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Modern and Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design Ideas via [moderninteriordecoration.blogspot]

Modern Wallpapers Design

Modern Wallpapers Interior Design  Ideas

Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design

Wallpaper again is a key factor
in the modern interior.
Beautiful and alluring proposals have led many people to turn back to
them, perhaps still with some reservations. But the new wallpaper time is fascinating not only
beautiful, they are designed to
facilitate our maximum. What can we rely? Quality, design, brand? When it comes to wallpaper, it is important, but first
you respond to the vision.

Modern Wallpapers Interior Design  Ideas

Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design

Elegant, traditional and expressive,
wallpaper is combined in a
brilliant way as a natural extension of textiles and furniture in a refined collection of modern home.In
search of the best selection of wallpaper,
despite numerous suggestions, we can stop and the option to be only
for us, unique idea that will be
developed specifically to suit the particular interior of the furniture
mood …

Modern Wallpapers Interior Design  Ideas

Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design

Choice dictated and “modeled” in place of the situation of people. Have
such an opportunity. Accidental genius, beautiful piece, a favorite
item and the idea grew into a. .. wallpaper.
The team of young and enthusiastic designers
from modern wallpapers,
info given every chance to be creative, to express themselves, their
preferences and taste.

Modern Wallpapers Interior Design  Ideas

Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design

In practice, thanks to technology today, we can make this wallpaper, which is the epitome of
extravagant thinking and striving for different and unique or just wallpaper, which will create the atmosphere that we have
always longed to broadcast our luxury
. Make the most of computer technology, the images of our
imagination may actually be materialized. Furthermore, it allows us to
escape from the familiar stereotypes and our limitations.

Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design

Wallpapers Interior Design

Wallpaper can now be much more
than paper rolls with
alternating pieces. Can be specifically “tailored” so that it follows
the curves, returns on the walls and
not disturb the symmetry of figures, not to deform or break these

Luxury Wallpapers Interior Design
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14 Creative & Unique Fish Bowl Designs via [thepetcentral]

Each different variation is a masterpiece, and is sure to be a
conversation starter. Fish bowls just got a new, fabulous modern look.
These definitely are not your average fish bowls; Fun, unique designs
can be found for every taste.

1. Roger Arguer Fish Bowls

If you’re looking for a trendy, fun new way to display fish, a Roger
Arguer fish bowl
is a must-have! From the double-bowl design,
to the fish bowl/vase, this whole collection is filled with fish
bowls you’ve never imagined!

fish-bowl1Designer : Roger Arquer

2. Portable Fishbowl

Carry your beloved goldfish with you everywhere you go!  Now you can
go with this new portable fish bowl designed by Michal

This sleek new bowl complete with carrying handle is sure to get you
and your goldfish buddy noticed without a doubt! You won’t find
another fish bowl like this one. Dogs aren’t the only ones who can be
carted around in style anymore!

fish-bowl2Designer : Michal

3. LED Earth Globe Aquarium

This LED Earth Globe Aquarium is not only a
fishbowl, but a decorative light as well. The bowl sits on a four-legged
stand. In the dark, it turns into a cool electric blue map of the
earth; it projects a really neat shadow, too.

The electric blue color is really cool as far as lighting goes, and
it’s the perfect size to sit on a tabletop or an end table. We all
know LED’s are energy savers, and at around fifty bucks, this is a
really affordable, unique fish bowl.

fish-bowl3Buy at : Wrapables

4. O Aquarium/Vase

The O Aquarium/Vase is an elegant, classy fish bowl if there ever
was one. Its vase within a fish bowl design allows you not only to
display your favorite fish but your favorite plants as well.

This is actually a really natural, modern, decorative piece that
just happens to double as a fish bowl and a vase! The
clean, clear glass is beautiful in its simplicity and its display of
Mother Nature. Fish can be placed in the vase bowl, or in the outer
bowl, or both.


5.   Hanging Fish Bowl

If you’re looking for a more fun, creative way to display your fish
than just a plain old fish bowl sitting on a table, then this hanging
fish bowl
is exactly what you need.

