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Best Health Advice of 2010 via [more]


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by Norine Dworkin-McDaniel

Tidings of comfort and well-being from the latest medical research.

This year delivered some thrilling breakthroughs: the discovery of a new ovarian-cancer marker, the development of a more sensitive test for determining people’s risk of acquiring serious diseases and confirmation that there’s a safer way to relieve hot flashes with hormones. But in 2010, scientists also looked at certain unremarkable but essential daily tasks, such as flossing and serving dinner, and found new approaches that may help you prevent Alzheimer’s disease, depression and skin cancer and perhaps make dropping a few pounds a bit easier, too. Big or small, each of these 12 standout pieces of advice is a holiday gift—because it will help you stay healthy in the years to come.


Sick of hot flashes?

Stick on a patch: If you’re gritting your teeth through hot flashes because you’re afraid that hormone therapy will cause blood clots or stroke, new research suggests that you don’t have to assume risk to get relief. Unlike estrogen and estrogen-progesterone pills (which can raise the risk of stroke by as much as 35 percent), hormone skin patches that have 50 micrograms or less of estrogen (with or without additional progesterone) do not increase the chances for stroke, a study in the British Medical Journal found. These transdermal patches are believed to be safer than pills because the estrogen goes through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Oral ­estrogen, on the other hand, is filtered through the liver, where it produces enzymes associated with clotting and inflammation. “We think that bypassing the liver avoids generating the mechanisms associated with increased cardiovascular risk,” explains study author Samy Suissa, PhD, professor of epidemiology at McGill University.

The BMJ study did reveal a danger: Patches with more than 50 micrograms of estrogen raise stroke risk by 89 percent. “But most women will find relief with 50 micrograms,” says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine. (No one knows if patches reduce the small correlation between HT and breast cancer.)


Want a better sex life?

Ditch your hormone-based contraception:Take a look at your birth control if you’re wondering where your libido (and perhaps your orgasm) has gone. Hormone-based contraceptives—the Pill, the patch, the ring—work by reducing ovarian function. That’s great for preventing pregnancy. But it also means less testosterone, which is key for desire, because most testosterone is made in the ovaries. In addition, hormone-based contraceptives cause your liver to produce much more sex hormone-­binding globulin, a magnetlike protein that binds free-floating sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone). The result of this reduction in free-floating hormones: impaired sex drive, arousal and orgasm. In a recent study of more than 1,000 female German medical students, those using hormone-based contraceptives scored significantly lower on an index of female sexual function than those who used nonhormone contraceptives or nothing at all. There’s no question that hormone-based contraceptives affect older women’s sexual function, too, notes Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, in which the study was published. “For someone in that age group, the ideal contraceptive is mechanical, not hormonal,” Goldstein says. That means condoms or an IUD.


Got hypertension?

Try a diuretic first: If you’ve been told you have hypertension (meaning that your blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg or higher) and you’ve tried and failed to coax the rate down with diet and exercise, the typical next step is medication. Even though your doctor has nine types to choose from, the latest research says your best bet may be the oldest medicine: diuretics, used to control hypertension since the 1970s. Diuretics, which flush excess water and sodium out of the body, not only lower blood pressure as successfully as newer meds, such as calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors, but also are better at preventing stroke and heart failure, according to data from the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (aka ALLHAT). Plus, they’re cheaper: Generic diuretics cost about $20 a year, compared with upwards of $150 a year for newer, brand-name drugs. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute already recommends diuretics as first-line treatment, but Paul Whelton, MD, chair of ­ALLHAT, points out that physicians don’t always follow that advice. “Doctors tend to think if an agent is new and perhaps a little more expensive, it must be better,” he says. “But the sensible one to start with is a diuretic.”


Can’t sleep?

Drink tart cherry juice: In a two-week pilot study at the University of Rochester Medical Center, 15 adults with insomnia who drank two eight-ounce bottles of CherryPharm’s tart cherry juice every day slept about 20 minutes longer than they did when they drank a cherry-flavored placebo beverage. Why? According to one theory, tart cherries (but not sweet cherries) may improve sleep because they contain relatively high amounts of melatonin. “Melatonin is used for shifting the biological clock when it gets out of sync, such as when people suffer from jet lag,” explains study author Wilfred Pigeon, PhD, director of URMC’s sleep research lab. Tart cherry juice isn’t as potent as pharmaceutical sleep medications, but it works about as well as over-the-­counter sleep ­supplements, like tryptophan and valerian. Find it at Traverse Bay Farms (traversebayfarms​​.com), R.W. Knudsen Family (rwknudsen​family​​.com) and supermarkets.


Getting your nails done?

Bring sunscreen: Drying your nails under a UV lamp at the salon is like sticking them in a mini tanning bed: Your hands are exposed to the same harmful UVA rays that prematurely age skin and potentially cause skin cancer. The Archives of Dermatology recently reported that two patients who put their hands under nail lights regularly (once a week or less) developed skin cancers on their fingers. UV lamps can also promote brown spots and crinkly skin on your hands. Protect your mitts by applying sunscreen after the manicurist has wiped off the hand cream but before she puts on the polish. Choose a product that has an SPF of at least 30 and contains a physical UV block, like zinc oxide. “Chemical sunscreens can take 30 minutes to get absorbed into the skin and take effect, but physical sun blocks work almost instantly,” explains David Bank, MD, director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, New York. Or simply turn off the UV light and let air alone set your polish; this will add 10 minutes to the drying process. You can also reduce exposure by having the nail technician apply a quick-drying top liquid or nail polish, such as OPI Drip Dry or Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color.


Pressed for time?

Work harder, not longer: If you really rev up the intensity of your workout, you can significantly cut the time you spend doing it, say researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Called high-intensity interval training (HIT), the practice involves alternating one-minute sprints—­running, walking, biking, swimming—done at about 90 percent of your maximum heart rate with one-minute cool-down intervals. “We’ve been having people go at an eight or nine on a scale where 10 is an all-out effort,” says Martin Gibala, PhD, chair of McMaster’s department of ­kinesiology. This means getting beyond, maybe even way beyond, your comfort zone. But 20 minutes of HIT (in other words, 10 sprint-recovery cycles) can be as effective as an hour of continuous aerobic training for boosting the fat-burning capacity of your muscles, increasing the elasticity of your arteries and improving exercise performance.


Wondering how healthy you are?

Get the new health-risk score: You can already calculate your risk for developing heart disease or having a heart attack in the next 10 years with the Framingham Risk Score, which is based on your age, gender, cholesterol and blood pressure and whether you smoke or have diabetes. (The test is widely available on the Internet—for instance, on the site of the American Health Association, health.org.) Now epidemiologists at the Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City have built on the Framingham model, using scores from two common sets of blood tests, the complete blood count and the basic metabolic risk profile, to create a new tool called the Intermountain Risk Score (IMRS), which predicts how healthy you will be for the next five years.

The complete blood count test (measuring, among other things, your white blood cells) provides information about factors such as inflammation and anemia, while the metabolic risk profile measures levels of many key nutrients, such as calcium, creatinine and bicarbonate, giving doctors an idea of how the muscles, lungs and kidneys are functioning. “This provides a much more accurate picture of one’s health than the Framingham score alone, especially for someone who doesn’t smoke and has normal cholesterol and blood pressure but has other things going on that haven’t been accounted for,” explains Benjamin Horne, PhD, MPH, director of cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology at the Intermountain Med­i­cal Center, who helped develop the IMRS. Although using the new risk score has not yet become standard practice, your physician can help you determine your own IMRS by ordering the appropriate blood tests and then plugging the numbers into the calculator located at intermountain​health​care.org/IMRS.


