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A Tour of Home Bars via [#BluLableBungalow, and#Houzz, #wetbar ]

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This One’s on the House: A Tour of Home Bars

Hello there! I’m Erika Ward, Owner and Principal Designer of Erika Ward Interiors. It’s my greatest pleasure to inspire you to live well, to live in style, and to extinguish the myth that style and budget are mutually exclusive. Read more about my design philosophy and my work at http://www.blulabelbungalow.com
The concept of a home bar never really occurred to me until my family moved into a larger house. With a new home and more space, it didn’t take long before I was bit by the entertaining bug. My husband and I are social drinkers, a cocktail here or there, but having a well stocked bar of fine liquors and G-rated beverages may not be such a bad idea.
Entertaining in Style traditional kitchen
After the hustle and bustle of a long day who wants to stand behind a velvet rope to spend money on overpriced, water-down beverages? Relax at home and invite a few friends over. With these amazing custom and semi-custom bars, your place is the hottest ticket in town. No reservations required.

I’m serving up more home bar inspiration at Houzz.com today.

Allow your decor to transport guests to a faraway land. The pendant lights and gorgeous hand-painted wall finish is reminiscent of a quaint Tuscan pub.

by Bella Villa Design Studio

Are you a wine connoisseur? Customize your cabinetry to accommodate wine and stemware for easy access. 

Sidenote: Install a mirrored back-splash to your bar to give an illusion of more space.

by Mitchell Construction Group

Take design cues from your favorite brewery or pub and create a fashionable wood facade in your home.

by Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc.

Outfit your custom bar with the essentials; A sink, mini dishwasher, microwave, and fridge will limit your trips to the main kitchen.

by Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc.

Utilize a buffet to service guests when entertaining. When not in use, create an interesting tablescape using heirloom decanters, glasses, and a serving tray.

by Centsational Girl

If space is at a premium, create a beverage center within a nook using simple glass shelving and a portable chiller.

by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Here, a mini bar is built-in to a custom work station. How convenient for those days when happy hour can’t come fast enough.

by Harrell Remodeling

I love the idea of a multi-functional refreshment station. This combination consists of an espresso machine for the morning caffeine jolt and wine storage for the evening nightcap.

by Faiella Design

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Watch The Adorable Chubby French Bulldog Try to Roll Over…Awww!


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French Bulldog Can’t Roll Over

*It’s so stinkin’ cute how he just stops at the good part, then repeats!Lol.*

via [YouTube]

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The Men Behind Your Favorite Liquor Brands via [Mental_Floss]


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It’s hard to walk down the aisle of a liquor store without running across a bottle bearing someone’s name. We put them in our cocktails, but how well do we know them? Here’s some biographical detail on the men behind your favorite tipples. — by Ethan Trex

1. Captain Morgan

captain-morgan.jpgThe Captain wasn’t always just the choice of sorority girls looking to blend spiced rum with Diet Coke; in the 17th century he was a feared privateer. Not only did the Welsh pirate marry his own cousin, he ran risky missions for the governor of Jamaica, including capturing some Spanish prisoners in Cuba and sacking Port-au-Prince in Haiti. He then plundered the Cuban coast before holding for ransom the entire city of Portobelo, Panama. He later looted and burned Panama City, but his pillaging career came to an end when Spain and England signed a peace treaty in 1671. Instead of getting in trouble for his high-seas antics, Morgan received knighthood and became the lieutenant governor of Jamaica.

2. Johnnie Walker

johnnie-walker.jpgWalker, the name behind the world’s most popular brand of Scotch whisky, was born in 1805 in Ayrshire, Scotland. When his father died in 1819, Johnnie inherited a trust of a little over 400 pounds, which the trustees invested in a grocery store. Walker grew to become a very successful grocer in the town of Kilmarnock and even sold a whisky, Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky. Johnnie’s son Alexander was the one who actually turned the family into famous whisky men, though. Alexander had spent time in Glasgow learning how to blend teas, but he eventually returned to Kilmarnock to take over the grocery from his father. Alexander turned his blending expertise to whisky, and came up with “Old Highland Whisky,” which later became Johnnie Walker Black Label.

3. Jack Daniel

jack-daniel.jpgJasper Newton “Jack” Daniel of Tennessee whiskey fame was the descendant of Welsh settlers who came to the United States in the early 19th century. He was born in 1846 or 1850 and was one of 13 children. By 1866 he was distilling whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Unfortunately for the distiller, he had a bit of a temper. One morning in 1911 Daniel showed up for work early and couldn’t get his safe open. He flew off the handle and kicked the offending strongbox. The kick was so ferocious that Daniel injured his toe, which then became infected. The infection soon became the blood poisoning that killed the whiskey mogul.

Curious about why your bottle of J.D. also has Lem Motlow listed as the distillery’s proprietor? Daniel’s own busy life of distilling and safe-kicking kept him from ever finding a wife and siring an heir, so in 1907 he gave the distillery to his beloved nephew Lem Motlow, who had come to work for him as a bookkeeper.

4. Jose Cuervo

jose-cuervo.jpgIn 1758, Jose Antonio de Cuervo received a land grant from the King of Spain to start an agave farm in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Jose used his agave plants to make mescal, a popular Mexican liquor. In 1795, King Carlos IV gave the land grant to Cuervo’s descendant Jose Maria Guadalupe de Cuervo. Carlos IV also granted the Cuervo family the first license to commercially make tequila, so they built a larger factory on the existing land. The family started packaging their wares in individual bottles in 1880, and in 1900 the booze started going by the brand name Jose Cuervo. The brand is still under the leadership of the original Jose Cuervo’s family; current boss Juan-Domingo Beckmann is the sixth generation of Cuervo ancestors to run the company.

5. Jim Beam

jim-beam.jpgJim Beam, the namesake of the world’s best-selling bourbon whiskey, didn’t actually start the distillery that now bears his name. His great-grandfather Jacob Beam opened the distillery in 1788 and started selling his first barrels of whiskey in 1795. In those days, the whiskey went by the less-catchy moniker of “Old Tub.” Jacob Beam handed down the distillery to his son David Beam, who in turn passed it along to his son David M. Beam, who eventually handed the operation off to his son, Colonel James Beauregard Beam, in 1894. Although he was only 30 years old when he took over the family business, Jim Beam ran the distillery until Prohibition shut him down. Following repeal in 1933, Jim quickly built a distillery and began resurrecting the Old Tub brand, but he also added something new to the company’s portfolio: a bourbon simply called Jim Beam.