You can hang it anywhere you choose; it’s about five inches bottom
to top and holds around one gallon of water.The hanging fish bowl is a
fun, decorative piece that really adds color and life to any room, not
to mention it’s sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

This is definitely a unique way to show off your fish, and for about
thirty bucks, it’s a great bargain!

fish-bowl5But at : Product Dose

6.   Savoy vase Fish Bowl

The Savoy vase fish bowl is a high class way to display your fish.
The Alvar Aalto Savoy vase is unique and original in
its design and shape. Used as a fish bowl, it’s a modern, classy look
that’s sure to turn more than a few heads.You won’t find any other fish
bowl out there.

This vase slash fish bowl can also be used simply to display your
favorite plant life and still looks classy. The added color of the fish
and/or plants draws even more attention to this already attractive
vase. Who would have thought fish could be so exciting?

fish-bowl6Designer: Joel

7.   Rollercoaster Aquarium

The rollercoaster aquarium offers a way for you to
display your fish and your favorite plants. This double-bowl design
offers a large area for your fish to swim, play, and hide. Two cups are
located at the top of the aquarium where you can place plants or store
fish food, whichever suits your preferences.

This rollercoaster aquarium was made by Isabelle Leiins iL
. It’s not only an aquarium, but a natural, modern
decorative piece that adds life and a splash of color to any home. This
is a great alternative to a plain old one dish fish bowl.

fish-bowl7Designer : Leijn

8.   Cat Fish Bowl

This could possibly be one of the cutest
variations of a fish bowl ever. The cute cat design of this bowl is
adorable. Your fish will get a kick out of swimming around in a bowl
designed after one of its worst enemies! The cat fish bowl
is a fun way to display your fish.

Its design is clean and simple. It’s a fantastic variation of the
round fish bowl we all know.

fish-bowl8Buy at : This Next

9.   Speedfish Bowl

If you’re into racing, or if you love creative fish bowls, you’ve
got to see this speedfish bowl. Complete with twists and turns and even a
checkered flag, it’s reminiscent of a race car track, so your fish
can race away to their hearts’ content.

No more boring old fish bowls.The speedfish bowl is just one of the
latest creative, unique designs to update fish bowls into modern
looking, fun, decorative pieces.


10.   1984 Fish Bowl

Here is a fresh, creative variation of a fish bowl from Danny
Cheung, named 1984 Fishbowl. It is made of porcelain, but it has three
rather large domed portholes that add intrigue to this fish bowl.

Each porthole is of different size with varying degrees of
concaveness to each dome.These features create an asymmetric shape that
peaks the curiosity not only of the fish, as they offer varying
degrees of magnification that humans are intrigued by.

The opaque porcelain outer part of the bowl even offers a hideaway
for the shy fish. Since each porthole is unique, they offer a varying
degree of magnification, which add just another cool effect to the 1984
Fishbowl, which, by the way, was inspired by and named after the novel
‘1984’ written by George Orwell.


Designer : Danny Cheung

11.   Joe Doucet Fish Bowl

Joe Doucet has designed a brand new fish bowl that incorporates real
plant life to make the fish truly feel at home. This cool new creation
has a separate, inner bowl in which you can plant any sort of flower
or plant life to add color and an even more natural fish bowl.

Since the inner bowl is separate, you can plant whatever you want
and it will not harm the fish, but make it seem like the fish’s natural
habitat. Doucet’s design is not only pleasing to the fish, but its
sleek, clean design is very modern and aesthetically pleasing as well.

fish_bowl11Designer :  Joe Doucet

12 .   Biorb Fish Tank

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern take on a fish bowl for your
goldfish, then check out the biOrb goldfish bowl collection. Talk about
modern, the LED lights included in this collection automatically
change to project varying stages of the day like sunrise, sunset, to
make the fish feel as though they are in their natural habitat.

Each fish bowl is made of acrylic, and you can choose from piano
black, chili red, and ice white. The BiOrb fish tank comes in various
sizes ranging from thirty to sixty liters, priced from £209-269.


