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Top 7 Luxury Flash Websites via [FlashMintBlog]

Flash Websites In The Luxury World

It is not a secret that Flash has invaded all possible aspects of our life enhancing any issue it touches upon. Whether you pursue personal or commercial goals are concerned about business or education – Flash is a solution that will always satisfy your requirements beyond doubt offering constantly improved technologies and techniques. It is considered to be prestigious for a company to own a high grade interactive website for representing the products and services in the most efficient way within live and dynamic web pages developed in compliance with contemporary web design trends. To make it obvious and let you estimate the importance and prestige of Flash web pages we want to offer you a compilation of luxury  Jewelry websites owned by the worldwide known jewel brands.


flash websites

Rolex is a Sweden world famous name in luxury watches distinguished by unchallenged prestige and quality. Loading the web pages of its official website you won’t be surprised – the unmatched style and elegance are present even here. Pompous design, smooth navigation and incredible beauty of exclusive watches amaze and make an astounding impression.


luxury flash sites

This is a website of an Italian jewelry brand Favero which strikes by clean and beautiful design with prevalent white color. It possesses easy and friendly browsing which allows you to have a detailed look at every gem as if it is in your hands.

Van Cleef & Arpels

jewelry flash site

The flying butterflies which you can see while loading Van Cleef & Arpels website evoke a pleasant atmosphere of something beautiful to follow. And its true – every page you turn is filled with bewitching elegance of fabulous French jewels.

Graff Diamonds

jewels flash design

Graff Diamonds is an English jewelry brand which website possesses simple but very usable Flash design allowing you to browse its pages with simple clicks.


jewelry website

Loading the Piaget interactive web pages you appear in the luxury world of flashing splendor. Its black background highlights the delicate style and makes any item look more vivid and magnificent.


best flash websites

Sweden famous manufacturer of high-jewelry and watches, Chopard, welcomes you to enter its unmatched web pages to make sure Chopard stays second to none in every way. The irreproachable design and stunning visual presentation will astound you from the first click.


Top 7 Luxury Flash Websites

A website of Italian jewelry brand Damiani stands out against a background of others by rich interactive design which amazes by professionalism and premium quality just like every gem created by Damiani.

We hope you made sure once again that Flash is not only a modern and popular technology but also a luxurious solution which can satisfy your any web design needs. If you have some thoughts to share we will be glad to hear your opinion!

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Haute Joallierie: PIAGET Limelight Watches via [Luxist]


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Piaget Limelight Twice Reversible Diamond Watches

Sort of like getting two expensive watches for the price of one very expensive watch right? No, not quite, but you do get a “day” and “night” side for both the evening and daytime character of the timepiece. Piaget always like to play around with luxury designs when it comes to the Limelight series. Not being particularly en vogue right now among women’s watches, I found it interesting for them to release a reversible watch. The timepiece has two complete dials, each with its own Piaget 56P quartz movement that is independently adjustable. Theoretically you have a watch with two timezones as well.

The watch case is in 18k white gold with a “hidden” time adjuster for each movement. There are three versions of the watch. Two with a black satin strap, and the cream of the crop model with the white gold and diamonds chains (six vertical ones that connect on each of the two ends) bracelet (total of 680 brilliant cut diamonds for this Haute Joaillerie version of the Limelight Twice watch). Both dials are off-centered and about as easy to read and Piaget could have made them (meaning bring you phone as a back up clock). The dauphine hands help though while looking stately, and the “night” side with the Roman numerals is probably the easier to read, but both sides quite pretty to look at. This watch just might be the cure for that “I can’t spend big during the recession” problem you’ve been having lately. It is about now during mention of possible economic upswings after a long recession when big spenders get tired of not spending cause it was politically incorrect to do so.

Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch review site aBlogtoRead.com

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