6. Tanqueray

tanqueray.jpgWhen he was a young boy, Charles Tanqueray’s path through life seemed pretty clear. He was the product of three straight generations of Bedfordshire clergymen, so it must have seemed natural to assume that he would take up the cloth himself. Wrong. Instead, he started distilling gin in 1830 in a little plant in London’s Bloomsbury district. By 1847, he was shipping his gin to colonies around the British Empire, where many plantation owners and troops had developed a taste for Tanqueray and tonic.

7. Campari

campari.jpgGaspare Campari found his calling quickly. By the time he was 14, he had risen to become a master drink mixer in Turin, and in this capacity he started dabbling with a recipe for an aperitif. When he eventually settled on the perfect mixture, his concoction had over 60 ingredients. In 1860, he founded Gruppo Campari to make his trademark bitters in Milan. Like Colonel Sanders’ spice blend, the recipe for Campari is a closely guarded secret supposedly known by only the acting Gruppo Campari chairman, who works with a tiny group of employees to make the concentrate with which alcohol and water are infused to get Campari. The drink is still made from Gaspare Campari’s recipe, though, which includes quinine, orange peel, rhubarb, and countless other flavorings.

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Julie Powell Meets the Wine Divas via [oprah.com]


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By Julie Powell
O, The Oprah Magazine

What’s the best wine with hamburgers? With chocolate? And what does tannic mean, anyway? Julie Powell raises a glass to a vintage organization that celebrates wine, women, and friendship.

The Divas

Photo: Michael Edwards

They had hosted dinner for 150 people the evening before, then stayed up half the night making nametags and centerpieces for today’s luncheon, but the Divas Uncorked look amazingly serene as they greet their guests. Rosalind Johnson approaches me with a charming smile, a glass of Roselle Syrah Rosé, and a friendly exhortation: “Breathe!” she says. “You’re here now.” Though I’m frazzled from a long and noisy train ride to Boston, right away I begin to relax.

The event at which I have just arrived—a weekend conference featuring multiple-course meals with wine pairings, plus lectures, presentations, and a reception—is called “Wine, Women, and….” It is the highlight of the Divas’ year, and the culmination of nearly a decade of learning, planning, organizing, and sipping.

Divas Uncorked started in 1998 when a group of friends decided to learn more about what they were drinking. Now it’s a thriving business dedicated to educating consumers about wine, and educating winemakers about consumers—particularly women and African-Americans, who are often overlooked by the industry. To that end, the Divas organize frequent Divas Dine events in restaurants across the country, inviting the public to eat and drink while learning about wine. They act as marketing consultants to wineries and wine stores that become members of the Divas Uncorked Collaborative Consortium. They also manage a Web site, divasuncorked.com. They even have their own wine, Divas Uncorked Chardonnay, produced in partnership with the Mendocino Wine Company.


All of this could be quite enough to occupy the friends, ten energetic women in their late 40s, 50s, and early 60s. But each of them also has a high-powered day job, ranging from executive consultant to educator. “We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started,” says Callie Crossley, a commentator with NPR and WGBH-TV, as she walks with me to our seats at the luncheon.

As we dig into our appetizers, the conversation in the room grows raucous. Although I don’t know any of the hundred women gathered here, I feel as at ease as if I were sitting around with friends at a girls-only cocktail hour. And I realize the Divas have succeeded in doing what many of us fantasize about: They’ve built a business out of their favorite pastime.


Before they were Divas, the women were friends who met doing volunteer work with a nonprofit organization, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. They started going out together after meetings. “We were always eating and drinking,” says Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard, executive director of the Boston Lawyers Group and the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity. “Frankly, we were spending a fair amount of money, and we decided we should know more about this wine thing.” They quickly got organized, as type A personalities will, and began hosting monthly wine-tasting get-togethers. At first they served cheese, crackers, fruit, and “little nibbles,” but before long they were planning elaborate, themed dinners.

“We were just having fun,” says Karen Holmes Ward, a producer at WCVB-TV. And learning a lot. Stephanie Browne, an information technology director at Blue Cross and Blue Shield and president of the Divas, learned not to serve her reds too warm or her whites too cold, for example.

The friends have become educated in more arcane subjects as well, such as vintages and sugar-to-acid ratios. But “wine savvy not wine snobby” is their mantra, and the most important lesson they pass along to consumers is to trust themselves when it comes to taste. “Pick wines that please your palate,” says Ward.

As the conference winds down, I ask the Divas how they balance work and friendship. “The one thing we’re not going to lose is what brought us together,” insists Hebsgaard. So on top of all their other responsibilities, they still plan monthly wine-tasting dinners, just for themselves.

No wonder, then, that where others might describe a wine in terms of its nose or finish, Browne compares it to something closer to her heart. “My aha moment was when I realized how a balanced wine tastes,” she says. “The fruit and acid and alcohol are all in perfect harmony. It’s like having your favorite food next to your favorite person in your favorite place.” In other words, delicious.

Julie Powell is the author of Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously (Back Bay Books).

The Wine Divas solve 7 great mysteries of the wine world!

7 Mysteries of the Wine World, Solved

By Brooke Kosofsky Glassberg
O, The Oprah Magazine

Grape connoisseurs, the wine Divas, educate us on wine bottling, serving, tasting and all around etiquette.

Wine tasters
Photo: Michael Edwards

O: How do you figure out what you like?

Divas: Taste as much as possible. Find a shop with helpful salespeople. Many stores are now organized by flavor instead of region or type of grape, making it easier to find winners based on your “flavor profile,” or the characteristics you enjoy. Another good way to start is to select a region—say, California or New Zealand—and then ask your salesperson to recommend five or six typical, affordable wines from there. As you try them at home, jot down notes about color, smell, and taste. There are no wrong answers: You’re learning what tastes good to you, not trying to impress others.

O: What’s the ideal serving temperature for wine?

