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The BIG 2010 Father’s Day Entertainment Gift Guide.—Happy Father’s Day Daddy! Love Missy. *smooches* via [splash magazine and instyle]

Father’s Day Entertainment Gifts – Guide for


Make Them Feel Like
A Rockstar

Your Own Song

Your Own Song

Imagine giving a gift that is not only unforgettable, but sure
to be enjoyed for a lifetime… a personalized song written especially
for them by their favorite songwriters. Take the opportunity to make
this occasion truly meaningful for you and those around you with the
help of HIT songwriters. Our songwriters are the best in the business,
and have had their music performed by everyone from TAYLOR SWIFT and
to give our clients the unprecedented opportunity to inspire these
hitmakers to write an original, custom song to be cherished always.
Finding the perfect songwriters to create your song, booking an amazing
artist to record it in the studio, providing a special CD to ensure the
soundtrack of this occasion lives on… we do it all.
Visit the Website 

Price: $5,500.00 to

Colin Christopher



Colin Christopher is a man whose quest for self evolution and
self improvement has led him around the world. From the Enchantment of
Rio de Janeiro to the Glaciers of Alaska, from the Exquisite Mosques of
Istanbul to the Mighty Temple of Apollo of Cypress, Colin has traveled
and learned. His experiences have given him a keen insight of himself
and a unique wonderment of the world. Colin’s knowledge is not limited
to travel. He also has a University degree in Genetics and Chemistry
as well as a Black Belt in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. In fact,
Colin’s training lineage can be traced back directly to Yip Man himself
(Bruce Lee‘s Master). Colin is also listed in the Wing Chun
chronology in the Yip Man Museum in China. Colin’s Martial Arts
training is an important element in his belief of Mind Over Matter and
his Mastery of Hypnosis. Colin began his path of Hypnosis in his early
teens, during his training as a competitive athlete. His coaches used
hypnosis in a rudimentary form to help him visualize, focus and improve
his performance.
Price: $1,000.00
to $10,000.00

Uniquely Creative,
Professional Photography

Bamboo Shoots Photography

Bamboo Shoots Photography

Bamboo Shoots Photography has shot over 300 weddings and 1000
events over the past 15 years. We travel to location and have an
in-house photography studio for more intimate shoots. We are also
available for destination weddings, domestic and international. We
offer complimentary consultations and comprehensive packages with
customization options to ensure we meet each client’s goals. Our
passion for people and sharing in their happiness is what continues to
drive our photography. Our work offers a mix of styles such as
editorial and intimate photojournalism, as well as traditional and
lifestyle portraiture. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating
into your day to record the moments of anticipation, joy and excitement
as well as all of the details that make the event distinctive and
uniquely yours.
Visit the Website
Price: $500.00 to $1,200.00

Party Equipment
Lighting And Sound Rentals

Techno Storm Party Lights

Techno Storm Party Lights

Ultimate Techno Storm IPod Party Package Supreme: Complete
Party Rental with IPod Party Sound System, Sub Woofers, Two Techno
Storm LED Party Light Kits (or 1 Techno Storm and 1 Vertigo Rush LED
Light Kit) Combing all these packages saves money and creates a total
sound spear that goes beyond the average party sound package and
lighting that will complete the ambiance for your dance floor. You will
be amazed at the clarity, warmth, and power this system offers. Quite
a spectacular system at a amazing price.
Visit the Website 

Price: $425.00

Young At Heart Art

Monkey up a Coconut Tree

Monkey up a Coconut Tree

Bright and Colorful Pop style artwork by Travis Hedemann.
Original acrylic on canvas art and commissions and limited edition
giclee art prints. To view more of Travis Hedemann’s artwork please see
website at http://www.YoungAtHeartArt.com Travis Hedemann is an artist based
in Houston, Texas. His art is shown in galleries in Houston, Los
Angeles, the Cayman Islands and has been published in magazines.
Hedemann’s artwork is owned and enjoyed by collectors and celebrities
the Website

Price: $375.00
to $5,000.00

Akadema Patriot
Series Baseball Gloves

Patriot Series

Patriot Series

Akadema, a cutting edge manufacturer of superior baseball and
softball equipment, recently unveiled its new line of American-made
baseball gloves – The Patriot Series. The seven glove series is
handmade in the company’s New Jersey facility, using black
precision-kip leather mended with gray lacing. Each glove features a
custom red, white and blue “Made in the USA” label evoking the true
spirit of America’s pastime. The gloves are already being worn by
professional baseball players, including Vin Mazzaro, Brad Zeigler and
Shane Victorino. Perfect for beginners and advanced players that want
to wear what the pros wear, the Patriot Series gloves range in size
from 11.5 to 12.75 inches.
Visit the Website
Price: $229.00


The Fancy Color Diamond Book

The Fancy Color Diamond Book

Welcome to the world of Rachminov, where fancy color diamond
expertise joins the unparalleled world of luxury. Renowned for his
unique and authoritative rare diamond knowledge, Eden Rachminov,
Managing Owner of Rachminov Diamonds 1891 and third generation
diamantaire, releases his lavish coffee-table tome, The Fancy Color
Diamond Book. To quote Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best
friend” – as agreed upon by Audrey Hepburn, Marie Antoinette and other
cultural leading ladies. Bridging the gap between the diamond industry
and the diamond lifestyle, this uniquely beautiful 231-page book will
be distributed through powerhouse publisher, Assouline, online and in
stores Summer 2010. Rachminov, a world expert on fancy color diamonds,
initiated this project as a service to his clients and expanded his
proficient expertise to the consumers who are often unaware of some of
the most basic terms and facts surrounding the purchase of these
exquisite gems. Specializing in luxury, Rachminov’s The Fancy Color
Diamond Book, captures the essence of nature’s most revered jewel in an
easy-to-read and approachable manner. For questions regarding fancy
color diamonds, please contact the Rachminov Diamonds 1891 team of
experts at info@fancycolor.com.
Visit the Website
Price: $220.00

Backgammon/ Chess Set

Moroccan Backgammon/Chess Box

Moroccan Backgammon/Chess Box

Enjoy this Moroccan Backgammon and Chess Box for years to
come. Fine craftsmen make this complete wood mosaic inlay
backgammon/chess box. Complete with backgammon chips, dice and
chessmen it measures 12″x6″x3″ when closed. Backgammon has been
around a long time, with origins dating back possibly 5000 years. The
ancient Greeks played. So did the Romans. The game we know today was
refined in England in the seventeenth century, which is also when it
acquired the name backgammon.