Product Page :

13.    Air 1 Aquarium

The Air 1 Aquarium is a sleek new take on aquarium furniture from
French designer Amaury Poudray and Pierre Pigna, a glass craftsman.
These two worked together to create this aquarium masterpiece.

The aquarium itself is a long, oval shaped container set atop a
narrow steel frame. To some, the bowl may seem like it’s floating in
mid-air. This piece is not only a creative, original take on an
aquarium, but the delicate design is really a piece of art.


Designer  : Amaury Poudray

14.    Fish Shaped Fish Bowl

Let your fish swim around in its own likeness! This
fish-shaped fish bowl is a creative, fun way to display your goldfish
with pride. And the actual bowl is really cool, too, as it
unexpectedly has intricate details on the tail and fins that add shine
to the whole bowl.

This fish bowl is sure to be a conversation piece, not to mention a
great home for your goldfish. You can get this cool bowl in medium,
large, and extra large size.


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How to Fake a Vacation Glow with the Hautest NEW MakeUp via [allure, ourvanity.com, and oceandrive]


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OPULUXE Lounge GroovesPlayList

interviews Scott Barnes, a makeup artist who works with Jennifer Lopez
and is the author of About Face (Fair Winds Press).

When people say they want that “lit-from-within glow,” they’re
talking about the healthy, dewy look you have when you’re on vacation
in a sunny place. The first thing you should do to combat dull skin is
get a humidifier. When skin is moist, makeup will go on smoother and
sit on your face better.

Create Foundation. Unless you have phenomenal skin,
you can benefit from sheer foundation. Apply moisturizer first, let it
rest for a minute, then dab off any extra oil with a tissue. Choose a
liquid or cream foundation, and apply it with a brush, which looks most

Think Outside. Bronzer is crucial if you want to
look sun-kissed. Women often make the mistake of choosing a brick-red
powder, but anyone with fair or medium skin should choose a yellow-brown
formula. You want to create a halo of bronzer around your face: Moving
in a circular motion, lightly buff the apples of the cheeks, the
temples and hairline, and under the jawbone. Leave the areas around
your nose and eyes alone. Bronzer creates too much darkness there,
which can make you look older.

Highlight Sparingly. If you want the light to catch
your features, highlighter works well—just don’t go overboard. I like
to swipe a powder highlighter from the temples to the tops of the
cheekbones. A golden champagne looks good on fair and medium skin; dark
skin looks best with a deeper bronze shade. If you’re in a rush, use
pressed powder on your T-zone, nose, and chin. The areas you leave alone
will reflect light and naturally highlight your cheekbones and

Keep It Light. Lips should be neutral and glossy. A
woman with fair skin looks best with pink gloss; for dark skin,
mahogany lip gloss is beautiful. Finish by brushing a touch of golden
pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks.

Take Charge

by Andreas Ortner
Makeup by Kelly Kearns for MAC cosmetics

Pucker Up

Eyes: Eye shadow in Aquadisiac ($14.50), Fluidline
liquid liner in Blacktrack ($15)
Lips: Lip pencil
in Mouth Off ($13), lipstick in Morange and Vegas Volt ($14 each)
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural powder in Medium Dark ($26)
Pink Bronze pigment ($19.50) topped with Overlacquer ($12)

Bright Eyes

Eyes: Paint stick in Primary Yellow ($20), eye shadow
in Goldmine and Cork ($14.50 each), Fluidline liquid liner in
Blacktrack ($15)
Lips: Lipstick in Up the Amp
($14), lip pencil in Magenta ($13)


Lips: Lipstick in Crème d’Nude ($14),
Tinted Lipglass in C-Thru ($14)
Eyes: Eye shadow
in Stars N’ Rockets ($14.50), Eye Kohl in Costa Riche ($14.50)
Eye shadow in Stars N’ Rockets ($14.50), Pigment color powder in
Frozen White ($19.50)

All cosmetics, MAC
Pro. 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; macpro.com
ASSISTANT: Eley Gonzalez
HAIR: Kyra Dorman at Artists by Timothy
Priano using Big Sexy Hair

New Make Up Collections Spring-Summer 2010

Illustrious brands launch not only cloths and shoes collections but lines as well.
Have you already seen the main brands Spring Summer 2010
ranges? Let’s have a look at the makeup pieces we should get the place
in our cosmetics bags for.

