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Giant Ice Cream Sandwich = Yumlicious via [the luxuryspot]

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich = Yumlicious

By Bryce

I love ice cream, and I love sandwiches.  And I love them as big as can be.  Here’s the recipe for one that’ll rock your socks off (ad feed at least 4-6 people).

Recipe and photo courtesy of Land O’Lakes, Inc. via


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This makes me miss that cheap ‘ol snooty retail gig @Godiva where I was essentially paid…in Chocolate. *Heavy Sigh* via [Trend de La Creme]


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Living the Chocolate Life, Fashionably

Maybe you’re a lover of all-things-chocolate, but have you ever dreamed of living the chocolate life? You know, 24/7 chocolate. Frankly, it sounds a little nuts to me, but maybe I’m missing something.
* A Japanese spa in Tokyo now features pools where you and your friends can bathe in chocolate, wine, and coffee.
* The DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa in Arizona just launched ‘Chocolate-Covered Yoga’ classes to teach yogis more satisfying chocolate eating.
* European line MSC Cruises and Nestlé Perugina have joined forces to offer the ‘Chocolate Cruise.
* Salon Du Chocolat (or The Chocolate Show) has become a worldwide phenom, turning chocolate confectioners into would-be couture designers.
* Fiesta recently launched a new line of gourmet chocolate condoms (a nice concept, if he/she doesn’t bite down).
* The ‘Cherry Chocolate Rain’ video has already received over 3 million hits on YouTube (compared to only 17 hits for the new Heidi Montag video — ha, kidding! Her video has gotten at least 26 hits.)
The ‘chocolate life’ has even sent some people over the edge. In the March ’08 issue of Men’s Vogue, Renee Zellweger accused Viggo Mortensen of being a ‘chocolate crack dealer.’ And I quote, “There was never a day that he wasn’t plying us with dark chocolates. It was ridiculous. Bags full. Bags full! Bacon-covered truffles. Where was he getting it? He was the chocolate crack dealer.” Now that is my kind of man. Well, except for the bacon part.
What does all of this mean? That life really is like a box of chocolates. That there really is an M&M in all of us. That Augustus Gloop is bringing sexy back? Or does it mean that chocolate can now officially be considered a lifestyle rather than a simple high-calorie confection? (Argh!! I seriously need a Hershey bar right now.)

You don’t have to make chocolate a lifestyle (unless you really want to), but you can certainly add some chocolaty goodness to your daily routine. Here are some of my faves:

Chocolate-Dipped Banana Necklace & Ring at viaalley.com

Moschino Vintage Dripping Chocolate Bag at bagborroworsteal.com

Choco-licious Bracelet at shanalogic.com

Philosophy ‘Just Because’ Chocolate Shower Gel Trio at sephora.com

Chocolate Covered Cherry Necklace at faeriesmak.com

Edible ‘Chaussure a Talon’ Chocolate Shoe at chocolatbydaniel.com

Laura Mercier ‘Chocolate Truffle’ Candle at nordstrom.com

Chocolate Ring at strapya-world.com

Bare Minerals Chocolate Decadence Kit at ulta.com

Hershey’s Sweet Milk Chocolate Lip Balm at sephora.com


And for those of you craving even more chocolate, I leave you with today’s headlines:

via [YouTube]