“Seven Deadly Sins”
(Photomontage Print)

“Seven Deadly Sins”

A photomontage is a combination of several images joined
together for artistic effect or to show more of the subject than can be
disclosed in a single photograph. Each montage is begun by digitally
reflecting, expanding or merging parts of original slides, negatives
and/or prints to form a “stage” into which “actors” can be inserted.
The “Seven Deadly Sins,” pride, sloth, gluttony, envy, lust, anger and
greed are humanized on the faces of the sinners in “the ship of fools.” 

Visit the

Price: $175.00

Beat Kangz: Beat
Thang Virtual

Beat Thang Virtual Screenshot

Beat Thang Virtual Screenshot

World’s most complete and easiest to use desktop beat maker
machine and sampler for beginners and pros alike • Over 3,000 high
quality professionally mastered sounds • Beats, Kits, and Instruments
open with virtually no load time • Create patterns in real time using
quantize, swing, tap tempo, then string them together in SONG mode • 16
tracks with individual bar lengths so you can create patterns that can
be performed and remixed on the fly • Sampler & waveform editing:
sample your own sounds via the computer’s built in mic and line input
or sample any audio playing on your computer • Export your songs,
beats or tracks as .wav files in real time for a DJ style mix or drag
them into your favorite recording program • Use your computer keyboard,
USB pad, MIDI controller or keyboard to bang out your beats • For
MAC and PC. Connects seamlessly with Beat Thang Hardware
Visit the Website 

Price: $149.00 to

Santa Fe Flyer
Bachmann Train

Santa Fe Flyer

Santa Fe Flyer

For many of today’s fathers, model trains are a hobby that
first grabbed their attentions and imaginations 50 to 60 years ago. In
addition, model trains are a terrific way for kids to bond with their
Dads while constructing the locomotive, reconfiguring it and adding to
the set over the years. Creating lasting memories between the
generations, a family’s train set often becomes a part of their
traditions. The Sante Fe Flyer by Bachmann Trains ($97 MSRP) is a
great train to haul freight across the deserts, mountains, and cities
of the American landscape. Powered by a mighty Sante Fe FT Diesel
locomotive with its distinctive “war bonnet” pain scheme, this sleek
and powerful train deftly handles the every-changing terrain of the
Southwest U.S. The Sante Fe Flyer ready-to-run train set includes
diesel locomotive with operating headlight, open quad hopper, gondola,
off-center caboose, body mounted E-Z Mate couples, snap-fit EZ Track
including 11 pieces of curved track and one curved plug-in terminal
retailer, power pack and speed controller, and illustrated instruction
the Website

Price: $97.00

Perfecting Portable Sound



Livespeakr™ is a unique, ultra-portable, multi-functional
speaker system that allows customers to enjoy ultimate sound quality
(15-watt speakers) on-the-go from a gadget small enough to fit in your
back pocket. The Livespeakr™ sports a distinctive “super cradle” that
locks in and protects a variety of devices, including the iPhone,
iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Classic. The cradle then
rotates to work in both portrait and landscape modes. It comes with a
carrying pouch to store it for travel. Committed to the environment
and user convenience, Livespeakr has a rechargeable Lithium battery for
up to 16 hours of non-stop music.
Visit the

Price: $79.99

Custom Handcrafted
Belt Buckles For Men And Women

Custom Company Logo Buckle

Custom Company Logo Buckle

Beautifully Handcrafted by our Team of In House Artisans, our
Custom Swarovski Crystal Belt Buckles make the perfect one of a kind
gift! Our buckles have adorned Professional Athletes, Models, Champion
Cheer Teams, Stylists and fashionistas all over the US. Our
Collections include Team Spirit, Breast Cancer Awareness, Personalized,
Mens Golf, and more. We also specialize in Custom Company, Team or
Organization Logos.
Visit the Website
Price: $49.00 to $149.00

Downtown Chic

Downtown Chic available in stores and online

Downtown Chic available in stores and online

Cortney and Robert Novogratz are a hip, young, artsy couple
with seven children, and a global reputation for their ability to
develop and design many unique properties in Manhattan and beyond.
Rebuilding entire city blocks from the ground up, they have perfected
the art of turning funky into fabulous.  Using a creative mix of high
and low for their signature look, every detail is considered and
executed with taste, luxury, confidence, always with the unexpected
twist! Their first book, DOWNTOWN CHIC, from Rizzoli delves into the
decade-long history of SIXX DESIGN, from their original projects in
Chelsea, two homes on the outer-edges of Soho, and their most recent
masterpiece at 5 Centre Market Place ,changing the entire block from a
gun shop and condemned properties to a showplace of modern, urban
elegance. Finally, the book goes outside of Manhattan to the SIXX
DESIGN country house in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, which proves
that Robert and Cortney’s special talents work in every kind of
Visit the

Price: $45.00

Light, Shadow &
Skin Tone: The Complete Guide To Shooting Black & White Glamour
Photography Both Digitally And On Film

Discover why the body is beautiful in this book from  Atlantic <br/>Publishing Group

Discover why the body is beautiful in this book from
Atlantic Publishing Group

The body is a beautiful thing — and Bill Lemon can show you.
In this fifth book, Lemon uncovers the secrets of shooting black and
white photography, taking the reader to exotic locations while detailing
the similarities and differences between digital and traditional film.
Featuring both studio and outdoor settings, Light, Shadow, and Skin
Tone explains how each photo was created — image by image — and focuses
on how to manipulate light on different sets that will accent the
body’s beauty. In addition to Lemon’s style of “show by example,” he
explains the post-production process for digital photography and how
each photo was created.Complete with dozens of examples and hints on
posing and working with models, Light, Shadow, and Skin Tone is for
intermediate to advanced glamour photographers eager in refining their
skills. Lemon discusses the equipment used, the type of light, fill
flash, exposures, as well as the time of day that produces the best
image and how to use the light to your advantage.
Visit the Website 

Price: $39.95

Learning In Motion:
101 + Sensory Activities For The Classroom

Author(s): Patricia Angermeier, Joan Krzyzanowski, and  Kristina <br/>Keller Moir

Author(s): Patricia Angermeier, Joan Krzyzanowski,
and Kristina Keller Moir

Age-appropriate activities for every week of the school year!
Ideal for preschool, kindergarten, and primary classes, each activity
has been developed to attract and keep children’s interest by using a
multi-sensory approach, in order to improve children’s learning and
behavior. Learning in Motion is perfect for preschool teachers,
kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, special educators,
support personnel, staff-development specialists, early-childhood
specialists, and more!
Visit the Website
Price: $39.95