Trying to lose weight?

Leave serving platters in the kitchen: Location, location, location: The mantra of real estate agents apparently applies to food as well. In a Cornell University lab study, when serving plates and bowls were kept on a kitchen counter rather than on the table, women ate 10 percent fewer calories. There’s only a split second between experiencing the impulse to eat and then heaping second, even third, helpings on our plates, notes study author Brian Wansink, PhD, director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab and author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. “Keeping the platter away from the table interrupts this automatic feeding and provides enough of a pause that you ask yourself, Am I really that hungry? Half the time, people say, No, I’ve had enough.”



Call Mom: Simply talking to someone who makes you feel loved releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol, according to research conducted at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. “We thought you needed a physical experience to release oxytocin, such as breast feeding or orgasm,” says study author Seth Pollak, PhD, professor of psychology and director of the university’s Child Emotion Lab. But his research indicated that a simple hug or phone call from their moms could soothe a group of jittery girls. The same lessons apply when we’re under stress, Pollak says. “Our primary caregivers are our source of comfort when we’re young, but as we get older, we develop close attachments with partners and friends,” he explains. “After a hard day, the best thing to do is pick up the phone. Just making that contact with someone who makes you feel loved may relax you if you’re very stressed.”


Feeling down?

Try omega-3 supplements: If you really don’t want to take an antidepressant, you may now have a good alternative, according to research from the University of Montreal. Over an eight-week period, the authors treated people who were experiencing a major depressive episode with concentrated omega-3 supplements (1,050 milligrams of EPA and 150 milligrams of DHA) and found that the subset of patients without an anxiety disorder (but not those with one) improved; these patients scored about three points ­better on depression-symptom scales than participants given a placebo. Though three points may not sound like much, “that’s about the same improvement you’d get from an antidepressant medication for this kind of condition compared to a placebo,” notes study author François Lespérance, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal. Omega-3 supplements are thought to work by reducing inflammation and improving communication among key neuro­transmitters in the brain. Omega-3 supplements don’t yet qualify as a first-step treatment, but, Lespérance says, “if someone is mildly or moderately ­depressed and it’s been going on for some time, omega-3 supplements could be part of a treatment strategy that might also include psychotherapy and exercise.”


Using botox?

Spend less by spacing out your injections: In a study at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, women received shots between their brows every four months for 20 months, then stopped for six months. At that point, half the women showed no evidence of forehead wrinkling at all, and 87 percent said they were satisfied with the condition of their skin. “If regular Botox injections keep the muscle still for one and a half to two years, this appears to give the skin a chance to repair itself and become smooth,” explains study author Roger A. Dailey, MD, chief of oculofacial plastic surgery at OHSU. “Once injections bring about a level of wrinkle reduction you like, you can start spreading Botox shots out from every three to four or five or, in some cases, six months.”


Becoming forgetful?

Brush, floss and see your dentist: A healthy mouth can mean a healthy brain as you grow older, according to a recent study showing that people with gum disease are nine times as likely to score low on cognition tests at age 70 as those without the condition.

“Gum disease is a chronic local bacterial infection that affects about 30 percent of Americans over 30,” says study author Angela Kamer, DDS, PhD, associate professor of periodontology and implant dentistry at New York University’s College of Dentistry. When gum disease is severe or extensive, the pro-inflammatory molecules the body produces locally to fend off the infection can get into the bloodstream and from there reach the brain. The molecules may damage neurons in the brain, contributing to cognitive decline and the development of Alzheimer’s. Since gum disease has also been linked to cardiovascular disease, “my advice is to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least daily and visit your dentist as often as she recommends,” Kamer says.

Next: 3 Tests That Could Save Your Life

3 Tests That Could Save Your Life

3 Tests That Could Save Your Life

Early detection of serious diseases can be crucial to successful treatment—or even survival. Here are two tests to ask your doctor about today, plus one more that’s on the horizon.

Available now

For Diabetes The NMR LipoProfile is a simple blood test that measures the size and number of cholesterol-carrying particles in the bloodstream. It can predict the development of type 2 diabetes in women as early as 13 years before they get a glucose reading high enough to put them in the diabetic column, Harvard University researchers say. Women with the greatest concentration of small LDL and HDL particles, a study found, were two to four times as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as those with the least, possibly because the tiny particles are more densely packed with cholesterol and triglycerides. For more information, go to lipoprofile.com.

For Ovarian Cancer A genetic test called PreOvar uses a blood or saliva sample to identify an abnormal inherited KRAS gene, which may contribute to ovarian cancer independent of the BRCA mutations known to be linked to this disease. BRCA-negative women with a family history of breast and ovarian cancer who have the KRAS mutation are six times as likely to develop ovarian cancer as the general female population. Learn more at miradx.com.

In development

For Colon Cancer Exact Sciences, a Madison, Wisconsin, diagnostics company, has teamed with the Mayo Clinic to develop an effective noninvasive way to screen for colon cancer. Early studies show that the DNA stool test, which identifies abnormal cells that have been shed from the colon, will be able to detect more than 85 percent of ­colon-cancer cells and at least 50 percent of precancerous polyps and may have to be administered only once every three years—a much better track record than annual stool blood tests, which do not detect cancer cells, and miss most precancerous polyps. If you receive positive results from the DNA test, which may be available by 2013, a colonoscopy would be your next step.

Next: Health News You Need to Know

The Winter 2010 Haute Hair Restoration Project via [HueKnewIt]


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HAUTE HAIR: The Great Weave Debate

omarosa and hue knew it sophia alston and hue knew it celebrity hair stylist and hue knew it weaves and hue knew it pantene and hue knew it hellobeautiful.com and hue knew it

Photo Credit: Russ Einhorn/Splash News – Omarosa

To weave or not to weave. That is the question.

The level of discussion that surrounds a black woman’s hairstyle (relaxed or natural, short or long) is one that is never-ending. But whatever side of the issue you fall on, one thing is true – you still need to wear a style that you makes you look your absolute best and what better person to be the star of today’s discussion than reality television star, Omarosa.

Omarosa (or Lady O as she is called on The Ultimate Merger), has worn a variety of weave styles as evidenced here, and has done so unapologetically. But many struggle to take the first step in donning a weave because they’re afraid of how they will be perceived by others. The entry entitled, Hair Problems Solved: Combat Premature Balding which talked about the damaging effects of neglecting one’s own hair while wearing a weave spurred some debate among women and some brave men – just check out the comments on:


Celebrity stylist, Sophia Alston shares her expert opinion on which styles do and don’t work for everyone’s favorite villain.

Off the face is a no-no: The first look isn’t the best style for her, however, the brown color is a do.

The bang is too severe: This weave looks well done, however, the black color is too harsh and the straight bang isn’t very becoming. An off-black color might have been a better choice.

Sophia loves Omarosa’s look with the side swept bang because it softens her appearance.

To keep your weave in the best condition for as long as possible, just follow Sophia’s suggestions:

1. Treat your weave like your own hair by shampooing it at least every two weeks with Pantene Pro-V Color Hair Solutions Color Preserve Shine Shampoo ($5.97, walmart.com) and sit under the dryer so your hair and braids avoid mildew. If you don’t let it dry, then you risk an odor-filled scalp which is a smell that’s hard to remove.

