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Cynthia Rowley’s Designer Band-Aids via [allure and myfashioncent]

cynthia-rowley-designer-bandaids_main.jpgNow that I’m a bona fide grown-up, few things make me feel more childish than when I have to wear an ugly beige Band-Aid. But designer Cynthia Rowley just announced she has designed limited-edition “Dress Up Band-Aids” that are so cool I might pull a Nelly and just start wearing one on my face every day. I’d probably skip the design that just says her name (I’m not convinced a paper cut is an appropriate spot for product placement), but the rest of the Band-Aids in the retro metal tin are colorful and whimsical, covered in bows, jewels, chains, metallic sequins, or scenes from Rowley’s runway shows. If I’d had these when I was a kid, maybe I wouldn’t have cried so much about skinned knees.

band aid cynthia rowley

band aid cynthia rowley

Cover up your cuts and scrapes for a good cause: $1 from each purchase of these Band-Aids at Cynthia Rowley stores will be donated to Design Ignites Change. Dress Up Band-Aids are available at Cynthia Rowley stores and on her website.


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