Massage Envy Gift

Massage Envy gift cards are perfect for Father's Day

Massage Envy gift cards are perfect for Father’s Day

Massage Envy gift cards are the perfect present for Father’s
Day. More men are taking advantage of regular massage as a part of
their fitness and wellness routines. Starting as low as $39, Massage
Envy gift cards can be purchased online and e-mailed directly to the
recipient. Give the dad in your life the gift of relaxation for
Father’s Day this year!
Visit the Website
Price: $39.00 to $59.00

Framed Art Prints
From Tim Aldridge

Yellow Flowers in Pond

Yellow Flowers in Pond

This holiday season, buy your special someone a framed art
print from Imagekind.com. Tim Aldridge, a San Francisco-based fine
artist, has many stunning prints available that are perfect to spruce
up your home or as a gift for women, men and kids. Framed art prints
are popular gifts because they’re personal, and they last – unlike
flowers or candy, a framed piece of art says you put some thought into
their gift!
Visit the Website
Price: $30.00 to $300.00

Scene It? The

Scene It? The Simpsons

Scene It? The Simpsons

Scene It? The Simpsons is loaded with clips, on-screen puzzles
and trivia from the first 20 seasons of the show! Show what you know
about Homer, Bart, and the rest of the citizens of Springfield, in an
engaging social game experience made for sharing with family and
friends. So, make a mad dash to the living room couch, pop the disc
into your DVD player and get ready to play the Best. Game. Ever.
Price: $29.99

Dad’s Bible: The
Father’s Plan

Dad's Bible available in hardcover and Leathersoft

Dad’s Bible available in hardcover and Leathersoft

Dad’s Bible: The Father’s Plan is the perfect gift for fathers,
fathers-to-be, and father figures of any age. The Dad’s Bible is
filled with challenging and helpful information designed to encourage
and uplift fathers whose lives will be a priceless legacy for
generations to come. Whether as a personal purchase, a Father’s Day
gift, or “just because,” Dad’s Bible is sure to draw the reader into
quality personal time with our Heavenly Father. Features include: •
Walking in Authority – 100 articles on how dads should walk in the
authority God has entrusted to them • Godly Character – 100 articles
designed to teach and challenge • Passing it on – 50 articles about
igniting the faith of the next generation • Dads in the Bible (30) – a
look at the lessons taught by biblical fathers • Building your
Children – 7 articles about nurturing and developing the potential in
your children • Insights – 250 articles giving practical, biblical
answers to life situations • Question and answer section – how to
answer the hard questions • Topical Index The Dad’s Bible is edited by
Robert Wolgemuth, a popular lay Bible teacher, speaker and best-selling
Visit the Website
Price: $29.99 to $49.99

Party Time

Yamodo Party Time game

Yamodo Party Time game

Yamodo Party Time! is the definitive game of made-up words with
collaborative answers and drawings that are as silly or serious as the
group who is playing. Played in quick rounds, Yamodo! Party Time has
all players compete at the same time to win the current judge’s favor
by creating the “best” definition to a given made-up word and tagline.
All players have to stay on their toes though, because midway into the
round, the Judge spins the Spindoodler and the consequences add to the
fun! Write it, doodle it, and feel free to lobby the judge on why your
definition is the best. Every round has a new judge, word, and
tagline – so you never know what your mind will draw out!
Visit the Website
Price: $29.95

Tara Game

TARA, the royal game from Ireland

TARA, the royal game from Ireland

A new game steeped in the ancient legends of Ireland’s Celtic
heritage and royal past is the premier product from Tailten Games. TARA
is the abstract, strategy game named after the Hill of Tara in
Ireland, where legend tells that the High Kings contemplated the
conjoined ringforts of Forradh and Teach Chormac. The overhead view of
the ringforts eventually inspired the popular artistic Celtic knotwork
pattern making, now found all over the world.
Visit the Website 

Price: $29.95

Keep It Real Rx

Keep It Real board game

Keep It Real board game

Keep it real and get ready for some real personal revelations
if you are in a group that is handed the (sometimes) controversial,
conversation-sparring new board game, KEEP IT REAL Rx from
Trance4mation Games LLC. KEEP IT REAL Rx has the potential for cohesive
or explosive personality chemistry with each and every group that
experiments with it. Imagine posing questions with old friends or new
acquaintances that approach the topics of: • Sex on a first date? • If
you had the choice, what race would you want to be? • How do you think
rich and poor people feel about each other? • Do you truly believe in
“eye for an eye” or “turn the other cheek?” • What keeps love alive?
Creator of the game and CEO of Trance4mation, Leslie Robinson, explains,
“Keep It Real is a communication board game which triggers
playfulness, spontaneity, relaxation, dialogue, a full range of
communication, and mutual enjoyment. The game is non-confrontational
and gently allows each player to join in at their own pace, and in
their own time. Playing Keep It Real provides a fun and safe space for
people to share personal beliefs, convictions, feelings, fantasies,
memories, reflections, imaginations, and secret desires aloud.
Visit the Website 

Price: $28.95

Custom Spectacular

The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities are endless!

For seven generations Hansen’s Cakes has been making our
client’s vision a reality. From simple birthday cakes, to elaborate
sculptures, to the latest in wedding cake trends, our cakes are known
for their scrumptious flavor and excellence in design. Three locations
to serve you…we offer complimentary design consultations and cake
tastings, with no appointments necessary. Kosher, Dairy, with
gluten-free options available.
Visit the

Price: $26.00
to $20,000.00


(Berkley Hardcover; February 2, 2009; $25.95)

(Berkley Hardcover; February 2, 2009; $25.95)

From New York Times bestselling author Robert Graysmith comes
the riveting story of what really happened to Janet Leigh’s body double
in Psycho. THE GIRL IN ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S SHOWER (Berkley Hardcover;
February 2, 2009) gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the
most iconic scenes in American film, while exploring the psychology of a
cold-blooded killer. Robert Graysmith, the author who identified the
prime suspect in the Zodiac case, now reveals a murder that could only
have happened in the shadows of Hollywood.
Visit the Website
Price: $25.95

Eugene Stovall,
Leading Author

Buy Now at www.eugenestovall.com

Buy Now at http://www.eugenestovall.com

FRANK YERBY is on his deathbed … and he knows it. But death
frightens Yerby not at all. Death infuriates him. Death means that none
of his literary accomplishments will be appreciated. And he will be
denied the acclaim that he deserves. But even as Yerby’s mind rages
against this unkind fate, characters from his books … his own creations
… rage against him. They accuse him of being the author of his own
failure and, in turn, casting them into oblivion. So Yerby’s characters
determine that he must unravel the mystery of the ‘victim’s guilt’. In
part one, SUMAYLA summons Frank Yerby back to 9th century Spain using
the powers Jewish mysticism. Sumayla is allied with the grand vizier
who plots to overthrow the Emir of Cordoba. In the second part, the
leader of a Voodoo cult conjures up a spell to bring Frank Yerby to
Cuba. The Voodoo priest wants Yerby to assist and protect his nephew,
PEDRO, who plans to lead an insurrection of Negro slaves and Cuban
haciendados against Cuba’s rulers.In the third part, ELLEN causes the
rape and murder of her sister and must flee only to become embroiled in
the bloody Kansas border war. When she is sold into slavery, Frank
Yerby must come to her rescue. Winner of Bronze Award in 2007 by the
Indepedent Book Publishers Association Honored by the NAACP of Hayward
South Alameda County in 2006

Charles Phoenix’s
Retro Holiday Slide Show

Experience all the holidays like you never have before!