2. Keep the color of your hair looking shiny and healthy by using The Pantene Color Nourishing Treatment ($3.97, walmart.com). These Pantene products (and really any product from the entire color line) is perfect to use to keep your weave in tip-top condition.

Should you or shouldn’t you? Synthetic or human hair? These questions and more will plague you until you come to grips with not caring about what anyone else thinks and going for it.  Your concern should only be what style looks best on you.

HAUTE HAIR: How to Get Beyonce’s Volume

beyonce and hue kenw it long hair styles and hue knew it wavy hair styles and hue knew it samy fathair and hue knew it goody and hue knew it hot tools and hue knew it

Long, straight hair is one thing, but waves add an interesting textural element that also softens your look. To get cascading, sultry, sexy hair like Beyonce’s, you just need the right tools of the trade and to follow these steps:

Step 1: Divide your hair into 2-inch widths.

Step 2: Curl them in opposite directions with Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron 2” ($37.59, ulta.com). Make sure to curl the pieces along your hairline away from your face.

Step 3: Spray your hair with Samy FAT Hair 0 Calories Amplifying Hair Spray ($12.99, walgreens.com). Fat Hair shapes, holds and is an amplifying mist that adds extra volume and shine to all styles and leaves it feeling soft.

Step 4: Brush your hair lightly with Goody’s Pro Dual Bristle Oval Brush for Volume (walmart and target stores).

Step 5: Finish by raking your fingers through your hair for a slightly unfinished look.

HAUTE HAIR: Rehab Dry & Brittle Hair

kenya moore and hue knew it aphoghee and hue knew it dry hair and hue knew it brittle hair treatment and hue knew it hot oil treatment and hue knew it queen helene and hue knew it phytospecific and hue knew it

Hearing your hair snap as you comb through it can be as traumatic as having a loved one do the unthinkable and play in your hair and you hear the comment, “wow, your hair feels a little rough.”The horror!

Rather than worry yourself into a craze, concern yourself with reviving your dry & brittle hair and turn it into shiny & lustrous hair like Kenya Moore’s. If you don’t have an appointment lined up with your stylist, it’s easy to do a series of at-home treatments to make this transformation happen on your own.

No time. No problem. Do a one-step treatment if you suffer from hair breakage with ApHogee’s Keratin 2 Minute Reconstuctor ($9.99, sallybeauty.com). It’s made specifically for home use between salon visits, so there’s no way you can make a mistake. This product is a concentrated blend of keratin amino acids, botanical oils, and vitamins that does a wonderful job of restoring strength and softness to hair that requires a deep, penetrating treatment.  It’s recommended on tinted, bleached or relaxed hair. ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor even helps to repair damage caused by chlorine and hard water. It soothes irritated scalps and can be applied following each shampooing until the healthy condition of the hair is restored.

To use, just apply to clean hair in the shower and rinse to treat brittle hair with cuticle damage and moderate breakage.

If you need a root to tip treatment and you have no time commitments, Phytospecific Intense Nutrition Mask ($28, sephora.com) is a good option. It improves strength and elasticity. The ingredients include an interesting mix of (but aren’t limited to) mango seed, plaintain, quinoa oils which hydrates and fortifies and vitamin E which sooths the scalp. There is also wheat amino acids and wood cellulose which help lock in moisture and detangle your hair. After using this product you will notice that your hair will feel hydrated, soft, and very strong.

To use, shampoo hair and towel dry. Apply a generous amount of product to your entire head and then put on a plastic cap. Sit under a dryer for at least 10 minutes. Rinse and continue styling.

Queen Helene Hot Oil Treatment (local beauty supply stores) is a product that many have used in their homes for years, but for those of you new to the Queen Helene phenomena, a hot oil treatment is yet another way to lock some moisture into your otherwise, dry, drab hair.  It also restores softness, shine, manageability, breakage and split ends.

To use, simply shampoo your hair and towel dry. Place bottle in a cup of hot tap water for one minute. Massage 1 oz of warmed oil into hair and scalp. Cover hair with a dry towel for three minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry and style. This heat-activated treatment penetrates deep into towel-dried hair to control damage caused by chemicals, over-processing and weather exposure.

HAUTE HAIR: Turn Fine Hair into Fuller Hair 


Not everyone’s blessed with thick strands of hair which is why weaves and wigs have become the norm, and in some cases an unfortunate crutch. What would you do if you had fine hair like the chanteuse Toni Braxton, who from her early years as a recording artist never had the fullness that she boasts as of late (with the help of a weave no doubt)? Would you treat your underlying issue and use some of the following products to bring some fullness to what nature blessed you with or add superficial fullness to give you a little extra confidence?

Folicure Moisturizing Conditioner ($6.39, sallybeauty.com) is part of line that was formulated to develop fuller, thicker hair for men and women. This particular moisturizing conditioner is the first everyday use, rinse-out Folicure conditioner. It leaves your fine, delicate hair smooth, shiny and full while it stimulates your scalp with a refreshing tingle.

Many of you have of the Bosley System for men’s hair loss, but there’s a line specifically made for women as well. Bosley’s Professional Strength Bos Defense Nourishing Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair for Non Color Treated Hair ($18.99, haircarechoices.com) is a sulfate free cleanser helps to promote hair growth by removing buildup and toxins like D.H.T. (a male hormone that stops hair growth, in other words it stops hair growing from the roots) from the hair and scalp. This shampoo nourishes, strengthens and fortifies your hair follicles to result in thicker, fuller looking hair.

Marc Anthony’s Instantly Thick Hair Thickening Cream ($7.99, ulta.com) is a little different in it’s ability to thicken your hair. If you have what is typically called “wet & go” hair and you get blow outs then this may be the perfect product for you. This product is formulated with phytokeratin which wraps a secondary layer around each and every hairstrand. Also provides heat protection and shine. This heat activated cream is used after you shampoo and condition your hair. To use: Apply the cream from roots to ends on damp hair, the hair is thickened by the blow dry process. For added lift and hold, combine with other Instantly Thick™ styling products.

Hue Knew It? I did.


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Cuter Ammunition for Your Beauty Arsenal. Stay strapped! via [Marie Claire]


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Lucky Charms: Beauty’s Hidden Treasures

Magical thinking: Fashion finds that transform into perfumes and glosses.

Magical thinking: Fashion finds that transform into perfumes and glosses.

1. Dressed to Thrill Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited EDP, $58.

2. Bag-Ette Dior Lady Dior Parisienne Chic Palette, $95.

3. Key to the Kingdom Vera Wang Princess Sparkling Crème Parfum Key Chain, $38.

4. Bandit Queen Urban Decay Stoned Poison Ring With Lipgloss, $50.

5. Muse Times Two Yves Saint Laurent Palette Duo Pour Les Levres, $65.

6. On the Fly Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower Solid Perfume, $19.50.

7. Sunny Honey L’Occitane Honey & Lemon Delicious Gloss, $9.

8. Heaven on Earth Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Bloom Solid Fragrance Ring, $30.

9.Cat Trick MAC Hello Kitty Mirrored Key Clip, $16.

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The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks via [msn/good]

The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks

You can slather yourself from your forehead to your pinkie toe in organic lotions, but if you think that alone will make you glow, we have some bad news. From its well documented health benefits to its undeniable impact on physical beauty, good nutrition is the pillar of every kind of healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you need to swear off bacon and beer or anything. The trick is finding the right balance.

But with new studies coming out every month about what we should put in our mouths—not to mention the unending discovery of mysterious superfruits from deep in the forests of wherever—it can be hard to keep track of what, exactly, we should be eating. To simplify things, here’s a can’t-go-wrong shopping list. Bon appétit!