Divas: The lighter the body and color of the wine, the cooler it should be. But avoid extremes: Excessive chilling can mask the flavor of a white; too much warmth heightens the alcohol fumes of a red. A rule of thumb is to take whites out of the fridge 15 to 20 minutes before drinking. Reds should go into the refrigerator for about 20 minutes before opening.

O: Does the glass matter?

Divas: Look for one with a long stem so the warmth of your hand won’t heat the wine. The vessel should be clear and unfaceted so you can see the color and clarity of the liquid. Many experts insist on different glasses for reds and whites, but if you have a limited budget, make sure your glass has a bowl roomy enough to swirl the wine and release its aroma, and a rim that tilts inward so the aroma is channeled toward your nose. Ikea sells a great line of glasses that meet these requirements.

O: Are screw tops or wines-in-a-box any good?

Divas: Yes to both. Once associated with cheap vino, screw caps are becoming increasingly popular for wines of all prices. The tops are simple to open and close wherever you are—think picnics—and allow you to easily save an unfinished bottle. Boxed wines also once had a bad reputation, but today’s options are often good quality. Try Delicato’s Bota Box Merlot or Shiraz.

O: Does the vintage matter?

Divas: Not necessarily. The climates of wine-growing regions like California, South Africa, and Australia don’t fluctuate enough from year to year to matter. In Europe, where the climate does vary, the best vintages can be quite expensive; top bottles are collected by aficionados and aged for many years. Lesser vintages are often fine for immediate drinking, however.

O: How do you store wine at home?

Divas: Many fancy cabinetmakers feature built-in wine racks above the refrigerator, but these are pointless—rising heat can ruin the wine. If you can’t afford a cellar or wine refrigerator, find a cool, dark space with a consistent temperature. Try underneath basement stairs or on a closet floor. If you’re going to drink the wines fairly quickly, countertop racks are fine so long as they’re not in direct sunlight or near a heat source, like the oven.

O: How do you overcome being intimidated by restaurant wine lists?

Divas: Easy. Don’t read them. When a multipage wine list hits your table, ignore it. After you’ve decided what to eat, ask the waiter what goes well with your food. Either he’ll be able to make suggestions, or he’ll send over a sommelier to advise you. Eating at places that serve a good selection of wines by the glass will also allow you to experiment without investing in a full bottle.

For more information visit their website!

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OpuluxeLtd.com Featured Website: Blu Label Bungalow– Fashion Inspired Interiors


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My Photo

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow
Hello! I’m the editor of BluLabel Bungalow and owner of Erika Ward Interiors. It is my greatest pleasure to inspire and motivate you in creating a space that is fresh, new, and uniquely you! Thanks for joining me. I’d love to hear from you!

View my complete profile



Pardon me if today’s Fashion Friday feature sounds more like a book of love letters. I have a weakness for Autumn, no other season is better. The turning of autumn leaves gives me comfort and reaffirms that change is good. The crisp Fall breeze is a relief from sweltering Summer and offers the best clothing no other season could. In your wardrobe and in your home these color combos are a guaranteed bet, the effect they have on you will be one you will never forget…

Orange spice and graphite, it’s been a year since we’ve last connected. In Fall you are still first on my mind, the others are rejected.  Orange spice, your warm hue invigorates me and Graphite, you add instant sophistication when you appear. Chic, timeless, and dependable your style is so clear. Welcome back, I’ve missed you my dear.

fashion: elie tahari / interiors: tobi fairley

…with a side of dijon is what I said to the server, but it doesn’t mean you play second fiddle. It’s just that you bring such strength that I can only handle a little. Your potent hue gets me notices when I walk into the room.  The men all pause and the ladies do, too! At home you signify style even if I have none. You’re so confident, when along side other colors, that you are an accent to every one. Oh, how I love a secure hue. Welcome back friend, I sure missed you.

fashion (1-r): versace, chris benz, versace / interiors: christina murphy

Cranberry and Caviar what can I say. You make him fall to his knees with your seductive sway. The passion you display is only for mature eyes to see, your deep reddish hue even makes me a little flirty. How dare you look so sexy especially on a high gloss wall? You give me a license to thrill when we are together each fall.

fashion: akris / interiors: christina murphy
I hope these love letters didn’t leave a rosy tint on your face. Knowing you would read them, I left it in good taste. Which colors do you love in the Fall? You can have many lovers without feeling guilty at all. You’re in good company so go ahead share with us. I promise we won’t judge you on your color lusts…


Today’s Fashion Friday post is brought to you by Sondra of Chic Chocolate. Creatively chic and soulfully styled, Chic Chocolate is a top fashion resource for fashionistas, stylistas, and urbanistas in Washington, DC and beyond. She graciously accepted my Room to Runway Challenge by presenting these amazing fashion and decor matchups using two of Fall 2010’s hottest colors.

photo credits:tranquiltownhouse.blogspot.com, style.com, neiman marcus
One way to have fun this fall is to indulge in feathers. You will find soft, wispy ostrich feathers on everything from headboards, skirts, shoes, and even lingerie. Accessorize your home with feathers by adding accent pillows dyed in scrumptious colors of chartreuse and fuchsia. Find these and more at Horchow.com or Calypso St. Barth.
photo credits: furniturestoreblog.com, style.com
Black and gold is a classic color combination that signifies tremendous wealth and opulence. Making brazen appearances on the runway and in our rooms, get a wild hair and try a golden fixture or a molten 24K dress.
photo credits: ehomee.com, style.com
According to a recent Pantone report, some of the hottest colors for Fall 2010 will be “Lipstick Red” and “Orchid Purple.” Both colors were dominate on the runway of designer Carlos Miele Fall 2010 RTW Collection. Reds and purples signify deep passion. Not just relegated to clothing, be daring enough to try these emotionally charged colors in your home decor as accents in a neutral room.
photo credits:  house and garden, style.com

Recording artist, Prince, was the inspiration for Balmain’s Fall 2010 RTW Collection. A regal color, purple and its various hues, look fantastic on just about any complexion and shockingly beautiful in your home.  Add a spark of purple, ultraviolet, aubergine, or eggplant to your home as seen in this festive table setting.

How will you incorporate these hot Fall colors in your home and/or wardrobe?


Last night my husband and I shared our daydream of a vacation without the children. His dream took us to the French Riviera, my daydream didn’t require much other than champagne and a beach. Once his daydream turned into a real slumber, my mind drifted to South Beach’s most luxurious hotel, The Tides. Designed by present-day legend, Kelly Wearstler, the decor has a monochromatic palette of neutral hues and muted metallics much like pieces in Tory Burch’s Summer/PreFall 2010 Collection.

[1.] Yarn Ziron Dress/Tory Burch  [2.] Percy 2 Sequin High Wedge/Tory Burch  [3.]Keswick Caning Wide Bangle/Kate Spade  [4.] Tides Suite/The Tides South Beach

Wanting to “explore the mix of embellishment and texture, of unexpected pairings like sequins with chunky knits or light tweeds” Tory’s inspiration behind her line sounds like a description of The Tides’ interior. Just add the words relaxation and elegance, sand and surf…there is no better combination.

The bangle (#3) from Kate Spade has an intricate golden weave pattern inspired by french bistro chairs. Reminds you of the same pattern seen in the (#4) vintage dining set…experiencing a little déjà vu?

There are two more combinations I think you will enjoy…

[1.] Ensemble from Tory Burch Spring 2010 Collection [2.] Ballet Flat/Tory Burch [3.] Link Bracelet/Tory Burch  [4.] Premier Oceanfront Suite/The Tides South Beach
[1.] Linen bustier dress/J.Crew [2.] Graphic cut-work sandal/Karen Millen [3.] Mixed pavé cable link bracelet/J.Crew  [4.] Coral Suite/The Tides South Beach
Is anyone else as smitten as I am with champagne hues and luxurious beach interiors? Have you ever vistied The Tides?


Today’s Fashion Friday post is brought to you by Kelli Flournoy of The Peach Proxy.  Her much anticipated blog has recently gone live and shows the everyday fashionista how to transform her wardrobe into a unique expression of the latest trends. She graciously accepted my runway to room challenge with this post entitled Double-Duty Denim. Please welcome Kelli to the blogosphere!

photo credits: mikkel vang for house beautiful; RED VALENTINO Stretch Denim Dress
In what ways have you been inspired to bring denim into your home’s decor?

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For The At-Home Escape Artist: James Bond-esque Secret Rooms via [SpotCoolStuff, Gizmodo]


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Modern Secret Room Dreams (and Nightmares): From
Creative Hideouts to Dreadful Spaces

Secret Doors

Hidden passages have a long history of appearing in fictional novels
and films but an even richer past in
dating back to Egyptian tombs passages for Christians to
worship in hiding from Romans. Over the years hidden passages have been
used to arrest kings and evacuate popes, hide shogun warriors,
facilitate guerrilla fighters, enable drug smugglers and conceal serial
killers. In recent times, however, many more modest individuals have
created (or discovered) secret passages in ordinary everyday households
and there are even companies dedicated to designing <a onmouseover=”self.status=’http://weburbanist.com/secretrooms&#8217;;return
true;” onmouseout=”self.status=”” href=”http://weburbanist.com/secretrooms&#8221; mce_href=”http://weburbanist.com/secretrooms”>secret doors, rooms
and passages in middle-class houses. In some cases the discovery of a
secret room is a wonderful find but it can also be a twisted nightmare.

With so many secret rooms built into houses is it any wonder that
some people are surprised
to discover that their very own house has one
they were entirely
unaware of? One couple in an ordinary and unspectacular A-frame house
found out they had their very own secret room after a year of living in
the structure. The room itself: a space as large as their main bedroom
and complete with somewhat creepy accessories including a sleeping bag,
electrical outlet and even unopened beer cans.

While for one couple the discovering of a <a onmouseover=”self.status=’http://weburbanist.com/secretrooms&#8217;;return
true;” onmouseout=”self.status=”” href=”http://weburbanist.com/secretrooms&#8221; mce_href=”http://weburbanist.com/secretrooms”>secret room was
exciting and resulted in additional usable space for another family a
similar find was the beginning of a nightmarish tragedy. In their secret
room they found a
mysterious note
from a previous owner of the house who claimed that
the structure was riddled with harmful mold
that had made his children very sick. As it turned out, the note was
right: an inspection revealed high levels of various dangerous molds
and the new owners were able to sue and settled for having the house
repurchased at the price they paid. And the previous owner? Apparently
he was worried about someone with a vested interest in selling the
house finding the note and therefore hid it.

Hidden Room

Hidden rooms today usually serve one of two purposes: security or
fun. Sometimes a hidden door is used to disguise a safe or a ‘panic
room’ where residents can hide in an emergency. The room showed above,
however, is one couples’ unusually creative gift
to their very excited teenage daughter
. This room works as an
office and play-space and goes entirely unnoticed by clueless visitors
(or even building inspectors). A remote control amazingly lifts an
entire staircase out of the way revealing the hidden passage.

Secret Passages

There are a number of design and construction companies that have
grown up with the public’s recently renewed fascination with secret
doors, rooms and passageways. Creative Home Engineering
has a number of stock products and also creates custom hidden door and
room designs. Their ready-made products include classics like the
fireplace that opens when you twist a candlestick and a bookcase
that opens when you tilt a book. The Hidden
company and others have dozens of simpler and less expensive
stock items to choose from as well – from cabinets
to pool racks and wine shelves masking hidden doors.

Until recently we thought that installing a hidden door in real life
would require a hiring a general
who would surely shoot us a suspicious look when we
explained what we wanted. In fact, there are over a dozen companies with
the specialty of installing stealth entrance ways. Some stock
pre-built hidden doors.

And you needn’t have a spooky mansion, eccentric tastes or a now-it-puts-the-lotion-in-the-basket creepiness
to you to have a secret door either. There are several reasons why you
may want to consider having a hidden door in your house.

Primary among those reasons: space efficiency. A normal door occupies
wall area that could otherwise be used for, say, a bookshelf. Do you
have a room or storage area you don’t need frequent access to? Hide the
entrance to it behind a fireplace, staircase, mirror, wall panel or
even a painting.

Some people have hidden doors for security reasons. To conceal a
vault, for example. Or to hide a panic room made popular by the 2002 Jodie Foster flick.

