled branches of a giant Higuerón tree.
Take a look at the live webcam
to see what the weather’s like today.

Costa Rica Tree House
Polo Alberto)

Garden Treehouse Restaurant
, United Kingdom

Alnwick Treehouse
Patrick Fulton)

This historical Newcastle garden features a rambling
wooden structure
with a “tree house” restaurant known for fine
local and organic food. While it’s not that high up in the air, the
setting features a roaring fire screened with fallen branches, and
tables are lit by candles. The restaurant and bar are filled with
handcrafted furniture. Altogether, it’s a delightful environment.

Ridge Treehouse Restaurant
, South Africa

Bushbuck Treehouse
Bushbuck Ridge Game Farm)

Take a walk on the wild side with safari-style meals at this tree
house in Port Elizabeth. Built around two giant yellowwood trees, the
restaurant has spectacular views of the Colleen Glen valley, and it
seats 90 guests for private dining, weddings, and special Sunday
luncheons. Specialties of the house include venison and Kudu, an African

Tree House Italian Grill,
United States

Italian Treehouse
(Photo: Tree
House Italian Grill)

For over 700 years, a gracious live oak has stood in what is now
Austin, Texas. Since the 1950s, a restaurant has been built around the
tree, and in 1998, the current old-world patio style restaurant was
created to honor the huge tree. It’s not technically a restaurant in a
tree, but the tree is certainly an important part of the restaurant.

House Tea
, China

China Treehouse
People’s Daily Online)

Newspapers report that Mengyin County in east China’s mountainous
Shandong Province are trying to attract visitors by opening tree house
restaurants. Perched in a small tree, this 2006 prototype is big enough
for just a few people to enjoy tea and snacks. Hard to tell if the idea
caught on…

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