1. Tomatoes. Organic tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant shown to help fight illnesses of all stripes. They’re also loaded with vitamins C and A, and if you believe Dr. Oz, they could be as good or better than açai and goji, those trendy, expensive antioxidants you couldn’t stop hearing about for a few years.
2. Green tea. In a nutshell, people who drink green tea have about a dozen health advantages over people who do not—from cancer prevention to longevity to gentler skin aging—thanks to its antioxidant polyphenols. Organic green tea is preferable (nothing undoes positive health effects like a load of pesticides) and can be found in bulk for cheap at large grocery stores.
3. Broccoli. This is the item on the list you’d be best off learning to love if you don’t already, because its nutrition profile beats out all other veggies according to a Harvard University study. It has well-documented anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with everything from eye health and arthritis to heart disease and sun damage. Eat it a couple of nights a week if you can. A favorite simple recipe is broccoli steamed with olive oil, salt, and garlic.
4. Salmon. You obviously want to be careful about sourcing when it comes to any fish choice—check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium‘s new recommendations for salmon here—but the short version is, wild Alaskan is a good bet. Salmon is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega 3s, healthy fats, and vitamin B12. Bonus side effect: Glowing skin.
5. Extra virgin olive oil. It’s gotta be EV: Eat it for heart-disease prevention, cancer prevention, its cholesterol-lowering good fats, its antioxidants, and because it’s completely and utterly delicious and frankly, a good olive oil tastes better than butter.
6. Dark leafy greens.Yes, they can be bitter and less than exciting at first, but they are loaded with vitamins and iron and can be snuck into meals easily (omelets, pasta, salads, etc.). Prepared the same way as the broccoli suggestion takes five minutes and is super tasty with eggs for breakfast.
7. Walnuts. These shelled suckers are packed with good fats (the monounsaturated kind), which is great for heart health, lowering cholesterol, boosting brain function, and reducing inflammation. You don’t need many of these to reap the benefits, though. Go easy.
8. Blueberries. What gives these guys a leg up on other fruit is the fact that they’re super low in calories and very high in vitamin C, fiber, vitamin E, and other brain-boosting nutrients. A Tufts University study found that when they evaluated 60 other fruits and veggies for their antioxidant capability, the blues came out on top.
9. Dark chocolate. You should eat this because it’s delicious, and because a recent study also showed its capacity to protect skin from UV damage. The claims that its packed with antioxidants have been recently called into question—you can read more about that here and here—but for now? Might as well go for it.
10. Avocados. As if anyone needed another reason to eat avocados, it’s encouraging to know that in addition to being nature’s unadulterated butter, they’re also loaded with cholesterol-lowering power, potassium, folate, carotenoids, vitamin E, and happiness-inducing monounsaturated fats. (And yes, guacamole counts.)

This is the tenth installment in a series inspired by No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics, a book by GOOD’s features editor Siobhan O’Connor and her co-author Alexandra Spunt. It will run every Thursday.

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Medical Minute: Michael Douglas Throat Cancer Battle via [sandrarosenews]

By now you’ve heard the sad news that Oscar winner Michael Douglas, 65, was diagnosed with throat cancer. Other celebrities such as Sammie Davis, Jr., have succumbed to throat cancer.

via [abcnews]

Do you experience a dry, ’sticking’ feeling in your throat when you swallow that feels like a lump in your throat? Do you have difficulty swallowing, or a sore throat that never seems to go away? Or hoarseness that doesn’t clear when you cough? If so, read on…


her he’s pictures with his wife Catherine ZetaJones

who is repotedly ‘furious’ about Michael’s late cancer diagnosis

Your throat (pharynx) includes the esophagus (the tube that forms a passage from your throat to your stomach), tonsils and adenoids, the larynx (holds voice box; vocal cords) and epiglottis (the membrane flap that keeps food from going into your lungs when you swallow).

All of these organs are susceptible to cancer. Throat cancer usually develops in men and women over 50 and is 10 times more likely to affect males over 50.

Cancer occurs when cells begin to divide uncontrollably and rapidly. The accumulation of cells sticking together forms a tumor that inhibits the growth of healthy cells. Smokers (including weed smoking), alcoholics and people who chew tobacco are at higher risk for throat cancer than the general population.

*Signs and Symptoms of throat cancer include:

  • Chronic cough (that doesn’t go away)
  • Changes in your voice, such as hoarseness
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Ear pain
  • Neck pain
  • Painful or painless lumps or swelling in your neck
  • A sore throat
  • Wheezing sound in your throat
  • Weight loss
  • Mouth breathing
  • Coughing up blood

*Remember that ‘Signs’ are what you see and ‘Symptoms’ are what you feel.

Contact your doctor if you experience any of these signs and symptoms for more than a week (except for the coughing up blood, which is an emergency). 90% of throat cancers can be cured if diagnosed early.

This has been your Medical Minute.

As always, any medical information published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider.

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Very CUTE Costume Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween


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An Insider’s Affluent Report: The Black Supermodel Mega Success Stories via [MyraPanacheReport]

The Black Supermodel Mega-Success Stories

*I notice a pattern emerging with black
supermodels of today and the past, they tend to date and marry well and
they also invest their money well. I once knew a black model (born in
Compton) who didn’t achieve supermodel status but worked on a regular
basis on the European catwalks.

When she first started out, she had an edge,
after spending considerable time working in Paris and Italy, she became
polished, cultured and well traveled (she also learned languages) and
became engaged to a millionaire doctor, despite the engagement, wealthy
playboys and businessmen were in constant pursuit of her and she
invested her money quite well after her modeling days ended.


Naomi Campbell has never had financial problems
and she never will because she surrounds herself (like Halle Berry)
with the right people. Not only does she continue to date rich but she
also takes advantage of the money and investment tips given to her by
rich boyfriends, wealthy associates and powerbrokers in the political

Allegedly, like Baby (from Cash Money) and
Condoleeza Rice (former Secretary Of State), Naomi also has her money
invested in the oil industry (including oil rigs). This is how it works,
according to a close friend who works in the oil industry. (Keep in
mind, all investment opportunities are structured differently).

You or an investment group invest anywhere from
$1.8 million to $2 million in the oil industry (including oil rigs)
and you are guaranteed a “high” a of $56-$58 million over a seven year
period. This isn’t a ponzi scheme but an great investment opportunity
that’s available on a very rare basis.

Naomi also had an agency (not advertised) that
represented stylists and makeup artists in the entertainment and
modeling agencies on an exclusive basis.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell rarely drives, she’s
usually driven in a Rolls Royce or limousine by a chauffeur/bodyguard
supplied by her boyfriend. Surprisingly, she was recently spotted in
France (Champs-Elysees) departing from a blue Lamborghini.

Few people outside of Europe know the
following: In the 90’s, Campbell developed “The Design House of Naomi

Through this house, Campbell has created seven
fragrances for women, most of which were released and sold in Europe

The following fragrances were created by Naomi
Campbell: In 2000 Campbell dropped, “Naomi Campbell,” and “Naomagic.”
In 2001, Campbell introduced her third perfume, “Cat Deluxe,” and in
2003 released “Mystery.” A year later a fifth fragrance was made,
“Sunset,” and in 2005 another fragrance was released, “Paradise
Passion.” Campbell’s latest fragrance is a new version of her Cat
Deluxe perfume called “Cat Deluxe at Night.”