Mostly, though, we think there’s something about a hidden door that’s
magical—and exceptionally cool. (Check out the photos, below).

Companies that specialize in hidden doors include:

Creative Home
— Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite hidden door company. They
have the most creative designs and build all types of hidden entryways
included armored doors and doors with biometric access control.

The Hidden Door Company — specializes mostly in
bookcase hidden doors but will manufacture designs specific to your

Niche Doors
has high-quality pre-built hidden doors made of wood.

Hide A Door
offers some of the most inexpensively priced hidden doors. Their
website has a form where you can request a free quote.

Space San Diego
— deals with an array of space saving and optimizing furniture, not
only hidden doors but also Murphy
and stacking stools.

Want a secret room but aren’t sure you want to pay for one? Well,
there are do-it-yourself
for creating your own disguised doors to hidden spaces
though the process is somewhat complicated. There are of course a lot
of things that have to be considered with a secret door such as hiding
visible gaps with trim and giving the doors a comfortable swing
capacity. Also, load issues need to be considered if you have, for
example, a swinging bookshelf in mind. Remarkably, though, this can all
potentially be accomplished for just a few hundred dollars – a
relatively small price to pay for such a clever interior design feature.

  • Ultimate Hidden Staircase Ideal for Wannabe Bond Villains

    Giz is a big fan of the secret
    , but this sub-staircase version really is the mutt’s
    nuts. A cross between a drawbridge, a private jet and something that,
    to kids, is straight out of Indiana Jones and the Duplex of Suburbia,
    the concealed hidey-hole is just one of a series of designs from Creative
    Home Engineering
    , a firm that puts hidden doors just about
    everywhere you wouldn’t think of looking. Prices range from $5,000 to a
    cool quarter of a million. [Creative
    Home Engineering
    via BallerHouse]

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Summer Celebrity Style Muse: Victoria Beckham via [polyvore]


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Yellow And Gray

And Gray
by ♕laura♕
featuring Hussein
Chalayan dresses

Sunbelievable Collection, Banana Bandanna

$13 – nailpolishdiva.com

creamFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

by Anamaria
featuring Marc
by Marc Jacobs bags

Woman in BlackFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

in Black
by chaosinstyle
featuring Yves
Saint Laurent bags

Beckham Sonnenbrille Retro Big

295 EUR – jades24.com

Victoria BeckhamFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

by Ma
featuring Sergio
Rossi shoes



by Anamaria
featuring Victoria
Beckham dresses


12 GBP – lookfantastic.com


12 GBP – lookfantastic.com

Victoria Beckham- Posh StyleFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Beckham- Posh Style
by poshtwin22
featuring Hermes

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Victoria Beckham- British BeautyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

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Victoria at Lax

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Muse: Victoria Beckham
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The World’s Top 25 Trains via [irtsociety.com]


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Pride of Africa

Region: Africa

Train Type: Luxury

Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa offers an old-world elegance and
luxury to a degree that was never equaled in the 1920s. Many seasoned
IRT Society travelers consider it the world’s finest train. Celebrated
not only for its fabulous equipment, the train is rightfully proud of
its stellar dining and on-board service. In short, the entire
experience is consistent in meeting the highest luxury standards.

Pride of  <br/>Africa

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Region: Europe

Train Type: Luxury

The Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE), with its restored,
1920s vintage cars, is the world’s most authentic luxury train. Made
famous in the Agatha Christie story, the train still runs on the
legendary route from Paris to Istanbul. Other itineraries are also

Venice  <br/>Simplon-Orient-Express

Royal Scotsman

Region: Europe

Train Type: Luxury

The Royal Scotsman is a standout train. A small venue—just 36
passengers—it’s great for those who wish for a more intimate, luxury
setting with gourmet, five-star dining, wine-pairing and superior
service. Simply put, it is one of our favorite hotel trains. All the
train’s cars, save the 1928-era diner, are of 1960s vintage equipment,
but they have been recast into an Edwardian confection of varnished
woods, polished brass and fine fabrics.

Special Offers:
Book by June 24 for special discounts, with savings up to $3,280!

Royal<br/>  Scotsman

Royal Canadian Pacific

Region: North

Train Type: Luxury

Many of the cars for the Royal
Canadian Pacific (RCP) train were built between 1917 and 1931 and were
used as business cars for the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR). Just 32
persons can pretend to be royalty and come aboard to sample the
train’s five-star dining, open-platform observation areas, several
small salons, and large compartments with private, ensuite shower,
toilet and sink. The train and its superb staff combine outstanding
scenery, exclusive visits and elegant musical events with the top-notch
service and cuisine.

Royal Canadian <br/> Pacific

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Region: Europe

Train Type: First-Class

The new, all-ensuite Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express launched
in April, 2007 to much fanfare in Moscow. The train has Gold and
Silver Class accommodations, both with en-suite bathroom, as well as
two dining cars and a lounge car. The train plies the famous
Trans-Siberian route between Moscow and Vladivostok.

Golden  <br/>Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Danube Express

Region: Europe

Train Type: First-Class

The new Danube Express private train began service in 2008 on
routes in central Europe. The train has brand-new deluxe carriages
which offer the best train accommodations in Europe. In 2009, the
Danube Express will take about 80 passengers in both classic and deluxe

Danube  <br/>Express

Deccan Odyssey

Region: Asia

Train Type: Luxury

The Deccan Odyssey is one of the subcontinent’s most luxurious
trains; its cars, built in 2003, have been upgraded with new carpet and
bedspreads recently, according to our ground suppliers. These
improvements, which we recommended last year, bring this train up to
“luxury” status, because its staff, service, amenities and food were
already superb.

Deccan Odyssey

Shangri-La Express

Region: Asia

Train Type: First-Class

The private Shangri-La Express (formerly China Orient Express) is
at this writing still the most modern hotel train in China and far
surpasses regular train service in every aspect. It is not a luxury
train, despite its name, but it is comfortable and convenient. Combined
with a Three Gorges cruise, the Shangri-La Express is definitely the
best way to see China.