Experience all the holidays like you never have

King of Retro Charles Phoenix returns to spread holiday cheer
with a slyly entertaining, live comedy performance that celebrates
mid-century holiday life and style. With his unstoppable enthusiasm and
wry, eagle eye for the very best and most bizarre of his massive
collection of found-Kodachrome slides, Phoenix supercharges the classic
living room slide show into a hysterical/historical celebration of
American holiday culture. It’s a 1950s and 60s New Years, Easter, 4th
of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Jubilee that’s sure to
get you in the mood for the all the holidays like you never have
before! IN COLOR! Dec. 5, 12, 20.
Visit the Website 

Price: $25.00

Career Gear
Celebrity Tie Auction

Tie signed by Zac Efron

Tie signed by Zac Efron

This Father’s Day, give dad a unique gift while helping a good
cause. Career Gear, a nonprofit that assists disadvantaged men find and
retain employment, has received ties from such famous necks as Zac
Efron, Steve Carell and Zach Galifianakis to auction off this June to
raise much-needed funds. In this time of economic uncertainty, these
men have all recognized the pressing need to help those who are
unemployed but ready to turn their lives around. The ten-day auction
will begin on June 7, 2010. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to
Career Gear. To visit the auction website once it goes live, please
visit Careergear.org. Bidding begins at $25.00
Price: $25.00

Paradise Lost Book

Paradise Lost author Richard Trainor

Paradise Lost author Richard Trainor

Author Richard Trainor’s new book details a legislative scheme
that has seemingly been used repeatedly to line the pockets of
California politicians and their cronies. Trainor found himself
threatened when he tried to shine light on what he found. Documentary
evidence provided to the FBI, the SEC, the IRS, and other government
watchdog agencies has been repeatedly ignored. Part political expose´
and part personal memoir, the book is a chronicle of California’s
descent into a state of dysfunction.
Visit the Website 

Price: $24.95

Hipster Cocktail
Party Gift Set

Global Sophisticate 'Loungescape' Kit

Global Sophisticate ‘Loungescape’ Kit

The Global Sophisticate ‘Loungescape’ Kit is a cocktail party
gift set that includes 1 chillout CD, “Global Cocktail Chilled”, a 4
pack of boomerang coasters, 1 custom box of martini picks, a 20 pack of
‘Martini Girl’ napkins,and 3 cocktail recipes. Just slip the CD into a
stereo player, and enjoy the retro-modern glow of jet-set. after dark
music and swanky space age art…with a group of friends, that special
someone, or just relaxing at the end of a long day.
the Website

Price: $24.95

Home After Dark:
One Man’s Memories

Home After Dark

Home After Dark

Home After Dark, an emotionally raw story of a man who –
despite “escaping” home at 16 – achieves the American Dream. By 40,
he’s comfortably wealthy and retires from a prestigious career.
Robidoux’s journey will inspire hopefuls to rise above circumstances to
achieve unimaginable success. A cautionary tale, it graciously allows
readers to learn from his mistakes. Robidoux’s success had a price tag:
losing the woman he describes as “the blood of my veins, the beat of
my heart.” By sharing intimate details from his unconventional life,
Robidoux hopes others will reach their dreams without succumbing to
societal and corporate pitfalls.
Visit the Website 

Price: $24.95 to $25.95

Living Life After
Divorce & Widowhood: Financial Planning, Skills, And Strategies For
When The Unthinkable Happens

Learn how to cope with this title from Atlantic  Publishing Group

Learn how to cope with this title from Atlantic
Publishing Group

Losing your spouse, whether to divorce or death, is an
emotional time when finances only add to your grief and troubles. You
may feel overwhelmed that must face the your future without the help of
your spouse, or realize that you do not have the knowledge to manage
your money. Are you currently going through a divorce, or making final
arrangements for a terminally ill partner? Have you unexpectedly found
yourself a widow or widower? At Atlantic Publishing, we have a book
for that. Living Life After Divorce & Widowhood will
understandingly guide you through the steps you must take to gain
control of your finances and continue on with your life. In this book
you will learn what documents and situations you can prepare in advance
— before the loss of your spouse — so you have less to worry about
during that stressful time. If your loss was sudden, you will find this
book offers organized and easy-to-follow information on how your
finances are going change, including retirement funds, inherited monies
and life insurance, health care policies, and taxes. If you have any
children, their finances are also explained, included details on paying
for college, and dealing with custody issues. You will learn what
paperwork to complete and where you can go for additional financial,
legal and emotional help. With this book, you can rebuild your life and
take control of your financial future with the help of loved ones and
the guidance of this book.
Price: $24.95

101 Recipes For
Making Wild Wines At Home A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Herbs, Fruits,
And Flowers

Wild about wine? Find delicious recipes with this title  from <br/>Atlantic Publishing Group

Wild about wine? Find delicious recipes with this
title from Atlantic Publishing Group

Wild about wine? Who isn’t? With Thanksgiving right around the
corner and Christmas close behind, ‘tis the cooking season, and there’s
no better way toast with family and friends with glasses of homemade
wine. Do you want to learn to make wine that will wow your family and
friends for the season’s celebrations? At Atlantic Publishing, we have a
book for that. 101 Recipes for Making Wild Wines At Home has wild
wine recipes that will entice your taste buds. These recipes use the
best herbs, fruits, and flowers to create some of the most beloved
drinks. The basics of wild wine recipes are laid out here in great
detail, providing everything you need to know to understand and start
making your own wine in no time. Without the right instruction and
resources, winemaking can result in just another pile of sour grapes —
this book will walk you through every process necessary in creating
wine with your personal touch. This book doesn’t stop at step-by-step
instructions — you’ll get the history of wine and dozens of tips and
tricks from home winemakers. So grab a glass and fill it with your
the Website

Price: $24.95

I’m Going To Be A
Dad Now What? Everything You Need To Know About First-Time Fatherhood

I'm Going To Be A Dad, Now What? Everything You Need To  Know <br/>About First-Time Fatherhood

