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Anna Wintour Gets Run Through The “Sketchy” Rumour Mill by Talented Illustrator Lisa Hanawalt via [TheHairPin]

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Rumors I’ve Heard About Anna Wintour

By Lisa Hanawalt | The Hair Pin

Lisa Hanawalt lives in Brooklyn and does illustrations + funnies for publications like the New York Times, McSweeney’s, Vice, and Chronicle Books. She’s best known for her comic book series I Want You.

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Very CUTE Costume Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween


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When TV Ads Work: The Korean Air Commercial via [sellingtoconsumersblog]


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Perhaps you’ve seen the Korean Air TV advertisements that have been airing for some time in the U.S. Although I have not yet flown Korean Air, I’m ready to. The message in the advertisements have reached a tipping point with me, and their excellence in flight message has hit home in my psyche. Here’s the ad:

So how did I, a consumer and frequent business traveler, reach the point where I am ready to try Korean Air’s product? The right message at the right time. After dozens of mediocre experiences in flight, I want some excellence. I need some excellence.

From the first time I saw the Korean Air ads a couple years ago, I took notice. And with repeated viewing, their impact has Here’s why:

1. Understated elegance.

In an industry that has become decidedly unelegant almost all the time, the understated elegance of the ad’s production attracts attention. Wonderful chill music by Robert Matt, a simple message, and a relaxing vibe sucks the viewer in.

And I want one of those turquoise martini drinks.

The takeaway: In an era of marketing overstatement, be understated instead.

2. It’s different.

We might be familiar with seeing ads like this for fragrances or spas, but not for airlines. Watch this Continental Airlines ad. See how it’s style contrasts with Korean Air’s commercial.

Hear the frantic music? See the high-energy video? While everyone likes to fly on new planes (the key message of the Continental ad), Korean Air makes a statement simply because it’s different from typical business-as-usual airline advertisements. No splashy colors (merely predominant muted grays along with splashes of turquoise); no frantic panning and zooming of the image (gentle, dreamy visuals instead); no typical hyper-business voiceover (just a few words spoken in total, and with pleasing and calm speech)…these equal a “pay attention” vibe, and it works.

Can flying really be a sensual experience?

The takeaway: If you want to stand out, be different.

3.It has a simple message.

Airlines haven’t been talking much about excellence lately. It’s nice to see and hear, especially when a customer probably has visuals of recent airline crashes stored somewhere in their memory. “Excellence in flight” is digestible, it’s meaningful, and it resonates with viewers. I don’t know if it’s true, but the goal of marketing is not accuracy, it’s more revenue.

The takeaway: Messages with less are often more effective than messages with more.

Now, would a company in Seoul please hire me for a sales training project or speaking engagement so I can try out Korean Air? I need a little excellence in flight.

And I like kimchi.

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Modern Houseboat Living via [msn/realestate]


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Life on a modern houseboat

By Abigail Peterson

A day in the life of a houseboat

Not everyone needs to spend a couple of weeks earning their sea legs
to feel at home. But that’s what happened to Matt and Jennifer Harvey
in January 2009, when they moved into a 1,000-square-foot modern prefab
houseboat on California’s Richardson Bay with their children, Jack and

The transition wasn’t without trade-offs — including a major
downsizing of belongings — but when the sun is shining and the tide is
high, the family can’t imagine living anywhere else. “We open all the
windows and doors,” Matt Harvey says, “the breezes come in, and it’s
instantly summer.”

A  day in the life of a houseboat (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

7 a.m. – Wildlife watch

Matt and Jack Harvey enjoy aquariumlike views from the living room

“Jack always says he’s looking for sharks and jellyfish out his
window, and it’s true, he really is — it’s not make-believe. Sometimes
we even wake up at night to the heavy breathing of seals surfacing
outside our bedroom window.” – Jennifer Harvey

7  a.m. - Wildlife watch (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

7:30 a.m. – Tide check

The Harveys live by the tide charts, their plans dictated by the
bay’s water level throughout the day.

“Out here, it’s like we’re in touch with a different measure of
time. It’s beautiful at high tide, when you’re floating and the water
is all around you, but then we appreciate the low tide too: The mud
summons the herons and sandpipers out to look for food.” – Matt Harvey

7:30 a.m. - Tide check (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

10:15 a.m. – Morning walk

Jennifer and Grace Harvey check for mail at the head of their dock,
the neighborhood hub.

“We’re definitely a community. In the city, you might know who lives
next door, but your neighbor two or three doors down? Sometimes this
much closeness can feel awkward, but it’s better — and healthier — than
the isolating urban alternative.”– Jennifer Harvey

10:15 a.m. - Morning walk (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

Noon – In to lunch

A superefficient kitchen means meals run smoothly.

“Ultimately, a tight kitchen is a huge advantage. I’m not running
back and forth all the time from the fridge to the counter to the
stove. I set up just what I need, and things go right in the dishwasher
when I’m done. It just seems natural to me now, that this is the way I
cook.” – Jennifer Harvey

Noon - In to lunch (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

3:40 p.m. – Land errands

Everything from the outside world must be carried in or, more often,
wheeled in via repurposed shopping carts from the marina parking lot.

“We live green by necessity. It’s a long dock, so it’s ‘pack it in,
pack it out.'” – Matt Harvey

3:40 p.m. - Land errands (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

5:10 p.m. – Friend by kayak

Jack Harvey thinks it’s totally normal that his best friend arrives
by boat for a get-together.

“Jack doesn’t even need to put on his shoes to go over to his
buddy’s house — he just needs his life jacket.” – Matt Harvey

5:10 p.m. - Friend by kayak (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

7:30 p.m. – Evening paddle

Matt and Jennifer Harvey enjoy after-dinner escapes on the water
near dusk, one of their favorite times of day.

“When dinner is finished and the kids are in bed, one of us will
grab the kayak and take a quick paddle around the neighborhood. It’s
peaceful, but it’s not exactly quiet. There are constant squeaks and
creaks and knocking from the boats and the gangways. That was something
we had to get used to when we first moved here.” – Matt Harvey

7:30 p.m. - Evening padde (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

8:35 p.m. – Impromptu soiree

With friends close by, impromptu gatherings are the rule.

“When the weather’s warm, we do a lot of, ‘Hey, we’re opening a
bottle of wine on the roof deck. Want to come over?’ We’ll sit and talk
and enjoy the night sky. Because we’re so far from the streets, there
are no lights above and you can really see the stars.” – Matt Harvey

8:35 p.m. - Impromptu soiree (© Thomas J. Story)

© Thomas J. Story

Making 1,000 square feet work for a family of four

  • Be strict about capacity. Reach a point of equilibrium with your
    stuff and stick with it. “Our kids know when they get a new thing, they
    have to say goodbye to something else,” Matt Harvey says.
  • Embrace imperfection. “I’m a cluttery person,” Jennifer Harvey
    says. “It’s when I stop pretending to be perfect and figure out a
    solution that the house works best.”
  • Store it where you use it. In the kitchen, oven mitts and spatulas
    are to the right of the stove, and the blender and mixer reside on the
    countertop where Jennifer Harvey bakes.
  • There’s always room for memories. “My grandmother’s waffle iron
    lives permanently on our stovetop,” Jennifer Harvey says. “I love it,
    so I make space for it, and we use it every day.”

Making 1,000 square feet work for a family of four (© Sunset)

© Sunset

Why Are the Top Luxury Websites Incompatible With Apple iPad? via [psfk.com]

Top 10 Luxury Brands’ Sites Fail To Work On iPad

A review by the team at PSFK shows that most luxury brands are
unprepared to leverage the changes in web use that products like
Apple’s iPad and iPhone are driving. Out of the top 10 luxury brands
ranked by Forbes in 2009, none of their websites worked
sufficiently to match their desktop-web-experience. Only Gucci seems to have
created a site that can handle the technology requirements that Apple has placed on its
mobile devices.

The key issue is that all the key luxury brands have designed their
sites to use Adobe’s Flash. Flash offers an animated but
controlled web-design experience but Apple’s Steve jobs has said
that the iPad
and iPhone
will not use Flash software partly because of the drain it puts onto
battery life.

Apple has sold an estimated 1 million iPads in the first month. The
world’s luxury brands seem to be failing to keep up with a gadget
loving shopper who will spend between $500 and $1,000 on what may
consider as a supplemental device for a user. Later this month Apple
will start taking orders for the iPad from key luxury markets like
Japan. Apple has already cornered 46% of the smartphone market in Japan
and the world’s most mobile web savvy audience are bound to lap up
Apple’s new tablet.

When viewed through the iPad, many of the luxury brands’ websites
simply fail to load and instead ask the user to download Flash – a
request which is not an option for the device’s owner. Three brands of
the top 10 offer a store locator but the Chanel’s offering is
so poorly designed (read: not even contemplated) that it looks like it
was created for the worldwide web of 1993.

Brands need to realize that the iPad offers a different experience.
While some have invested in Apps to overcome the iPhone’s limitation –
the fairly light iPad with its 9 inch screen brings some focus back to
the browser driven web. Several commentators have suggested that the
change the way people will consume entertainment in the home but
research that the PSFK
consultancy team
has conducted for leading corporations has shown
that the device will fuel online retail too.

Unlike the cumbersome laptop, the iPad is a device that can used
while the user simultaneously enjoys other entertainment options like
watching TV. Brands and retailers need to create tablet friendly
electronic catalogs that allow people to browse as they’re curled up on a
sofa with the TV flickering in the background.

PSFK Review Of Top 10 Luxury Brands On The iPad:


Prada On The iPad

Nothing. Just a Flash logo.


Fendi On The iPad

Fails to load. A message requests users to download Flash – an option
that is not available for iPad users.

Moet & Chandon


Fails to load. A message requests users to download Flash – an option
that is not available for iPad users.


cartier site doesn't load on the ipad



hennessy site doesnt load on the ipad

Fails to load. A message in various languages requests users to
download Flash – an option that is not available for iPad users.


rolex site does not load on the ipad

Fails to load. A message in various languages requests users to
download Flash – an option that is not available for iPad users.





Main page fails to function. The store listings have no design


Gucci On The iPad1

Gucci On The iPad1

Gucci On The iPad1

Gucci On The iPad1

Gucci On The iPad1

The store appears to function well and purchases can be made. Videos
are not viewable as they are currently served by Flash.


Hermes On The iPad1

Hermes On The iPad1

Hermes On The iPad1

The brand messaging and store locator sections of the site fail to
load. The ecommerce store operates but images of the products fail to


Louis Vuitton On The iPad1

Louis Vuitton On The iPad1

Louis Vuitton On The iPad
basic site is offered with warning messages throughout asking the user
to download Flash. The catalog works but there is no purchase option.

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“I’m Not Britney” starring Ndoema, Directed by Philip Christon via [IMDbPro]


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I saw this short film at the 2009 Women of Color Arts & Film (WOCAF) Festival in Atlanta that was presented by Mojisola Sonoiki of Iyalode Productions; and I fell in love with it on the spot. I never get tired of watching it and it never fails to leave me wanting more. The beautiful Ndoema is ferocious and fearless!