Campbell is paid between $25,000-$50,000 per
runway show.


Former model/actress Maria McDonald used to
have food (her favorite meals) flown in from Switzerland to New York via
a private elite air cargo.

McDonald was also known to hop a private plane
enroute to the Swiss Riviera to view the Montreux Jazz festival on Lake

McDonald remains close friends with Iman and
Beverly Johnson. She says Johnson was very generous and helpful to her
in regards to her career. When McDonald was just starting out, one
evening Johnson called and asked her would she like to replace her for a
Harper’s Bazaar fashion shoot?

When McDonald arrived in Los Angeles, Johnson
called the top modeling agencies and asked them to consider signing

Despite both of McDonald’s parents having brown
eyes, all of the McDonald girls (4) have green eyes and their one
brother has brown eyes, all of the girls are model types and stand 5’9
and up, the brother stands 6’7.

In her prime, McDonald often ran into Gia at
auditions (the model who died of AIDS). She said Gia was often withdrawn
and kept to herself.


(Stunning TV Couple)

When actress/model Maria McDonald appeared on
“Miami Vice,” off set, strangers would often ask her if she was related
to actor Philip Michael Thomas because they share similar features
(they’re not related). Others told them, they were a stunning pair.
Maria will be appearing in an upcoming Tennessee Williams play in New
York. One of Maria’s sisters is Suze Lane, she had a smash disco hit in
the 70’s “Harmony,” which was recently voted the number #2 dance record
of all-time.

Model Maria McDonald (above) once said that
Iman is very business savvy and smart. Iman proved her business savvy
when she launched a successful and lucrative makeup line aimed at women
of color.

Black supermodel Mounia (above) attained her
supermodel status overseas. She equaled Naomi Campbell on the runway and
she was a favorite of designers Versace and Yves St. Laurent. They
considered her exquisite, elegant and classy.

Early in her career, Mounia showed up for
fashion bookings (she wasn’t booked for), before the day was over, she
had the booking!

She is extremely business savvy with solid investments
and she frequently travels between Paris and Martinique (where she
owns a fashion boutique).


Black model Mounia (above) was the first
African-American model to write a book on modeling, “Princesse Mounia.”

Mounia’s actual name is Monique-Antoine, she
felt that the unusual combination had power, granting her a special

She worked as the airport in Fort-de-France as
an announcer and she was also an on-ground hostess at Orly airport in

It wasn’t until 1976, when an important
American client withdrew her patronage from Givenchy after Mounia had
modeled a suit before her, that Mounia was slapped in the face by the
ugly realities of racism in the modeling industry.

Suddenly, she was forced to see that history
was not separable from the present and that she was part of them both.

As she developed her career, Mounia began to
work with designers other than Givenchy. They included Emanuel Ungaro
and Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld, an iconoclast who did “not detest
provocation” hired her to do Chloe and his own line. When he took over
the design responsibilities at Chanel, he hired Mounia for that house as

She became the first Black model to present the
Chanel collection.

It was her connection with Yves St. Laurent,
however, which was to prove the most fruitful and long-lasting of her
career. Not only was Mounia his star runway model for almost a decade,
she was also propelled by Saint Laurent’s fame onto the pages of fashion
magazines around the world.

Source: Barbara Summers



Black model Pat Evans was a trailblazer. Her
bookings increased significantly when she shaved her head and went bald.
During the late 70’s and 80’s, Evans was a top model. She appeared in
all the major black magazines and she also received exposure in skin
care and makeup ads.

Evans and Isaac Hayes caused a stir when they
were often photographed walking down the street with gleaming bald heads
in full length furs.

Evans also posed for album covers, most
notably, the Ohio Players (above).

After Evans’ retired from modeling, we heard
she became a teacher.

A famous quote from Pat Evans that appeared in
Essence Magazine: Evans herself was a bold as her personal style. She
sent tongues wagging when she criticized the racist attitudes in the
industry and predatory photographers. She said that modeling would never
be an “open” profession for black people until there were more black
owned agencies, products, magazines and above all “black owned minds.”

Former Halston supermodel Alva Chinn was the
first African-American woman to purchase a Ferrari (in cash) in the
United States; her Ferrari was red.

Fashion designer Oscar De La Renta (3rd photo)
is the godfather of black model Alva Chinn’s son. De La Renta also
adopted an African American son who is now his spokesperson.


For black models, the defining moment of change
took place at Versailles on a date to remember: November 28, 1973. For
the first time ever, a group of Black American models-no longer
isolated, individual stars-walked off an unusually opulent runway and
onto the pages of history.

The scene was set: The stage of the Opera House
at the Sun King’s imperial chateau. Five American fashion designers
were invited to show their work along with five French couturiers. The
home team: Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint
Laurent and Emanuel Ungaro. The American visitors: Bill Blass, Stephen
Burrows, Halston, Anne Klein and Oscar de la Renta.

Although the numbers were even, the match
seemed to favor the Europeans. They were, after all, playing on their
own court.

But, the American designers had a secret
weapon, Black women. African-American women were the surprise element,
the shock troops on the runway. Billie Blair, Alva Chinn, Pat Cleveland
(above), Norma Jean Darden, Charlene Dash, Bethann Hardison. Barbara
Jackson, Ramona Saunders and Amina Warsuma.

The most dramatic moment came when Bethann
Hardison stalked down the runway in a tight-fitting yellow silk halter
by black designer Stephen Burrows. Hardison held a floor-length train by
a tiny ring on her pinky, wrote reporter LaVerne Powlis. “When
Hardison made reached center stage, she made a dramatic turn and
haughtily dropped the train. The audience exploded in a frenzy of
approval. They stomped, screamed and tossed their programs into the

According to NY Daily News photographer-Bill
Cunningham: “The bejeweled Paris audience was stunned by the showmanship
of the black models from America. The aristocrats were even thrilled.”

Fashion was never to be colonized in the same
ways again. And Black American models, who had moved over the previous
25 years from near invisibility to grudging recognition, now commanded
center stage, never again to be ignored.

Alva Chinn described the Versailles gala as a
gift from God. Our side was so simple. We didn’t have props and things,
we just had us.

Norma Jean Darden added, “Stephen Burrows stole
the show. People were just clapping for days.”

Charlene Dash said simply: “We killed them!”

The Black girls led the Americans to such and
overwhelming uncontested victory that one important American socialite
present at the gala enthused: “Not since Eisenhower liberated Paris have
the Americans had such a triumph in France.”

Source: Barbara Summers


Khadija (above) originated from Nairobi, Kenya.
She was a beauty queen (Miss Africa) and in 1985 she went to London to
do the Miss World pageant where she selected as an finalist.

A photographer called her up and suggested that
she go to Paris to meet fashion designer Yves St. Laurent.

Her debut with Saint Laurent led to the cover
of Cosmopolitan (above). She received tremendous exposure and won an
exclusive makeup contract with Saint Laurent cosmetics, the first
transracial line to feature a Black model and the first to be named
after an individual (Khadija).

Unfortunately, in the 1980’s, people wrote
nasty letters because a black woman represented this line. Sales went
down and the line didn’t last long.

At her peak, Khadija generated $350,000 per
year in income.

In the 1990’s, Sonia Cole (above) was a huge
runway star in Europe, the United States and Japan.

Before her success, she worked at Caesar’s
Palace dressed as Cleopatra. She walked around handing out money to big
winners, giving directions, greeting people and posing for photos with

While working a casino hosted-private party,
Cole met Bill Cosby. He asked her what she really wanted to do and she
told him: “I want to go to Paris to model.”