Guerlain make up collection SS 2010

Japanese motif from Guerlain – Cherry Blossom Collection

The face of the new Japanese collection
who is far from being Japanese.

Guerlain make up collection Spring Summer 2010

But the rest of the collection is in pure Japanese style with the
basic color – cherry in blossom. and
blush gamut are in cherry-pink, pink-lilac and pin-beige palette.

Guerlain SS 2010 make up collection

Guerlain also offers the rich color of ripe cherry for the

Lilac sky above the desert from Chanel – Les Impressions

Chanel stakes on two colors this season – lilac-violet and
all the sand hues. They have even chosen the sand background for the new
collection ads.

Chanel SS 2010 make up collection

Natural beige and golden and
rouge hues are perfect for the day , and the rich
violet and lilac are aimed to attract attention to your beauty under the
evening lights.

Chanel makeup collection SS 2010

The accent of the new collection goes to the eye while the
natural-pink or beige lips are only the background of the picture.

Chanel make up collection SS 2010

The same thing is acceptable to the nails. The universal tints fit
each skin color and type.

Chanel make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Dior opts for lace with Boudoir Look Collection

Delicate, light and feminine lace led Dior to the creation
of the eponymous collection.

Dior make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Usual 5-color shadows palette are launched in cold grey-pink-lilac
gamut with typical floral lace impress.

Dior makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

The texture of the compact powder is almost weightless just like the
lace should be. Blush hues are closer to the cold-pink than to the

Dior SS 2010 makeup collection

Lipsticks and glosses are pink, fuchsia, cold beige. Nail polish –
metal gloss.

Dior Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

Colorful kaleidoscope from Givenchy – New Impressions

Givenchy is brave in colors! Royal blue, rich violet,
delicate green, saturated terra-cotta and dazzling white colors are in
the palette of the range.

Givenchy makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Here is a new trick from Givenchy for the season . They launched
the of one color but in different textures: matte,
mother-of-pearl. The blush is for any taste: cold pink, warm peach and
chocolate tints. The
is very special in the line. Its color is violet.

Givenchy make up collection Spring Summer 2010

As to the gamut of lipsticks and lip glosses, they include all the
hues of pink. Nail should also be bright and colorful, admit the

Hollywood luster from Estee Lauder – Hollywood Stars

The Spring Summer 2010 collection
from Estee Lauder was created by the fashion designer Michael
who devoted it to the Hollywood stars.

Estee Lauder makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

At first it seems that the line produces the impression of the shy
and almost innocent, but look attentively and you’ll see the scarlet
lipsctick and nail polish, black and
pencil along with the natural hues.

Estee Lauder Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

With the help of this stuff you can try on various roles ranging from
innocent coquette to vamp, just like the real star.

Holy innocence from Jill Stuart – Jewel Crystal Eyes

Jill Stuart makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Jill Stuart launched the Spring range with delicate sexual

Jill Stuart SS 2010 make up collection

The shapes of the products are very girlish but besides the infantile
pink color, there is very adult violet and berry colors.

Jill Stuart make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Intoxicating freedom from MAC – Give me Liberty of London

Having decorated the cosmetic novelties with flowers and birds, MAC
created the spring mood.

MAC SS 2010 make up collection

This range is nothing but explosion! Pink, violet and corral tints
prevail. Moreover, the collection includes cosmetic bags and kerchief.

MAC make up collection SS 2010

Modesty colors woman into the grey color, think MAC
designers and promote the bright eyes and lips and nail of blue0green

MAC makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Spring in Paris with YSL – Paris Passion Spring Look

Spring Paris – isn’t it a dream of a romantic person? Bright and soft
hues of the YSL collection make you dream about the best city
in the world.

YSL makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Saturated colors with delicate pastel hues always produce the
captivating looks. The basic colors are turquoise, lilac, and violet in
comb with pink or grey.