Plot Summary for
I’m Not Britney //

Global beauty Ndoema stars in this socially defiant and visually dazzling film boasting sixteen wardrobe changes, eight international leading men, a host of young women spanning five continents and a blistering send-off to Hollywood‘s stereotypical booty-girl syndrome. A masterful blending of art and activism, music video style and spoken word performance, ‘I’m Not Britney’ is a highly stylized visual feast that pushes the boundaries of cinematic language and captures the powerful words of Ndoema’s empowering stance.

via [You Tube]

Added BONUS: Here is a Sneak peek Trailer of THEGLOBALGIRL.COM – The first Fashion, Entertainment and Lifestyle destination for the global generation. Hear what people across the globe are saying about Ndoema’s powerful message.

via [YouTube]

Biography for
Ndoema  //

Trade Mark

Big natural hair

TriviaMade her screen debut at age three in a documentary that aired on National French Television.

Is an accomplished fashion designer. Taught fashion at Parsons, New York. Was featured in Variety’s Designing Hollywood Special Issue and produced large-scale multimedia fashion shows sponsored by Japanese cosmetic giant Shiseido, Vespa and Wilhelmina Models.

Graduate of the French National School of Music, Dance and Dramatic Art.

Received her first law degree at the age of nineteen. Has a Bachelors Degree in Law (Université Jean-Monnet, Paris), a Masters Degree in International Law (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva), a Masters Degree in International Relations (École des Hautes Études Internationales, Paris) and was a PhD candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland before moving to Hollywood and becoming a producer.

Became temporarily blind at the age of seventeen.

Recipient of Harvard Law School special invitation to conduct research on the interconnectivity of Human Rights, Women’s Rights and AIDS in Africa under the mentorship of Harvard Professor and former Director of the United Nations World Health Organization’s global AIDS program, Prof. Jonathan Mann.

Is raw vegan.

Is a lifelong human rights activist. Did extensive work on behalf of refugee women and children in Africa (Malawi and Mozambique) and was personally responsible for one of the most successful repatriation operations in the history of the United Nations. Also worked as a legal advisor to the Tibetan Government in Exile in Dharamsala, India and authored reports on the activities of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Grew up under house arrest with guards literally stationed in her living room.

World’s only former Parisian catwalk model with two law degrees.

Loves languages. Studied Sanskrit while living in India and started learning ancient Greek at thirteen.

Born in Bangui, capital of Central African Republic and raised between Central African Republic, France, Cameroon and Switzerland. Lived in India, Cameroon, Switzerland, Spain, Malawi, Mozambique, France, Panama, Central African Republic, the UK, Italy and the US.

Also known as The Global Girl.

Has triple citizenship.

The Outside-of-the box and “Assembly Required” Ikea Dinner Parties:A NEW Hipster Trend via [cockeyed and Mental-Floss]

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Despite early stumbles in America, twenty years later, the store has
so ingrained itself into our society that a trend amongst urban hipsters
is to host dinner parties at the stores. A meal of lingonberry jam and
meatballs at the cafeteria for the host and guests, and the living room
displays make perfect venues for a round of Taboo and Pictionary. A blog
posting chronicling the first party in Sacramento led to a string of
copycats across the country. So far, IKEA management doesn’t seem to be
complaining.— Mac Carey [author of the article: 5 Things You Didn’t
Know about Ikea, but (Should) via Mental_Floss]

via [Revver]
The IKEA Fancy Dress Dinner Party

Oh! Those IKEA room displays! Entire rooms full of furniture,
lighting, rugs and notions. Any one of those rooms would be a great
place to sit and entertain friends. They look so comfortable and
It was an invitation that Jason Adair couldn’t pass up. He decided to
have a Fancy Dress Party at IKEA.

Before the pary, he invited me along to a
mission-planning/brainstorming session. We scoped out which rooms would
work best for a large gathering, checked the location of employee
kiosks and established the availability of electrical outlets.

The West Sacramento IKEA is a huge store with tons of merchandise,
but shoplifting is apparently not a concern, because the upper level is
left pretty much unsupervised. The possiblilities were amazing! We
were both fairly confident that a group, particularly a well-dressed
group would not be kicked out… but you never know.
As insurance against getting thrown out, Jason made up
official-looking invitations.