Within two weeks of meeting Cosby, Cole was in
Paris (with her husband) doing shows.

The rest is history!



According to supermodel Janice Dickinson: “Pat
Cleveland (above) was one of the greatest runway models ever!  When she
moved, she painted the air around her with the clothes-a veritable riot
of living color.”  She was Halston’s favorite model!


Author and former model Barbara Summers
described Pat Cleveland (above) as the model who dominated the stage,
“the stage belonged to her.” Flights of fantasy were her specialty.
Airy, winged spins and long, liquid gestures were standards in her
repertoire. Impossibly ethereal, she could, as model Rene Hunter said,
“tell a story in a dress.”

Pat also spoke fluent Italian and liked to
frequent outdoor European cafe’s that served freshly squeezed orange

Pat says, “My aunt was a dancer with Katherine
Dunham. When I was five years old, I used to dance with her, too.”

“My great aunt was Josephine Baker’s Sunday
school teacher. So I always heard these stories about this little girl
who went away to Paris and never came back. And that’s what my plan

“During my modeling years, I was looking for
fun. I used to go out dancing at Le Club and Cheetah because I had the
right clothes. If you want to get famous, dress up! Yes, fame was on my
list. I had to get out and get famous because those people were the
ones who were having all the fun.”

Pat recalls of the more intense days spent
traveling with the Ebony Fashion Fair in the mid-60’s.

“I was in a bus in Arkansas not long after
those little girls got killed in the church. People were throwing bombs
around our hotel. Disgusting things would happen.

Another time we were pulling out of Arkansas,
and the Ku Klux Klan were coming, and they were throwing things at our
bus with flames and fire, trying to kill us. I’ll never forget that.

They didn’t want to hurt us, they wanted to
kill us because of our color. People threw rocks at us because we were
Black. They tried to rape this one girl. It’s so awful to see what can


Pat Cleveland (pictured above with late
designer-Halston) and Sterling St. Jacques had become so popular and
famous on the NY party scene; including Studio 54 that several magazines
did interviews on them; including “After Dark,” magazine. They also
created a stir at the “Black & White,” ball in New York with their
sophisticated dance and runway moves.  They were also in demand on the
European dance circuit and were very popular in Champs Elysees and they
were a hit at Halston’s masquerade ball.

After a fashion show in Paris, the legendary
Josephine Baker was so impressed with Pat Cleveland that she went on
record as saying, “If my story is ever brought to film, I want Pat
Cleveland to portray me, she even resembles me.”

In Paris, Pat was roommates with Donyale Luna
(above), the first black women to grace the cover of Vogue. Luna became
so popular in France. Four French boys would camp outside of her
apartment each night and follow her throughout the day. When she wore a
dress with a long train, the boys would walk behind her, carrying the
train of her dress. Luna died in 1979 of an accidental pill overdose in
Rome, Italy.

Pat would go on to marry a multi-millionaire
Park Avenue executive. They have homes in Italy and Switzerland. In the
summer, you can find them relaxing on their luxury yacht.

Pat has a son who stands 6’5 and her daughter
is 6’0.

I left America the first time and said I wasn’t
coming back until I saw a Black model on the cover of Vogue. It took
me a long time. In 1974, that’s the year I went back.

Just living it up in the South of France or
taking off with backpacks and going to Egypt. The opportunity to see the
world is definitely there.

“You have to keep your fantasies alive. If you
think you can be something, go for it. If you think you can go
somewhere, try. You have to be a bit bold.

Darnella Thomas was the first African-American
woman to model for the “Charlie,” ad campaign. One day, while she was
shooting a fashion catalog, she said to herself, “This is boring, I need
something else, something that’s really stimulating.”

A friend on Wall Street was into coal tax
shelters and he had coal mines in Kentucky. He told Darnella if she was
looking to get out of modeling, he could set her up in
business-brokering coal.

Darnella got a chance to go into some coal
mines. She says, “You had to crawl down there. Some people went in and
got scared, and they had to be taken out, but I was fine.”

“It was really exciting. We even visited the
Department of Defense. We got our first contract through the Southern
Alabama Power and Light Company for 25,000 tons of coal.”

Darnella did very well financially in this

Source: Barbara Summers

Former model Grace Jones has defended infamous
New York City nightclub Studio 54, insisting “moderation” was always
practiced by its patrons.

During her modeling days, the singer was a regular
fixture of the 1970s hot spot, which became known for sexual activity
and rampant drug use that occurred after hours.

But Jones maintains the discotheque was a far more
civilized place than its notorious reputation suggests.

Jones claims she had wilder nights at Big Apple
gay bar the Paradise Garage-because venue bosses allegedly provided
partygoers with drugs instead of serving liquor.

She adds, “At the Garage, there was a big bowl of
whatever concoction they had there. The Garage was the club that opened
at four, with a blend of juices or something and they used to spike it
with acid and stuff. Because actually they didn’t have a liquor
license so you know, hey let’s put acid inside!”

Renowned modeling scout Claude Mohammed Haddad
had an exceptional eye for potential models.

“I went to New York,” he says, “I found Grace
Jones, the one black girl, in an elevator. She was coming down from an
agency. She looked so angry.

She said, “They don’t like black people in this
country.” I said, come to Paris.

Grace arrived in Paris and became a success!


Madame Ophelia DeVore (above-both photos) is an
institution. She was not only the first model of color in the 1940’s
but she used the power of the media via her fashion column in the
Pittsburgh Courier to showcase black models. Although the major New York
City department stores had never done so before, they lent her clothes
for Black models to wear in photographs in the paper.

Doing what no others had done before on such an
ambitious level, she took it a step further by refining skills and
expanding into public relations, fashion shows and television. She took
the black modeling industry to its zenith.

“I started putting on contests so the models
could get experience walking on a runway and on stage to develop stage

DeVore was the teacher, agent and promoter.

In 1959, and again in 1960 and 1961, her
protege’s were crowned Queen of the International Film Festival in
Cannes. Cecilia Cooper was the first Black woman to win. When she won,
she had the seat of honor over all the top movie stars. According to
Madame DeVore, “UPI (the wire service) almost died because a Black
American had won the title.” Devore models LeJeune Hundley and Emily
Yancy won in succeeding years.

Source: Barbara Summers


Madame DeVore began modeling at the age of 16.
As a fair-skinned African American, Madame Devore gained contracts
throughout Europe. In 1946, determined to create a new market for
non-White women in the U.S., Madame DeVore would establish The Grace Del
Marco Agency.

In the agency’s early days, it was a stepping
stone for countless household names; Diahann Carroll, Helen Williams,
Richard Roundtree, Barbara McNair, Cicely Tyson and others. Racism was
rampant in New York’s fashion business and the Grace Del Marco Agency
was one of the few places non-White models could gain work.

Her agency’s shows took place in churches,
college campuses, and in the ballrooms of the Diplomat and
Waldorf-Astoria hotels. Like many non-Whites in the mid-twentieth
century, DeVore’s breakthrough came in Europe; specifically through the
French fashion world.

The initial impact took place at many of the
Cannes Film Festivals during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Madame Devore also
seized media for business equity by co-hosting ABC’s Spotlight on
Harlem. Her intensity to “make it” demanded relentless dedication and
work ethic; enough to cause her a heart attack while still in her

In the agency’s later years, it was renamed
Ophelia DeVore Associates, and then the Ophelia DeVore Organization. In
1985, DeVore broadened her enterprise globally to include Swaziland as a
client, and published her late husband’s newspaper The Columbus Times.