I’m Going To Be A Dad, Now What? Everything You Need
To Know About First-Time Fatherhood

This book was written for every father who ever wanted to
understand the essential basics of starting for the first time in child
rearing. You will learn everything starting with your newborn child,
including what they will look like, how to handle the baby, take
photographs, what to expect from your spouse after she gives birth, how
the baby will be fed, burping, changing diapers, and the many
different ways in which your household will change with a newborn in
it. You will learn how to clean a young child, handle crying and
late-night feedings, get sleep, put your child to sleep, get back to
work for the first time, dress your child, and take them out of the
Visit the Website
Price: $24.95

Remember How I Love

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

Jerry Orbach was widely known for his brilliant portrayal of
Detective Lenny Briscoe for 12-years on the hit TV show Law &
Order, as well as for being an award-winning theater legend (having
starred in the Fantastiks, Promises Promises, 42nd Street, Chicago and
so much more). But what most of his fans did not know was that Jerry
Orbach was a true romantic. Every day in the predawn hours prior to
going to the set of Law & Order, Jerry Orbach would scribble his
wife, Elaine, a short love poem while she was asleep. REMEMBER HOW I
LOVE YOU: Love Letters from an Extraordinary Marriage with a foreword
by Sam Waterston is a collection of these poems documenting their
relationship from the mundane to the extravagant. These missives and
the accompanying photographs chronicle their 25-year love story and
provide Jerry’s fans with an inside look at this remarkable man and his
spectacular marriage.
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Price: $23.00

30 Days At 100
Percent Book – Take Your Power Back 30 Days At A Time

30 Days At 100 Percent: Changing Your Life 30 Days At A  Time

30 Days At 100 Percent: Changing Your Life 30 Days At
A Time

30 DAYS AT 100 PERCENT challenges readers to complete the
sentence, “I am 100 percent when…” in eight different areas of their
lives. It further suggests that by focusing on changing only one thing
every 30 days, you can start to take your power back in month one, gain
momentum in month two, and begin to achieve again in month three by
eliminating the excuses that keep us enslaved to a life half lived.
While we can’t change what has already happened, Crystal knows from
experience that by taking responsibility for our choices, changing our
actions, attitudes and habits, we can rise above our immediate
circumstances, change course, excel and thrive––30 days at a time. Her
theory? That by changing only one thing every 30 days, expecting God’s
power and favor in your life, and refusing to take no for an answer
from anyone, including yourself, you can reclaim your power, reinvent
yourself, and step into the life of your choosing. Furthermore,
incorporating 30 DAYS AT 100 PERCENT into the lives of your children,
gives the entire family a goal worthy of achieving.
Visit the Website
Price: $22.95 to $45.90

The Big Ass Book Of
Home Decor

The Big Ass Book of Home Decor

The Big Ass Book of Home Decor

Designer, author and television personality, Mark Montano, is
launching the next book in his effusive Big Ass Book series, The Big
Ass Book of Home Décor. Full of 103 design projects, the Big Ass Book
of Home Decór is chalk full of ideas with easy to follow instructions,
images and tips (quintessential for today’s economy). Highlights
include the “Chinese Mat-Covered Table” (reinvent your table and change
the ambience of the entire room at minimal cost); the “Incredible Ikea
Ideas” chapter (easy ways to transform your Ikea furniture into chic
one-of-a-kinds) “Must-Have Matting” (an accessible option for wall art
with endless possibilities); and the “Red-and-Gold Lace Mirror” (turn
an old mirror into a work of art).
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Price: $22.00 to $22.50

Speed Decorating

Speed Decorating sold in stores and online

Speed Decorating sold in stores and online

She does it all!  Decorate your house at top speed, using
Jill’s practical, stylish tips that will transform any abode
instantly.  For every room in the house, hot design ideas from the
definitive insider.  How to make a home (large or small) absolutely
beautiful.     Fast and easy with a checklist of suggestions –from
making the entryway welcoming, to the ultimate cook’s kitchen (without
spending a bundle) and asking the all-important question, is it a bath
or a spa? Even the excellent concept of speed cleaning.    And the
best part, anybody (even the design-challenged)   can do SPEED
DECORATING.  And turn your house from frumpy to fantastic, IN A WEEK OR
LESS! An award-winning,  professional “stager” and sought-after
interior decorator, Jill Vegas has worked with stars, socials,
heads-of-state.  She has created gorgeous homes and used her
quick-thinking flair and seven principles of decorating to sell houses
for more than asking price, even ones that have been languishing on the
market.  The book is all about embracing your inner-decorator, using
real estate “trade secrets”,  fundamentals for defining  your personal
style, and going for it.  From the “magic wand makeover” to the
boot-camp approach, JILL guides the reader through easy solutions to
create the house you’ve always wanted without taking forever.
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Price: $21.95

The Professional
Bartender’s Handbook: A Recipe For Every Drink Known — Including Tricks
And Games To Impress Your Guests

Impress your guests with some powerful potions with this  book <br/>from Atlantic Publishing Group

Impress your guests with some powerful potions with
this book from Atlantic Publishing Group

It’s a new year, and for many that means learning a new skill.
In a time of hope, mixed with stress brought on by a tough economy,
2010 has people across the country looking for a way to take the edge
off. With the help of Valerie Mellema, it’s time to sit back, relax,
and enjoy your new skill — the art of bartending. Charm your friends,
family, or even yourself, with your knowledge of fixing and mixing
drinks from The Professional Bartender’s Handbook: A Recipe for Every
Drink Known — Including Tricks and Games to Impress Your Guests. This
bartending guide is a steady pour of information for professional and
home bartenders alike, including terminology, service standards,
measurements and techniques, insight into the many aspects of owning and
operating a bar, as well as the incorporation of nearly 1,500 drink
recipes. Beneficial bartender insights tells you everything you need to
know about stocking a bar and breaking down each category of liquor,
from scotch and brandy to cordials like Amaretto and Southern Comfort.
Learn about the various types of bars that exist, from neighborhood
sports bars to nightclubs, and the differences between each, as well as
how to create an appropriate ambiance for any setting.
Price: $21.95

The Entertainment

Each Entertainment book is loaded with thousands of dollars worth <br/> of valuable

Each Entertainment book is loaded with thousands of
dollars worth of valuable “2-for-1” and up-to-50 percent-off discounts
at local and national restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, car
washes, retail shopping and events.