The party was scheduled to start at 7:00 pm on Saturday, on the
second floor of the West Sacramento IKEA.  It would start at the
cafeteria. After dinner, guests would retire to one or more of the
living rooms for games.
The attire was semi-formal, and guests were encouraged to bring board
On the evening of the party, I arrived a little early and picked up
some wine goblets and a corkscrew on the first level sales floor.  I
ran upstairs and found an open table. Within minutes, guests began
arriving. Right away there were 10-15 of us, ready to eat.

opted for the meatballs and potato for $5.99. We must have looked as
if we were a wedding party, in the buffet line.
Guests continued to arrive during dinner, and by 8 p.m., there were
about 28 people.
Dinner was over, and we streamed out of the cafeteria and headed to
the showrooms.

Showcase Showdown
Jason was at the lead and paused briefly to get his bearings. When he
stopped, a very helpful employee noticed he was lost and asked him
what he was looking for.
This conversation with an employee didn’t look promising, but it
didn’t stop anyone other than Jason.
Most of us just walked past them and found rooms to occupy. Five of
us sat at a large glass table in a kitchen/dining room showcase. I
dustributed wine glasses and we busted out letter tiles for a rousing
game of BananaGrams. Other guests were in a model living room playing
Scott’s Boggle! game, and some others were gathered in a third room,
lounging around a television set.

Jason downplayed our real intent, but let the very nice man know that
we were here to play board games, and that we had chosen IKEA for the
location because it was so much nicer that any of our own
actual homes.
To his credit, he could not have been friendlier or more relaxed
about the situation. This guy was pretty much the opposite of all the
shopkeepers/management that Improv

We sat and talked for a few rounds.

IKEA shoppers drifted into the kitchen, but no one asked any
questions. They seemed a little perplexed by our presence, but not
enough to ask us what the hell we were up to.

At one point, two casually-dressed friends of Jason needed to leave,
and they asked him for directions out of his “house”.
“Oh, just turn left at my second living room, down the long hall, til
you hit my third kitchen. Go through the second master bedroom and
downstairs to the warehouse.” was the reply.
As with any good dinner party, the time flew by. Bananagrams was
interrupted by an announcement – IKEA was closing in 30 minutes!
It was, by now, obvious that we would never be kicked out.
The party was really rolling at this point, so I recruited as many
people as I could for a boisterous game of electronic Catch Phrase.

We split into two teams for a 12-person contest of electronic beeping
and feverish clue shouting.
Nine O’clock arrived and the intercom announced that IKEA was now

We proceeded with a disorganized exit.
Gathering outside, we were pleased to discover a well-stocked garden
area, inviting us to stay a while.
Many of us stayed, joining Jason’s impromptu patio quiz show.

What a terrific time! I highly recommend having your next formal
event at IKEA. Before you get started, you should be aware of some
shortcomings with this location:

  1. IKEA doesn’t serve the kind of beer that I like.
  2. Hors d’ouvres were impossible to track down.
  3. We had to assemble the whole thing by ourselves
  4. Not enough GULLHOLMEN in the VORDAGSRUM

The Local River: An Awesome Sustainable Food Design Project. via [Dezeen] Date


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Local River by Mathieu Lehanneur


French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created Local River, a concept for a domestic “refrigerator-aquarium” that breeds freshwater fish for eating and grows vegetables at the same time.


Inspired by the Locavores movement of people who source food grown locally to avoid pollution and ensure freshness, the project would allow people to produce their own food at home.


Vegetables growing in floating pots would help purify the water by removing nitrates and other minerals.


The concept will be presented at Artists Space Gallery in New York from 25 April.

Here’s some info from Lehanneur:

Mathieu Lehanneur
Anthony van den Bossche, spin doctor.