Shangri-La  <br/>Express

Eastern & Oriental Express

Region: Asia

Train Type: Luxury

In 1991, the Orient-Express company acquired New Zealand’s famed
Silver Star, transported it to Southeast Asia and, following
refurbishment, re-christened it the Eastern & Oriental Express
(E&O). The train runs 1,262 miles between Singapore, Malaysia and
Bangkok, Thailand.

Eastern  <br/>& Oriental Express

Glacier Express

Region: Europe

Train Type: First-Class

The Swiss proudly hail the Glacier Express as the world’s slowest
express. The train takes almost eight hours and the services of two
private, narrow-gauge railroads to traverse the 168 mountainous miles
between two posh resorts—Zermatt and St. Moritz. The Alpine route of
the Glacier Express is what makes this train so marvelous.

Glacier Express

Bergen Railway

Region: Europe

Train Type: First-Class

The complete Oslo-Bergen line was opened in 1909 as the only
year-round land transport between Norway’s two largest cities. The
300-mile length of track passes through 200 tunnels and 18 miles of
snowsheds in addition to crossing more than 300 bridges. The scenery on
the 7-hour Bergen Railway trip across the Hardanger plateau, the
largest wilderness area in Europe, is breathtaking.

Bergen  <br/>Railway

Flam Railway

Region: Europe

Train Type: First-Class

With the Flåm Railway, it’s what you see outside that counts. In
about an hour, the line climbs some 2,833 feet from Flåm station,
nestled in the innermost corner of the Aurlandfjord, to the mountain
station at Myrdal on the Bergen Railway. On the 12.4-mile-long ride,
you’ll see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascading
down the sides of steep, snowcapped mountains and farms clinging
dizzily to sheer slopes.

Flam  <br/>Railway

Bernina Express

Region: Europe

Train Type: First-Class

The spectacular Bernina line was started more than 100 years ago
and was completed in 1910. It is run by Rhaetian Railways. Beginning in
Chur, St. Moritz or Davos, it passes the glaciers of Piz Bernina,
making this the highest railway crossing in all of the Alps. It travels
over 38 miles, climbing grades of up to 7%––without rack and
pinion––to more than 7,391 feet at the Bernina Pass summit, and drops
down to just 1,408 feet at Tirano, Italy.

Bernina  <br/>Express

Hiram Bingham

Region: South

Train Type: Luxury

The gleaming blue-and-gold
cars of the Hiram Bingham makes the three-hour trip between Cusco and
Machu Picchu every day but Sunday. The train has two 42-seat dining
cars serving excellent Peruvian specialties for brunch on the journey
to Machu Picchu, and for dinner on the evening return to Cusco. The
train also has a gorgeous bar/observation car.

Hiram  <br/>Bingham

Andean Explorer

Region: South

Train Type: First-Class

The Andean Explorer makes
the 10-hour trek from Cusco to Puno and Lake Titicaca. This addition
covers one of the highest standard-gauge rail routes in the world,
reaching altitudes up to 14,150 feet. A highlight is riding at sunset
the few miles before Puno alongside Lake Titicaca.

Andean  <br/>Explorer

El Transcantábrico

Region: Europe

Train Type: Luxury

The 52-passenger El Transcantábrico train, which traverses
Northern Spain, started in 1983.  Its launching was one of the first
stories in The International Railway Traveler, also founded in 1983.
Each train set has six sleepers, each with four double compartments.
The train is operated by Ferrocarriles Españoles de Vía Estrecha
(FEVE), which means Narrow-Gauge Spanish Railways.

group departure Sept.
18-25 Santiago
de Compostela-San Sebastian with Owen & Eleanor Hardy, owners, The
Society of International Railway Travelers®

El  <br/>Transcantábrico

Blue Train

Region: Africa

Train Type: Luxury

The Blue Train is one of the world’s great luxury trains, and
runs several times a month between Pretoria and Capetown. The route is a
27-hour journey of 994 miles and includes a sightseeing stop in each
direction. The Blue Train is operated by the state-run Spoornet.

Blue Train

British Pullman

Region: Europe

Train Type: Luxury

The British Pullman is a luxury, vintage day train that completes
the British leg of Orient-Express journeys between Paris and London.
Passengers from the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express debark in Calais,
France, and board a special Orient-Express bus for the short
“piggyback” train ride through the Eurotunnel to Folkestone. There, they
board the British Pullman for the ride to London’s Victoria station.

British <br/> Pullman

Rocky Mountaineer

Region: North

Train Type: First-Class

The Rocky Mountaineer
explores Western Canada in comfort and class. The train’s luxury
GoldLeaf Service, with its custom-built glass dome coaches, offers fine
dining on the lower level, plus wind-in-the-face, outdoor viewing at
the rear platform. Travel between Vancouver, Banff, Jasper and Calgary.

Rocky  <br/>Mountaineer


Region: North

Train Type: First-Class

The Canadian is VIA Rail
Canada’s flagship train. It runs between Toronto and Vancouver three
times a week, traveling 4,500 miles. IRT recommends Silver & Blue
Class so you can have a private bedroom on board the overnight train
and the many perks that come with it—from a special waiting room at the
main stations, to priority boarding, “welcome aboard” reception, and
all delicious meals included. The main delight is exclusive access to
the great dome cars for seeing the sites day or night. The schedule for
the Canadian has recently changed: Now the trip from Toronto to Jasper
allows three nights on board (evening departure, early arrival Jasper
is two days, 17 hours later.) All the way to Vancouver is four nights
(three days, 14 hours and 42 minutes!) Arrival in Vancouver is
scheduled for mid-morning.


Palace on Wheels

Region: Asia

Train Type: First-Class

The Palace on Wheels, with its cream-colored livery, is a joint
venture of Indian Railways and the state of Rajasthan’s tourism office.
Starting service in 1982, it was India’s first hotel train and has
been gaining in popularity ever since.

Palace on Wheels

Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train

Region: Asia

Train Type: Steam/Railfan

The tiny, two-foot-gauge “Toy Train” runs in West Bengal from
Siliguri, 400 feet above sea level, to Darjeeling, 7,200 feet above sea
level. It was built by the British between 1879 and 1881 to escape the
brutal heat of the plains below. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage
Site in 1999. Its myriad loops, corkscrews and switchbacks offer
passengers incredible views of the Himalayas. Ancient locomotives, the
oldest built in 1889, climb through zigzags and loops to gain height.

