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Take A Tour Inside Paris Hilton’s Tres Fabulous Doggie Mansion via [Luxury Insider and Luxist]


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Paris Hilton’s USD325,000 Doghouse


In the midst of a continuing global economic downturn and an across-board housing slump, one woman is not giving up the ghost of excess: Paris Hilton. And neither are her dogs.

According to gossip maven Perez Hilton, the six pampered pooches are living it up in a USD325,000 mini-mansion featuring interiors by Faye Resnick and miniature Philippe Starck furniture.

It even comes with a black crystal chandelier. Of course, the 300sqf house comes with climate control and is located in Paris’ own backyard in Beverly Hills. Our investment experts have yet to get back to us on the soundness of Hilton’s real estate venture.

Image credits: Paris Hilton via Twitter

Paris’s pinkified pet playhouse has two floors. Downstairs there is a living room and upstairs there is a bedroom and a closet to stash the many outfits she has purchased for her small pets. Hilton’s dogs, which bear names like Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada, will feel right at home because the mini-mansion, outfitted by interior decorator Faye Resnick was designed to resemble Hilton’s own home in all its pink majesty and includes miniature Philippe Starck furniture, heat, air conditioning and even a black crystal chandelier and black ceiling moldings. At a price of $325,000, as Perez Hilton points out, such extavagance might not sit well with the many people in the U.S. struggling to hold on to their homes. But then again, would we expect anything less of Paris Hilton?

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Haute Decor Highlights: The ABC’s of Chandeliers.

The ABC‘s of Choosing A Chandelier:

At the request of MS2s readers Milo, Sheree, Lizette, Hannah and Charles, I’ve created a chandelier guide which includes over 75 styles to choose from, ranging from simple to glamorous and budget-friendly to splurge-worthy. I hope you’ll enjoy the selection.

[image above, clockwise from top right: orbit chandelier $650, incidence chandelier $170, agnes and hoss roots chandelier $865, celestial chandelier $298, superordinate chandelier $2,300, gracie chandelier $199, taraxacam chandelier $5,488]

[image above, clockwise from top left: allegro ritmico chandelier $3,297, cherry chandelier $8,000, sirlig candle chandelier $29.99, suspension chandelier $5,980, neo baroque chandelier]

[image above, clockwise from top left: blossom chandelier $22,500 (yowza!), gigi chandelier $298, bubble chandelier $9k, eliza chandelier $1050, sputnik chandelier $799]

[image above, clockwise from top left: orben chandelier $400, prismatic chandelier $3,498, come rain come shine chandelier, octopus chandelier $1750, dearingo chandelier]

[image above, clockwise from top left: 9 light chandelier $279.99, isig candle chandelier $20, country tavern $129.99, royce chandelier $139.99, gospel chandelier $60]

[image above, left to right: kristaller $40, elegante chandelier $450, flora chandelier $299.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: glansa lysa $40, hemlock chandelier $900, isa chandelier $25,500, gabriel chandelier $899, zeppelin s1 chandelier $3196]

[image above: giogali chandelier $1798]

[image above, left to right: 6-light chandelier $65, mod chandelier $298, coco chandelier $299]

[image above: chandelier by refer + staer]

[image above, clockwise from top left: venetian mirror chandelier $2999, 85 lamp chandelier $3250, spiral chandelier $1898, lillibet chandelier $699, jenny chandelier $2295, astoria chandelier]

[image above, left to right: meurice chandelier $625, 3-d chandelier $36]

[image above, clockwise from top left: chappelle chandelier $299, vintage french cone chandelier $4200, tobias wong rubber chandelier $4900, caboche chandelier $1713, glass cluster chandelier $380, glo chandelier $499]

[image above, left to right: berkshire chandelier $575, lite brite neon $2400]

[image above, left to right: antique mirror chandelier $1519, mod chandelier $2156, carnivale chandelier $150]

[image above: mansion chandelier by erich ginder $3700]

[image above, clockwise from top left: bamboo chandelier $495, deluxe chandelier $140, exofly chandelier by laurent massaloux]

[image above: agena chandelier $486]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ether 90 s chandelier $9,900 (ouch), coral chandelier by moth design, flora chandelier $150, bijoux chandelier $99]

[image above: kaboom light $125]

[image above: fiorella chandelier $748]

[image above: blown glass chandelier $1600 and up]

[image above, clockwise from top left: niagara chandelier $45k (just for eye candy), pierced metal chandelier $1349, therese chandelier $2199, floral chandelier at shades of light]

[image above: collage chandelier by david wiseman]

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Jumeirah Burj Al Arab Inside Complete View – 7 Star Hotel Dubai: A Gold Plated Dream!!! via [Jumeirah Group]

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via [YouTube]

Burj Al Arab (website link)

Relaxing at the Beach:

An Incredible Sunset:

at Night:

Photographic Tour of a Burj alArab hotel room:
In-Room Jacuzzi
Room Service:
An Absolutely Gorgeous View:

8 restaurants and lounges, including:
Al Muntaha – which means the ultimate or the highest at 200 metres above the Arabian Gulf, offering modern European cuisine
Al Mahara – seafood restaurant accessible by a three minute virtual submarine voyage. Magnificent oval aquarium visible throughout the restaurant
Al Iwan – sea view restaurant. Finest Arabian hospitality with décor of dramatic gold, red and black
Majlis Al Bahar – a casual alfresco restaurant serving mediterranean specialities
Sahn Eddar – at the base of the world’s tallest atrium and offering light fine fare and Afternoon Tea
Juna Lounge – a stylish and intimate lounge with a fine selection of cigars
Skyview Bar – located adjacent to Al Muntaha, a wonderful location for pre- and post dinner drinks
Bab Al Yam – cafe restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and stunning views

Hotel Ground Transportation: