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Curating the End of A Love Affair: The New Museum of Broken Relationships via [N.Y.T.]


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Coming Soon | ‘The Museum of Broken

The Museum of Broken RelationshipsImages
courtesy of “The Museum of Broken Relationships”
Fuzzy handcuffs are part of the exhibit.

Love letters, scrapbooks, pressed flowers, vials of blood: these
relationship mementos finally have a place to call home. “The Museum of Broken
” is a roving exhibition of donated objects organized
by Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic in Croatia as a cathartic response
to the emotional turmoil of love lost. Along with an anonymous short
story detailing the emotional resonance of each donation, these
artifacts of failed romances provide a much-needed alternative to the
usual heartbreak-recovery methods like Charlie Kaufman’s memory erasure
and/or binge drinking.

Currently showing in Kilkenny, Ireland, with plans to return to North
America in 2010, the exhibition boasts more than 100 artifacts
submitted from around the world. And it expands with every city it
visits as the heartbroken share their pain by depositing the detritus of
their defunct relationships — which, in addition to the items mentioned
above, include a wedding dress, fuzzy handcuffs and a prosthetic leg
from a man who fell in love with his physical therapist. Now, if they
could only solve the issue of tattoo removal. …

The Museum of Broken Relationships This
prosthetic leg belonged to a man who fell in love with his physical

The Museum of Broken Relationships A
wedding dress.