Each Entertainment book is loaded with thousands of dollars
worth of valuable “2-for-1” and up-to-50 percent-off discounts at local
and national restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, car washes,
retail shopping, professional and college sporting events, attractions
and more. The book also includes a comprehensive and unique travel
section that offers guaranteed best rates at more than 35,000 worldwide
hotels and resorts, as well as significant savings at car rental
agencies and airlines.
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Price: $20.00 to $40.00

Passing Through, A

Passing Through

Passing Through

Passing Through by Ron Smith A disarming, deceptively rich
book, Passing Through takes you to a nerve-wracking experience as it
fantastically recounts the journey of a “soul in transition.” Follow
the passage of Dr. Palmer T. Bramlett who, in his spiritual existence,
returns to his home, makes deep friendship, touches the life of a
family, and finally understands the reasons of his spiritual
wandering—realizing his meaningful mission through the life of a blind
little girl. With a blend of humor and suspense, Smith adds enough
passion and deep feelings to make this a convincing and captivating
tale. Be enthralled with this pulsating and daunting piece of
Visit the Website
Price: $19.99 to $29.99

Fishing For Success
And Lessons From Father

In Anthony Zolezzi’s new book, “Uncharted Waters, Boat to  <br/>Boardroom; Lessons I’ve Learned” (ASM Books, 2010), the secrets of a  <br/>successful entrepreneur are very similar to the secrets of a good  <br/>fisherman.

In Anthony Zolezzi’s new book, “Uncharted Waters,
Boat to Boardroom; Lessons I’ve Learned” (ASM Books, 2010), the secrets
of a successful entrepreneur are very similar to the secrets of a good

Choppy times for business mean opportunity to entrepreneurs
like Anthony Zolezzi, whose new book, “Uncharted Waters, Boat to
Boardroom; Lessons I’ve Learned” (ASM Books, 2010) gives tried-and-true
“fisherman philosophies” that he says work wonders in any workplace
environment. Zolezzi’s lineage comes from a long line of San Diego tuna
fisherman, dating back to the 1800s. As a child he went out on the
boats catching fish with his father; an experience that cast his future
in the business world. Over his 30-year career Zolezzi has launched
more than 25 different companies and products all with a common theme:
eco-friendly and sustainable and writes about these stories along with
valuable lessons learned that he turns into modern business axioms that
can be applied to today’s turbulent career climate. “Uncharted
Waters, Boat to Boardroom; Lessons I’ve Learned” is available on
Amazon.com or for a preview of the book and more information visit
Visit the Website
Price: $19.95

In Search Of A
Family: A Story Of An International Adoption

Learn how to adopt internationally from a couple who  experienced <br/>it first hand.

Learn how to adopt internationally from a couple who
experienced it first hand.

Their story has been more than 10 years in the making. Set in
the ex-Soviet bloc country of Ukraine, Kevin and Ginger Carlisle travel
through this young, independent republic to finally carry out their
dreams of completing their family. Though they encounter numerous
obstacles, their hopes aren’t derailed. Braving Ukrainian election
tensions and protestors, heartbreaking events, financial concerns, and
changing adoption policies, they navigate the emotional and
psychological maze of the bureaucracy and physical logistics of an
international adoption. An eleventh hour attempt by the children’s
family member jeopardizes the Carlisles’ attempt in searching for a
family. They endure the hardships of the language barrier and
infrastructure but are able to uncover the little-known beauty of
Ukraine and its people, all while placing their life in the United
States on hold. Complete with color photos from the Carlisles’
Ukranian excursion, In Search of a Family: The Story of An
International Adoption takes the reader inside a personal journey
through the unknowns of an international adoption. As their destiny
patiently waits, they keep reciting the mantra of all those who had
come before them: Keep your focus on the goal of bringing home your
Price: $19.95

Move About Activity
Cards: Quick And Easy Sensory Activities To Help Children Refocus,
Calm Down…

Winner of an iParenting Media Award

Winner of an iParenting Media Award

Winner of an iParenting Media Award, this colorful 64-card deck
provides fun-filled activities that will help children develop their
sensory-motor skills in a game-like format. These cards offer
delightful activities for children of all ages and abilities. Many
activities require no special equipment, while others make use of
standard, classroom equipment to develop children’s sensory-motor
skills and improve their learning and behavior. A great tool for
parents, teachers, or therapists to use at home, at school, or in the
clinic! Includes 64 cards on a convenient snap-ring holder, “How to Use”
pamphlet, and sturdy storage box.
Visit the Website 

Price: $19.95

Homeboy’s Soul:
Pride, Terror, And Street Justice In America

Richard Reyes, Gang Prevention Activist: “Required  reading for <br/>students, parents, school administrators, police officers  and community<br/> leaders.” Elizabeth Rhone, Mount Sinai Church of God in  Christ: “You <br/>won’t want to put this book down!

Richard Reyes, Gang Prevention Activist: “Required
reading for students, parents, school administrators, police officers
and community leaders.” Elizabeth Rhone, Mount Sinai Church of God in
Christ: “You won’t want to put this book down!”

Hollywood actor Danny De La Paz (Boulevard Nights, American Me)
states, “Homeboy’s Soul deserves to take its place among the best
literature available today on the complex and fascinating subject of
what draws a promising young life to such self-destruction.” Homeboy’s
Soul tells the true story of Don Armijo’s rise to power within Calle
Doce Los Sharkies, one of Los Angeles County’s most violent street
gangs, and delves into what life in the world of gangbangers is really
all about. Cruise the barrio with a true vato loco. Face the deadly
consequences of a movida on a rival gang. Share the private thoughts
and fears of a real-life Chicano child-turned-killer. Experience the
love and mistrust, the terror and boredom and, ultimately, the sense of
hopelessness that there will be no bright tomorrow at the end of all
the violence. Homeboy’s Soul neither blames nor defends barrio youth
for their decisions, but rather provides a basis for understanding the
culture and influences that lead them to the choices they make. Armijo
has made peace with his past and has dedicated himself to helping
others find their path to a brighter future. ISBN: 978-1-4489-7969-1
(Publish America, 318 pages)
Visit the Website
Price: $19.95

Spice Up Your Love
Life Book For Couples

Hot Romantic Escapades for Lovers, 69 Fun and Daring Ways  to Keep<br/> the Thrill Alive

Hot Romantic Escapades for Lovers, 69 Fun and Daring
Ways to Keep the Thrill Alive

For busy couples that miss the delicious exhilaration of a new
love affair, Christine Dupree has written a paperback book of 69
playful, romantic, kinky, delicious, daring and intoxicating scenarios
for lust and love. As a result of her amazing life as a Penthouse
Centerfold, stripper, actress, athlete, Christine describes with vivid
detail just what men and women really want to get them going. She
delivers a pleasure chest of sneaky seductions, playful perversions and
enticing encounters to satiate your burning desire for agonizing
ecstasy and naughty indulgences. Hot Romantic Escapades provides erotic
poetry, sensuous black and white photography and sets up scenes – like
Christmas Rampage, Slave Days, Show Me Teacher and Pleasure Hunt, to
get you past your inhibitions and into the most fantastic intimate
liaisons you’ve ever had. Be a better lover by using the book to
stimulate your erotic imagination then let your passions lead you on to
the irresistible thrill of exquisite love you had when you first got
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Price: $18.00