“Her specialty is polishing black diamonds
(models),” declared one newspaper article.

Due to her business acumen, she has served as
consultant to many of America’s Fortune 500 corporations. DeVore has
received more than 200 awards and honors from corporate, political,
educational, governmental and social agencies.

It was already bad enough that the Ford Modeling
agency was nicknamed “The White House,” but agency head Eileen Ford put
her foot in her mouth when she told the author of “Skin Deep,” that a
book about Black models would be a short one.

Barbara Summers’ is a former Ford model who proved
Eileen Ford wrong. Summers traveled to three continents to do research
for this book and she doesn’t disappoint.

Summers’ also provides interesting and insightful
information on black model Donyale Luna.

By the end of the 60’s, Naomi Sims (who we
featured last week) was earning $1,000 per week and now Sims wasn’t

When Donyale Luna (above) was asked where she
hailed from, she answered, “I’m from the moon darling.”

Her feline looks and wild behavior made her a
sensation in London and Paris.

Although she was the first black model on the
cover of British Vogue, her career was cut short. She died in a clinic
from an accidental pill overdose in 1979. She was 33.

Source: “Model,” by: Michael Gross

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Book Review: Rich Like Them by Ryan D’Agostino via [thesimpledollar.com and blog.budgetpulse]


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Cover of

Cover via Amazon

Rich Like
Them: My Door-to-Door Search for the Secrets of Wealth in America’s
Richest Neighborhoods
by Ryan D’Agostino

Buy new: $10.40 / Used from: $9.40
Usually ships in 24 hours

One: Open Your Eyes

We’re all almost drowning in opportunities. The problem is
that many of us simply don’t see them. We’re either too focused on the
specific little thing at hand or simply aren’t keeping our mind open
when we’re “off the clock.” Every person you meet and every situation
you’re in is an opportunity not only to improve yourself, but to connect
to others and open the door to money-making possibilities.

What steps can you take? Build relationships with people – and, even
better, try to connect those relationships to each other, because
bringing people together in a useful way is one of the best things you
can do. Listen to what people are actually saying and doing – and try as
hard as you can to keep your own conclusions out of the mix.

Two: Luck Doesn’t Exist

Luck is mostly about preparation. If you have the
ability to record great ideas and to take immediate advantage of
opportunities that come your way, you’ll seem much more lucky than the
guy who never writes anything down and doesn’t have a hefty savings

What steps can you take? Write down ideas as soon as they come to
you. Have an “opportunity fund” in the bank in cash form that
you can use when something great comes along. Surround yourself with
people who are doing useful and interesting things.

Three: The Economics of

Find something you’re passionate
about and throw yourself in head first. Become obsessed with
what you’re doing. Read everything you can get your hands on. Meet
everyone even remotely related to your passion. Try it all. Practice,
practice, practice.

What steps can you take? Figure out what you’re truly passionate
about, then when you find it, make it central to your life. Surround
yourself with people and activities that reinforce that passion. Become
so obsessed, in fact, that others sometimes find it almost scary.

Four: The Myth of Risk

Risk is real, but most people use risk as an excuse not to try things.
Instead, you should build a safety net for yourself and take that leap
sometimes. A risk that others aren’t willing to take is often the source
of an incredible opportunity for someone who is passionate and is

What steps can you take? Make your own life as financially secure as
you can. Dig into opportunities and figure out their real risks. Realize
that if something is truly in your wheelhouse, you’re likely to face
less risk than someone less impassioned.

Five: Humility

Above all, no matter what happens, be humble. Humility takes you far
in life – you can mess up and you will. The way you
treat others often winds up matching the way they treat you, especially
at that key moment when you really need their help.

What steps can you take? Treat everyone well. Don’t
complain about the behavior of others – instead, set your own example.
Be humble about your accomplishments instead of bragging about them.

The Best Part: Little
Points of Wisdom

The part of this book that
really stuck with me was the short principles and quotes inserted
throughout the book every few pages. I collected these pieces together,
simply because I thought they were so incredibly worthwhile:

Don’t forget your goal – even when you’re on vacation
others see death, imagine life
When you hear someone say “If only I
could…,” you’re hearing an opportunity
Connect the people you meet

Even when you find the sure thing, save some money for a rainy day

Once you connect the dots, follow through
Choose your purpose, and
don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong
Remember: with time comes
free money
Watch your pennies, no matter how many you have
your cool – it’s a big part of persevering
Don’t deviate from your
planned path to get a quick gain
Perseverance doesn’t take forever

Once you find your calling, persevering is easy
Remember that you
can’t do a business transaction with yourself
Prepare to get lucky

Find a driver other than money – it’s usually more lucrative than money
Do one thing and do it well
Obsess over whatever job you
Take your mind off the money – you’ll earn more
Don’t plan
a career – plan a life
Obsession makes you work harder
If you
look forward to going to work, that’s a good sign
Discover love
through immersion
Turn fear into passion
Never stop being a
Calculate every risk – even the one you live in
Look for
your window to go solo
You want autonomy? Let it motivate you

Be cocky when it counts
Don’t worry about what other people think

Reduce risk by believing in yourself
When you fail miserably,
If you hate your career, um, change it
Sometimes the
biggest risk is doing nothing
Never let pride get in the way of
Be humble even if you’re as rich as Brooke Astor

Understand your limitations
Don’t be a slave to Plan A – it’ll
prevent you from seeing plan B
Don’t be afraid to make less than
your spouse
Never feel as if you’re too successful to sweat

Remember that you are not, nor will you ever be, a god or goddess

Good stuff, all around. Somewhere in there is a piece of advice that
is probably a life changer for you.

Is Rich Like Them Worth Reading?

Rich Like Them is a spectacular handbook for
someone who is a self-starter with an entrepreneurial bent. If you’ve
got a strong desire to build your own success, the advice in this book
can provide a great foundation.

If that doesn’t sound like you, Rich Like Them doesn’t have as much to offer.
Unlike The Millionaire Next Door and The Difference, the focus here is strongly on
entrepreneurial behaviors – taking advantage of the opportunities around

So, here’s the deal: if you have an entrepreneurial nature, Rich Like Them is an excellent read; if not, I
highly recommend giving The Millionaire Next Door and The Difference a read.


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Fete Accompli : LSN Charity Ball in San Francisco


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LSN board member, Pamela Joyner with designer, B. Michael

For more information on how you can help visit www.landminesurvivors.org

Couple, Pamela Joyner with husband and LSN board co-chair, Fred Giuffrida

Power couple, Pamela Joyner and her husband Fred Giuffrida hosted a masked ball benefiting the Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) at their gorgeous home in San Francisco. Along with 300 guests, Pamela and Fred raised an impressive $200,000 for the globally recognized charity, which helps ensure that survivors of violent conflict have the medical care needed to regain and maintain their health by providing direct service, information and outreach counseling and support. Enabling survivors to reclaim their lives. I love Pamela’s million dollar smile, it just lights up a room.

For more information on how you can help visit www.landminesurvivors.org

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How to Fake a Vacation Glow with the Hautest NEW MakeUp via [allure, ourvanity.com, and oceandrive]


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OPULUXE Lounge GroovesPlayList

interviews Scott Barnes, a makeup artist who works with Jennifer Lopez
and is the author of About Face (Fair Winds Press).

When people say they want that “lit-from-within glow,” they’re
talking about the healthy, dewy look you have when you’re on vacation
in a sunny place. The first thing you should do to combat dull skin is
get a humidifier. When skin is moist, makeup will go on smoother and
sit on your face better.