For other great steam train tours around the world, please click here.

Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train


Region: Australia/New

Train Type: First-Class

The Sunlander train
offers an overnight service crossing 1,045 miles on the east coast of
Queensland, Australia, from Brisbane to Cairns. The scenery is
spectacular. It takes 32 hours; the Sunlander with high-end
“Queenslander Class” travels twice a week, Sunday and Thursday from
Brisbane; it runs Tuesday and Saturday from Cairns.


Indian Pacific

Region: Australia/New

Train Type: First-Class

transcontinental Indian Pacific offers a twice-weekly service in both
directions, from Perth to Sydney via Adelaide across more than 2,704
miles. Almost 300 miles of it is across the longest straight track in
the world, the Nullarbor Plain. The journey takes three nights, and our
travelers report it’s frequently a very jolly departure, with many
Aussies traveling the route, especially around holiday periods.

Indian  <br/>Pacific


Region: Australia/New

Train Type: First-Class

The Ghan has a long and
wild history, starting in 1878 when construction began on a line from
Port Augusta. Until 1929, the last part of the journey to Alice Springs
was was accomplished by Afghan camel train, and that’s where today’s
train gets it name. The Alice to Darwin “Top End” route, dreamed of for
more than a century, was started in 2001. The first train arrive in
Darwin in 2004. The service has been swamped with travelers. It takes
48 hours—two nights on board—to travel from Adelaide to Darwin over
1,852 miles of track.


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America’s Top Hand Models [via thebigmoney.com]


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The Faces Behind the Famous Hands

An introduction to the hand models in iconic ads.

By Caitlin McDevitt
Model: Ellen Sirot;
Credit: Peter Pioppo

America’s Top Hand Models

You’ve seen their hands a million times in glossy magazine ads, in
television commercials, and blown-up on billboards. Plenty of corporate
ad campaigns use hand models, and the few in the business have been
busier than ever since the
recent boom in popular handheld electronic devices
. Who are these
people, and how did they land these gigs? Here’s a quick look at some
of the faces behind the hands you know so well.

Mia Crowe

The most popular e-reader on the market, the Amazon
(AMZN) Kindle, is held upright in ads by hand model Mia Crowe. Though
she’s posed for Apple
(AAPL) products, too, her client base isn’t confined to tech companies.
Her Web site says, “Turn
on the television right now, and you can see Mia’s talented hands in
commercials doing everything from spreading Philadelphia Cream Cheese on
a bagel and twisting open Oreo cookies to pouring test tubes of blue
dye onto Tampax feminine pads to test for absorbency.”

Kimbra Hickey

When part-time model Kimbra Hickey posed for the cover of Twilight
in 2004, she had no idea that the book would be popular. Since then,
the image of her hands, cradling an apple, have graced the covers of the
millions of copies sold around the world. She still attends events
promoting the book and signs autographs.

James Furino

The Staples
(SPLS) “Easy Button” ad campaign was so catchy that the office supplies
retailer started selling these buttons in stores. Hand model James
Furino didn’t need to buy one to get his hands on an Easy Button. His
index finger does the pressing in one of the memorable ads. He feels
lucky to have the hands and the “meticulous” personality that hand
modeling requires. Yet he’s quick to dispel a common myth about the
business. “It is lucrative, but you can’t get rich doing it,” he says.

Elizabeth Barbour

During a photo shoot in 1983, Elizabeth Barbour says she “tilted her
hand in such a way” that the photographers captured the perfect shot
of her hand grazing a glass. The shot was the basis for the redesign of
the Palmolive soap label, which is still around to this day. She was paid
$650 for the shoot
and calls the experience “one of the funniest
things I’ve ever done.”

Ashly Covington

She rips biscuits apart at just the right speed, spreads icing onto
cinnamon buns without making a mess, and folds pie crust like a pro.
Pillsbury is just one of full-time hand model Ashly Covington’s many
clients. She set out to be an actress, not necessarily a hand model.
“After college I was trying to get headshots taken,” she says, “The
agent was far more interested in my hands.”

Pamela Moses

Actress Megan Fox is well-known for her good looks, but she also
owns a pair of infamously ugly thumbs. When she starred in a Motorola
(MOT) commercial that aired during this year’s Super Bowl, Fox’s hands
looked surprisingly normal. That’s because they weren’t hers. Model
Pamela Moses lent her hands to the commercial. More than a few astute
Fox fans noticed the substitution.

Ellen Sirot

Ellen Sirot has been in the hand-modeling business for 20 years. She
has worked on countless campaigns selling just about everything from
nail polish to pregnancy tests. Recently, she has jumped on new
opportunities in tech advertising, such as this Verizon
(VZ) campaign. While some models don’t bother to baby their hands, Sirot
insists on it. She wears gloves all the time and has even developed
her own line of hand cream to keep them moisturized.

Ryan Serhant

(T) “hands” campaign won
the title
of “America’s Favorite Magazine Ad,” a contest sponsored
by Magazine Publishers of America. For the campaign, Italian artist
Guido Daniele painted hands, holding electronic devices, with imagery
from around the world. Ryan Serhant offered up his hands as the canvas.
What’s his secret to keeping his hands in perfect form? He explains,
“Lots and lots of lotion, gloves when it’s cold, gloves when you work
out, and gloves when you sleep.”

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14 Creative & Unique Fish Bowl Designs via [thepetcentral]

Each different variation is a masterpiece, and is sure to be a
conversation starter. Fish bowls just got a new, fabulous modern look.
These definitely are not your average fish bowls; Fun, unique designs
can be found for every taste.

1. Roger Arguer Fish Bowls

If you’re looking for a trendy, fun new way to display fish, a Roger
Arguer fish bowl
is a must-have! From the double-bowl design,
to the fish bowl/vase, this whole collection is filled with fish
bowls you’ve never imagined!

fish-bowl1Designer : Roger Arquer

2. Portable Fishbowl

Carry your beloved goldfish with you everywhere you go!  Now you can
go with this new portable fish bowl designed by Michal

This sleek new bowl complete with carrying handle is sure to get you
and your goldfish buddy noticed without a doubt! You won’t find
another fish bowl like this one. Dogs aren’t the only ones who can be
carted around in style anymore!

fish-bowl2Designer : Michal

3. LED Earth Globe Aquarium

This LED Earth Globe Aquarium is not only a
fishbowl, but a decorative light as well. The bowl sits on a four-legged
stand. In the dark, it turns into a cool electric blue map of the
earth; it projects a really neat shadow, too.