The search is over! How can you look fashionable and support a
cause? Wearing the new Negris Le Brum Bracelet Unity Bracelet. The
craftsmanship of this piece is simply amazing. This Bracelets purpose
is simply Unity. The braid of metal chain and fabric was designed to
symbolize the union between People , Views, Ideas, and Religious
Beliefs. A cause that seems to need more consciousness. Now you can
be able to get these bracelets to support Unity. You have to get yours
ASAP, and share it with your friends.
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Price: $18.00

Book: Act From The
Inside Out

Act From the Inside Out

Act From the Inside Out

Act From the Inside Out. Powerful Acting Tools to Transform
Your Real Life. By: Shelene Atanacio. Tools and wisdom from the art of
acting that encourages communities to live life to the fullest with
faith and freedom. Proceeds from the book will go towards a scholarship
fund to help students from the Filipino community attain a higher
education. Paperback, 220 pages Published by Bush Street Press.
Visit the

Price: $16.95


book cover

book cover

An expose’ on what truly goes on the moment you walk onto a
dealer’s lot. You’ll discover how professional salesmen first determine
what type of buyer you are. Then decipher what type of personality you
are so they can custom tailor their pitch to push your hot buttons.
And they do this by asking key questions within the first 5 minutes of
talking to you. But that’s just the start. This book goes through every
detail on what happens to you and why it does. And how you can protect
yourself from getting “put together”. The author was a new car sales
manager for 35 years.
Price: $15.95

Need A Unique Gift
For That Special Someone?

Find unique books at www.jexbo.com !

Find unique books at http://www.jexbo.com !

Discover the perfect gift at jexbo, http://www.jexbo.com, the site for
self-published authors. At jexbo, you’ll find unique, self-published
books in numerous categories. There are romances, mysteries, travel
books, children’s stories, and much more! Plus, you can buy directly
from the self-published author online and save time and money. Visit
http://www.jexbo.com, and discover the perfect and unique gift for that
special someone in minutes!
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The Map

The Map by David Murrow

The Map by David Murrow

The Map begins as a fictional tale of murder, deception, and
greed as three men fight to uncover the most important discovery since
the Dead Sea Scrolls—a map, hidden in the gospel of Matthew that is the
key to awakening the sleeping giant in the church. Men. The apostle
Matthew embedded this map into his gospel. History’s greatest men,
including Christ himself, followed this map. Using the tale as a
parable, Murrow shows men what the map looks like, where it is found in
the Bible, and how to walk its three ancient pathways today:
submission, strength, and sacrifice.
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Price: $14.99

Why Men Hate Going
To Church

Why Men Hate Going to Church

Why Men Hate Going to Church

It’s Sunday morning. Where are all the men? Golfing? Playing
softball? Watching the tube? Sleeping? One place you won’t find them is
in church. Less than 40 percent of adults in most churches are men,
and 20 to 25 percent of married churchgoing women attend without their
husbands. Why are the men who do go to church so bored? With
eye-opening research and a persuasive grasp on the facts, Murrow
explains the problem and offers hope and encouragement to women,
pastors, and men. Why Men Hate Going to Church calls the church back to
Visit the Website
Price: $14.99

Living Life In The

Living Life in the Zone

Living Life in the Zone

Living in the zone—that state of mind when everything seems to
be working for you—is every man’s desire. But how does a man live in
the zone as a Christian? This 40-day spiritual journey is a
sports-filled prescription designed to remove stress and give men
confidence to embrace their daily adventures. The book is divided into
four sections—Marriage, Children, Work, and Faith. Designed to
strengthen both churched and unchurched men, Living Life in the Zone is
brief enough for men to enjoy and filled with issues that are real but
often not discussed in church.
Visit the

Price: $14.99

The Steam By Steve

The Steam by Steve Alper

The Steam by Steve Alper

A novel, The Steam tells the story of Tom Freedman, a desperate
sports gambler, who is lured into a partnership with a corrupt game
fixing basketball referee. With keen insight into the worlds of sports
gambling, addiction and crime, The Steam could have been a blueprint
for the true-life scandal that ensued: NBA commissioner David Stern
covered up rogue ref Tim Donaghy’s fixing of games he officiated.
Donaghy was only convicted for betting on games he refereed and
providing information to gamblers, but not the crime that everyone
suspects he committed – fixing the games he bet on. According to FBI
tapes, another NBA referee, Scott Foster, was called 134 times by
Donaghy usually after calling his bookies. Due to insufficient
evidence, Foster was not charged and Stern announced that “Foster was
not involved.” Foster is still refereeing NBA games.
Price: $14.95

How To Get Fired!:
The New Employee’s Guide To Perpetual Unemployment By Jeff Havens

How to Get Fired!: The New Employee’s Guide to Perpetual  <br/>Unemployment

How to Get Fired!: The New Employee’s Guide to
Perpetual Unemployment

The first of its kind, How to Get Fired! aims to help young
people transition successfully into the professional world by first
telling them everything not to do. Hilarious and extensively
researched, How to Get Fired! is essential reading for anyone about to
take that first plunge into the job market – not to mention any
employees who wish to remind themselves of some of their
less-than-ideal former colleagues.
the Website

Price: $14.95

Ten Things Every
Child With Autism Wishes You Knew

Ellen Notbohm

Ellen Notbohm

Winner of an iParenting Media Award and Honorable Mention in
the 2005 ForeWord Book of the Year Awards! Every parent, teacher,
social worker, therapist, and physician should have this succinct and
informative book in their back pocket. Framed with both humor and
compassion, the book defines the top ten characteristics that
illuminate the minds and hearts of children with autism. Ellen
Notbohm’s personal experiences as a parent, and autism columnist, and a
contributor to numerous parenting magazines coalesce to create a guide
for all who come in contact with a child on the autism spectrum.
Don’t buy just one of this book – buy one for everyone who interacts
with your child! Give the gift of understanding.
Visit the Website 

Price: $14.95

Sensitive Sam

Winner of a 2009 Book of the Year Award by Creative Child  <br/>Magazine

Winner of a 2009 Book of the Year Award by Creative
Child Magazine

Appropriate for children, families, and professionals, this
wonderful book brings to life the story of Sam, whose over-sensitivity
creates chaos and frustration in his life. Sam’s various sensory
sensitivities adversely affect Sam’s experiences, both at home and in
the classroom. He walks readers through his typical day of sensory
blunders (which many kids and families may find all too familiar!).
Finally, at the suggestion of Sam’s teacher, his parents take Sam to
see and Occupational Therapist. Sam describes the process in a
non-threatening, child’s perspective that is sure to sooth young
readers who may be facing the same challenges. With occupational
therapy, a new “sensory diet,” and the love and support of his family,
Sam concludes: “Treating sensory challenges takes some patience, and
love, too. And now I LIKE doing lots of things I used to hate to do!” 