Create Foundation. Unless you have phenomenal skin,
you can benefit from sheer foundation. Apply moisturizer first, let it
rest for a minute, then dab off any extra oil with a tissue. Choose a
liquid or cream foundation, and apply it with a brush, which looks most

Think Outside. Bronzer is crucial if you want to
look sun-kissed. Women often make the mistake of choosing a brick-red
powder, but anyone with fair or medium skin should choose a yellow-brown
formula. You want to create a halo of bronzer around your face: Moving
in a circular motion, lightly buff the apples of the cheeks, the
temples and hairline, and under the jawbone. Leave the areas around
your nose and eyes alone. Bronzer creates too much darkness there,
which can make you look older.

Highlight Sparingly. If you want the light to catch
your features, highlighter works well—just don’t go overboard. I like
to swipe a powder highlighter from the temples to the tops of the
cheekbones. A golden champagne looks good on fair and medium skin; dark
skin looks best with a deeper bronze shade. If you’re in a rush, use
pressed powder on your T-zone, nose, and chin. The areas you leave alone
will reflect light and naturally highlight your cheekbones and

Keep It Light. Lips should be neutral and glossy. A
woman with fair skin looks best with pink gloss; for dark skin,
mahogany lip gloss is beautiful. Finish by brushing a touch of golden
pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks.

Take Charge

by Andreas Ortner
Makeup by Kelly Kearns for MAC cosmetics

Pucker Up

Eyes: Eye shadow in Aquadisiac ($14.50), Fluidline
liquid liner in Blacktrack ($15)
Lips: Lip pencil
in Mouth Off ($13), lipstick in Morange and Vegas Volt ($14 each)
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural powder in Medium Dark ($26)
Pink Bronze pigment ($19.50) topped with Overlacquer ($12)

Bright Eyes

Eyes: Paint stick in Primary Yellow ($20), eye shadow
in Goldmine and Cork ($14.50 each), Fluidline liquid liner in
Blacktrack ($15)
Lips: Lipstick in Up the Amp
($14), lip pencil in Magenta ($13)


Lips: Lipstick in Crème d’Nude ($14),
Tinted Lipglass in C-Thru ($14)
Eyes: Eye shadow
in Stars N’ Rockets ($14.50), Eye Kohl in Costa Riche ($14.50)
Eye shadow in Stars N’ Rockets ($14.50), Pigment color powder in
Frozen White ($19.50)

All cosmetics, MAC
Pro. 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; macpro.com
ASSISTANT: Eley Gonzalez
HAIR: Kyra Dorman at Artists by Timothy
Priano using Big Sexy Hair

New Make Up Collections Spring-Summer 2010

Illustrious brands launch not only cloths and shoes collections but lines as well.
Have you already seen the main brands Spring Summer 2010
ranges? Let’s have a look at the makeup pieces we should get the place
in our cosmetics bags for.

Guerlain make up collection SS 2010

Japanese motif from Guerlain – Cherry Blossom Collection

The face of the new Japanese collection
who is far from being Japanese.

Guerlain make up collection Spring Summer 2010

But the rest of the collection is in pure Japanese style with the
basic color – cherry in blossom. and
blush gamut are in cherry-pink, pink-lilac and pin-beige palette.

Guerlain SS 2010 make up collection

Guerlain also offers the rich color of ripe cherry for the

Lilac sky above the desert from Chanel – Les Impressions

Chanel stakes on two colors this season – lilac-violet and
all the sand hues. They have even chosen the sand background for the new
collection ads.

Chanel SS 2010 make up collection

Natural beige and golden and
rouge hues are perfect for the day , and the rich
violet and lilac are aimed to attract attention to your beauty under the
evening lights.

Chanel makeup collection SS 2010

The accent of the new collection goes to the eye while the
natural-pink or beige lips are only the background of the picture.

Chanel make up collection SS 2010

The same thing is acceptable to the nails. The universal tints fit
each skin color and type.

Chanel make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Dior opts for lace with Boudoir Look Collection

Delicate, light and feminine lace led Dior to the creation
of the eponymous collection.

Dior make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Usual 5-color shadows palette are launched in cold grey-pink-lilac
gamut with typical floral lace impress.

Dior makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

The texture of the compact powder is almost weightless just like the
lace should be. Blush hues are closer to the cold-pink than to the

Dior SS 2010 makeup collection

Lipsticks and glosses are pink, fuchsia, cold beige. Nail polish –
metal gloss.

Dior Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

Colorful kaleidoscope from Givenchy – New Impressions

Givenchy is brave in colors! Royal blue, rich violet,
delicate green, saturated terra-cotta and dazzling white colors are in
the palette of the range.

Givenchy makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Here is a new trick from Givenchy for the season . They launched
the of one color but in different textures: matte,
mother-of-pearl. The blush is for any taste: cold pink, warm peach and
chocolate tints. The
is very special in the line. Its color is violet.

Givenchy make up collection Spring Summer 2010

As to the gamut of lipsticks and lip glosses, they include all the
hues of pink. Nail should also be bright and colorful, admit the

Hollywood luster from Estee Lauder – Hollywood Stars

The Spring Summer 2010 collection
from Estee Lauder was created by the fashion designer Michael
who devoted it to the Hollywood stars.

Estee Lauder makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

At first it seems that the line produces the impression of the shy
and almost innocent, but look attentively and you’ll see the scarlet
lipsctick and nail polish, black and
pencil along with the natural hues.

Estee Lauder Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

With the help of this stuff you can try on various roles ranging from
innocent coquette to vamp, just like the real star.

Holy innocence from Jill Stuart – Jewel Crystal Eyes

Jill Stuart makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Jill Stuart launched the Spring range with delicate sexual

Jill Stuart SS 2010 make up collection

The shapes of the products are very girlish but besides the infantile
pink color, there is very adult violet and berry colors.

Jill Stuart make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Intoxicating freedom from MAC – Give me Liberty of London

Having decorated the cosmetic novelties with flowers and birds, MAC
created the spring mood.

MAC SS 2010 make up collection

This range is nothing but explosion! Pink, violet and corral tints
prevail. Moreover, the collection includes cosmetic bags and kerchief.

MAC make up collection SS 2010

Modesty colors woman into the grey color, think MAC
designers and promote the bright eyes and lips and nail of blue0green

MAC makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Spring in Paris with YSL – Paris Passion Spring Look

Spring Paris – isn’t it a dream of a romantic person? Bright and soft
hues of the YSL collection make you dream about the best city
in the world.

YSL makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Saturated colors with delicate pastel hues always produce the
captivating looks. The basic colors are turquoise, lilac, and violet in
comb with pink or grey.

YSL make up collection SS 2010

Lips should be sensual and glimmering just like a real Parisian’s
ones, or chocolate and vanilla hues – for the shy ladies. Nails are
brightly red or shyly-violet.

YSL SS 2010 make up collection

Flowers and sea from – O My Rose

There are few women who may resist sea and flowers. Taking it into
the consideration, , made
them the basic motifs of its new collection sea can be dark-blue and
almost green.

Lancome SS 2010 make up collection

These hues you can find in the palette of the . The
designers made the main accent onto the mother-of-pearl golden sand

Lancome make up collection SS 2010

wear different hues like carrot-red, lilac, chocolate and even scarlet
including all tints of the collection symbol – rose.

Lancome Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

Nails wear bold colors up to black!

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