The electric blue color is really cool as far as lighting goes, and
it’s the perfect size to sit on a tabletop or an end table. We all
know LED’s are energy savers, and at around fifty bucks, this is a
really affordable, unique fish bowl.

fish-bowl3Buy at : Wrapables

4. O Aquarium/Vase

The O Aquarium/Vase is an elegant, classy fish bowl if there ever
was one. Its vase within a fish bowl design allows you not only to
display your favorite fish but your favorite plants as well.

This is actually a really natural, modern, decorative piece that
just happens to double as a fish bowl and a vase! The
clean, clear glass is beautiful in its simplicity and its display of
Mother Nature. Fish can be placed in the vase bowl, or in the outer
bowl, or both.


5.   Hanging Fish Bowl

If you’re looking for a more fun, creative way to display your fish
than just a plain old fish bowl sitting on a table, then this hanging
fish bowl
is exactly what you need.

You can hang it anywhere you choose; it’s about five inches bottom
to top and holds around one gallon of water.The hanging fish bowl is a
fun, decorative piece that really adds color and life to any room, not
to mention it’s sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

This is definitely a unique way to show off your fish, and for about
thirty bucks, it’s a great bargain!

fish-bowl5But at : Product Dose

6.   Savoy vase Fish Bowl

The Savoy vase fish bowl is a high class way to display your fish.
The Alvar Aalto Savoy vase is unique and original in
its design and shape. Used as a fish bowl, it’s a modern, classy look
that’s sure to turn more than a few heads.You won’t find any other fish
bowl out there.

This vase slash fish bowl can also be used simply to display your
favorite plant life and still looks classy. The added color of the fish
and/or plants draws even more attention to this already attractive
vase. Who would have thought fish could be so exciting?

fish-bowl6Designer: Joel

7.   Rollercoaster Aquarium

The rollercoaster aquarium offers a way for you to
display your fish and your favorite plants. This double-bowl design
offers a large area for your fish to swim, play, and hide. Two cups are
located at the top of the aquarium where you can place plants or store
fish food, whichever suits your preferences.

This rollercoaster aquarium was made by Isabelle Leiins iL
. It’s not only an aquarium, but a natural, modern
decorative piece that adds life and a splash of color to any home. This
is a great alternative to a plain old one dish fish bowl.

fish-bowl7Designer : Leijn

8.   Cat Fish Bowl

This could possibly be one of the cutest
variations of a fish bowl ever. The cute cat design of this bowl is
adorable. Your fish will get a kick out of swimming around in a bowl
designed after one of its worst enemies! The cat fish bowl
is a fun way to display your fish.

Its design is clean and simple. It’s a fantastic variation of the
round fish bowl we all know.

fish-bowl8Buy at : This Next

9.   Speedfish Bowl

If you’re into racing, or if you love creative fish bowls, you’ve
got to see this speedfish bowl. Complete with twists and turns and even a
checkered flag, it’s reminiscent of a race car track, so your fish
can race away to their hearts’ content.

No more boring old fish bowls.The speedfish bowl is just one of the
latest creative, unique designs to update fish bowls into modern
looking, fun, decorative pieces.


10.   1984 Fish Bowl

Here is a fresh, creative variation of a fish bowl from Danny
Cheung, named 1984 Fishbowl. It is made of porcelain, but it has three
rather large domed portholes that add intrigue to this fish bowl.

Each porthole is of different size with varying degrees of
concaveness to each dome.These features create an asymmetric shape that
peaks the curiosity not only of the fish, as they offer varying
degrees of magnification that humans are intrigued by.

The opaque porcelain outer part of the bowl even offers a hideaway
for the shy fish. Since each porthole is unique, they offer a varying
degree of magnification, which add just another cool effect to the 1984
Fishbowl, which, by the way, was inspired by and named after the novel
‘1984’ written by George Orwell.


Designer : Danny Cheung

11.   Joe Doucet Fish Bowl

Joe Doucet has designed a brand new fish bowl that incorporates real
plant life to make the fish truly feel at home. This cool new creation
has a separate, inner bowl in which you can plant any sort of flower
or plant life to add color and an even more natural fish bowl.

Since the inner bowl is separate, you can plant whatever you want
and it will not harm the fish, but make it seem like the fish’s natural
habitat. Doucet’s design is not only pleasing to the fish, but its
sleek, clean design is very modern and aesthetically pleasing as well.

fish_bowl11Designer :  Joe Doucet

12 .   Biorb Fish Tank

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern take on a fish bowl for your
goldfish, then check out the biOrb goldfish bowl collection. Talk about
modern, the LED lights included in this collection automatically
change to project varying stages of the day like sunrise, sunset, to
make the fish feel as though they are in their natural habitat.

Each fish bowl is made of acrylic, and you can choose from piano
black, chili red, and ice white. The BiOrb fish tank comes in various
sizes ranging from thirty to sixty liters, priced from £209-269.


Product Page :

13.    Air 1 Aquarium

The Air 1 Aquarium is a sleek new take on aquarium furniture from
French designer Amaury Poudray and Pierre Pigna, a glass craftsman.
These two worked together to create this aquarium masterpiece.

The aquarium itself is a long, oval shaped container set atop a
narrow steel frame. To some, the bowl may seem like it’s floating in
mid-air. This piece is not only a creative, original take on an
aquarium, but the delicate design is really a piece of art.


Designer  : Amaury Poudray

14.    Fish Shaped Fish Bowl

Let your fish swim around in its own likeness! This
fish-shaped fish bowl is a creative, fun way to display your goldfish
with pride. And the actual bowl is really cool, too, as it
unexpectedly has intricate details on the tail and fins that add shine
to the whole bowl.

This fish bowl is sure to be a conversation piece, not to mention a
great home for your goldfish. You can get this cool bowl in medium,
large, and extra large size.


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