YSL make up collection SS 2010

Lips should be sensual and glimmering just like a real Parisian’s
ones, or chocolate and vanilla hues – for the shy ladies. Nails are
brightly red or shyly-violet.

YSL SS 2010 make up collection

Flowers and sea from – O My Rose

There are few women who may resist sea and flowers. Taking it into
the consideration, , made
them the basic motifs of its new collection sea can be dark-blue and
almost green.

Lancome SS 2010 make up collection

These hues you can find in the palette of the . The
designers made the main accent onto the mother-of-pearl golden sand

Lancome make up collection SS 2010

wear different hues like carrot-red, lilac, chocolate and even scarlet
including all tints of the collection symbol – rose.

Lancome Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

Nails wear bold colors up to black!

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Have A Sexy Picnic for Two via [cosmo]

This time of year just begs for casual outdoor dining, where you can
relax, get cozy, eat with your fingers, and, if you’re feeling sappy,
feed each other little bites.

By Katie Lee

greek food

There’s something so intimate about a picnic with your guy. And as
the temperature begins to rise, eating outside becomes refreshing and
romantic. But no boring ham-and-cheese sandwiches or store-bought potato
salad here! Entice him with an exotic Middle East-themed menu of foods
rich in bold flavors. Pack a colorful blanket or tapestry and a few
pillows for lounging. Find a pretty spot to settle down or, if the
weather doesn’t cooperate, spread out on the floor of your apartment.
Between the aromas and tastes, you’ll be transported.

Meze Platter with Herbed Pita Crisps

Meze is traditional in Greece and Turkey and is the equivalent of
tapas or finger food. Make these homemade pita crisps, and buy the rest
in the deli at your grocery store. A drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil
and a squeeze of lemon juice brighten up all the flavors.

2 T unsalted butter, room temperature
1 T minced fresh herbs
(parsley, rosemary, thyme, etc.)
2 pitas, split in half, and each
half cut into fourths (use whole wheat for a healthy alternative)

Baba ghanoush (eggplant dip)
Dolmades (stuffed
grape leaves)
Greek olives
Tabbouleh salad
Feta cheese

Lemon wedges
Extra-virgin olive oil

For the pita crisps: Preheat oven to 400°F. Use a
fork to mix butter and herbs in a bowl, then spread onto the pita
slices. Sprinkle with salt, and bake until crisp, about 10 minutes.

For the meze platter: Arrange hummus, baba ghanoush,
dolmades, olives, tabbouleh, feta, and lemon on a platter. Drizzle
with extra-virgin olive oil, and serve with the pita crisps.

Moroccan Mint Tea

On my trip to Israel this past summer, we drank a refreshing mint tea
at the end of every meal. Store tea in a thermos, and pack it in your
picnic basket. I like to serve this tea in decorative Moroccan glasses.
Bonus: After drinking, your breath will be fresh and you’ll be ready
to smooch!

3 c. water
1 green-tea bag
1 c. fresh mint leaves
4 T

Boil water. Place tea bag, mint leaves, and sugar in a teapot. Add
water, and stir. Let steep for 5 minutes. Strain and serve.

Couscous Salad with Shrimp

Couscous is a staple throughout the Middle East. The traditional
stuff takes some time to prepare, but quick-cooking couscous, like in
this recipe, is still very tasty. Couscous is usually served with a
stew, but I like it as a salad for a lighter alternative that’s easy to

1 6-oz. box herb-flavored couscous
10 medium shrimp, cooked,
tails removed
1/2 c. chopped cucumber
1/2 c. sliced grape
2 T chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley
3 T extra-virgin
olive oil
1 T freshly squeezed lemon juice

Prepare couscous according to the package instructions. Let cool. In a
large bowl, combine the couscous with shrimp, cucumbers, tomatoes, and
parsley. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, and toss to combine.
Chill until serving time.

For dessert: Bring dried fruit — like apricots,
dates, prunes, and figs — to enjoy with your tea.

Perfect for a picnic: I love the chic Sofia Mini
Blanc de Blancs — small cans of sparkling wine inspired by Sofia
Coppola. (sofiamini.com)

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