Local River, home storage unit for fish and greens

The Locavores appeared in San Francisco in 2005 and define themselves as ‘a group of culinary adventurers who eat foods produced in a radius of 100 miles (160 km) around their city’. By doing so they aim to reduce impact on the environment inherent to the transport of foodstuffs, while ensuring their traceability.

Local River anticipates the growing influence of this group (the word ‘locavore’ made its first appearance in an American dictionary in 2007) by proposing a home storage unit for live freshwater fish combined with a mini vegetable patch. This DIY fish-farm-cum-kitchen-garden is based on the principle of aquaponics coupled with the exchange and interdependence of two living organisms – plants and fish.

The plants extract nutrients from the nitrate-rich dejecta of the fish. In doing so they act as a natural filter that purifies the water and maintains a vital balance for the eco-system in which the fish live. The same technique is used on large-scale pioneer aquaponics/fish-farms, which raise tilapia (a food fish from the Far East) and lettuce planted in trays floating on the surface of ponds.

Local River responds to everyday needs for fresh food that is 100% traceable. It bets on a return to favour of farm-raised freshwater fish (trout, eel, perch, carp, etc…), given the dwindling supplies of many saltwater species due to over-fishing. It also demonstrates the capacity of fish-farmers to deliver their stock live to a private consumer as a guarantee of optimum freshness – impossible in the case of saltwater fish that has been netted.

Local River aims to replace the decorative ‘TV aquarium’ by an equally decorative but also functional ‘refrigerator-aquarium’. In this scenario, fish and greens cohabit for a short time in a home storage unit before being eaten by their keepers, the end-players in an exchange cycle within a controlled ecosystem.

Materials: glass: blown & thermoformed, water pump, joints.
Dimensions : Large : 64 x 29 x 39 inches, Small : 29 x 18 x 36 inches.


Mathieu Lehanneur, designer. Graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 2001; is currently exploring possibilities in nature and technology for their break-thru potential in functions and their capacity to work magic. Made his international début with a series entitled ‘Elements’ (VIA Carte blanche 2006) and the ‘Bel Air’ filtering system for plants (2007), six objects that form a domestic ‘Health Angels’ kit for rebalancing everyday physiological needs (such as lack of sunlight in winter) and countering aggression factors in urban settings (noise & air pollution).

Anthony van den Bossche, age 36, independent ideas man and curator. Set up Duende Studio in 2007, for events design and press relations. Moved full-time into design in 2001 after working as a journalist, ideas man and producer in television. Has mounted exhibitions such as “Design@home.se’, ‘Norway says’ and ‘Eden ADN, genetic design’ (Biennale de Saint-Etienne 2006) that highlight functional and decorative improvement of living organisms. Member of the purchasing jury of the National Fund for Contemporary Art, decorative arts department, and creator of the world gazette website http://www.resetdesign.com (2002-07).

Alexandra Midal, professor of theory & history of design at Ecal (Switzerland) and School of Fine Arts of Toulouse (FR), former directress of Frac Haute-Normandie, now an independent curator of exhibitions. Has published several books and catalogues, including ‘Appartement témoin, les annees 50′, ‘Appartement témoin les annees 60′, ‘Antidesign : petite histoire de la capsule d’habitation en images’, and in 2008 ‘Tomorrow Now-When Design Meets Science Fiction’.

–posted by Marcus Fairs.

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Introducing the Chanel Fiole Concept Car designed by Jinyoung Jo via [worshipworthy]


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A south Korean Car designer, Jinyoung Jo, designed the absolutely chic fashionable concept car inspired by Chanel: The Chanel Fiole.

Check out the video…I’m not ashamed to say it did bring tears to my eyes. It is truly and awe inspiring car.

via [YouTube]

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Levitating Water: Anti-gravity Water Rise Waterfall by Salvin


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Honey…We Really NEED This in Our Home!*pouting*

via [Youtube]

Salvin‘s Water-rise effect. For more information call 845-340-0489 and ask for Vincent. http://www.salvin.biz

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