Visit the

Price: $14.95

Squirmy Wormy

Author: Lynda Farrington Wilson

Author: Lynda Farrington Wilson

Many kids have some form of Sensory Processing Disorder, but
who can help them overcome their daily struggles? Wait! They can help
themselves! Lynda Farrington Wilson, along with Tyler and some
delightful illustrations, help kids help themselves through daily life
like no one has before with some great everyday tips and techniques.
Squirmy Wormy is a wonderful little children’s book about a boy named
Tyler, who has autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Together
with Tyler, the reader learns about SPD, and what everyday easy
therapies he can do by himself to feel better. For instance: “I feel
like running really fast, run run run! Maybe I just need a
s-q-u-e-e-z-e between the couch cushions like a hot dog. Whew! I feel
better.” Endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin, this book is sure to help
many children, who perhaps previously did not even know they had SPD,
lead calmer, richer lives. Squirmy Wormy is a cute and funny picture
book that will help elementary school children understand sensory
problems. Temple Grandin, Ph.D. Author of The Way I See It and
Thinking in Pictures
Visit the Website
Price: $14.95

New Edition The
Goodenoughs Get In Sync

The Goodenoughs Get in Sync - New Edition

The Goodenoughs Get in Sync – New Edition

This delightfully illustrated “chapter book,” geared for 8 – 12
year olds, tells the charming tale of five family members and their
naughty dog (each with a different sensory processing challenge), and
how they get in sync after a tough day. The book is designed with the
action of the story in larger print for younger readers to read or
hear. Explanations of sensory processing issues are woven throughout
the story in regular type for proficient readers to linger over at
leisure. Everyone with sensory issues will find a character with whom
to identify. Darwin, 11, is over-responsive to sensory stimulation.
Edward, 5, is under-responsive. Teen-aged Carrie has difficulties with
dyspraxia. The father, Andy, has sensory discrimination issues. The
mother, Betsy, and the dog, Filibuster, are definitely sensory seekers.
The Goodenoughs explain what they need to do to function
successfully, and at the end of the day, they all get back in sync.
Readers will appreciate descriptions and illustrations of activities
that they can replicate in their own homes or classrooms. The
Goodenoughs Get in Sync, first edition, was the winner of an
i-Parenting Media Award and was a Finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s 2005
Book of the Year for juvenile non-fiction. This new edition has a new
preface and revised introductory chapter to help people understand SPD
even more clearly.
Visit the Website
Price: $14.95

Picky, Picky Pete

“My OH my. Why are you so picky?”

Written by Michele Griffin, an occupational therapist, this
picture book is a must-have for the extra-sensitive child or those with
sensory processing disorder. Pete finds his clothes uncomfortable and
can’t stand “paint, soap, and things with lumps.” He explains this to
his mother and the reader in this fun children’s book, as he and mom
navigate a difficult, but typical, morning in the life of a young boy
with sensory issues.
Visit the Website
Price: $14.95

Financial And
Retirement Secrets

Marv Doniger

Marv Doniger

Globalization. Outsourcing. Downsizing. Reduced Pensions. Debt.
There’s no doubt the worlds of employment and finance are changing
dramatically. More than ever, it is up to you to plan and manage your
financial security. This straight-talking guide reviews life’s stages,
from infancy to retirement, and how your attitudes toward saving,
working, and investing are formed. If you have positioned yourself from
young adulthood for an envisioned future, you can likely handle any
curveball life may throw at you. Unfortunately, statistics show many
people are poorly positioned for retirement. Begin now to reverse or
prevent this trend. Using the concept of maintaining a margin of
safety, you can protect yourself from the unexpected. By applying this
concept to your career and finances, you can develop a set of relevant
skills and diversify your investments. A Common Sense Road Map to
Uncommon Wealth will help you anticipate and respond to trends and
changes. It’s perfect to bring generations together-if you’re nearing
retirement, share this with your children. If you’re just launching
your career, learn these lessons carefully as you move forward in life. 

Price: $14.95

Elemental Love
Styles By Dr. Craig Martin

The cover of Elemental Love Styles

The cover of Elemental Love Styles

Millions of people dream of finding — and keeping — the
romantic partner of their dreams. In Elemental Love Styles, author and
counselor Dr. Craig Martin gives you the tools to identify and work
with your own unique relationship style and desires — helping you to
overcome frustrating obstacles and patterns and to see your
relationships in a whole new light. Using the Elemental Style Quiz and
playful examples, you’ll easily identify your own style of loving:
creative Fire, who desires excitement and recognition; intellectual
Air, who flourishes with freedom; emotional, intuitive Water, who
thrives with reassurance; and practical Earth, who’s dependable and
strong. Dr. Craig shows how enduring relationships are ones that
include open hearts, accurate communication, and a way to honor
individuality. Elemental Love Styles will open up the possibilities for
compatibility and happiness through self-knowledge and cooperative
skills, not just tools and tricks for temporary fixes. Regardless of
who we are or what kind of relationship we desire, Elemental Love
Styles affirms that we can achieve true relationship happiness through
the understanding of our underlying needs.
Price: $14.00

2010 Indy Racing
League® Calendar

The 2010 Indy Racing League® official wall calendar, “Up  Close <br/>& Personal.

The 2010 Indy Racing League® official wall calendar,
“Up Close & Personal.”

The 2010 Indy Racing League® official wall calendar, “Up Close
& Personal,” is sure to excite Indy Racing League® fans every day
of the year by giving a glimpse into their favorite drivers’ lives with
images of intense racetrack moments and drivers enjoying their
favorite pastime hobbies. The calendar, which will also include the
2010 IndyCar Series® schedule, features some of the league’s hottest
racing stars and is available online at http://www.samschmidt.org for $13.99.
Proceeds from the sale of the calendar benefit the Sam Schmidt
Paralysis Foundation. The foundation, which helps fund research and
quality of life programs for those with spinal cord injuries, was
founded by former Indy Racing League driver Sam Schmidt. Schmidt raced
his way through a successful Indy Racing League career before a
practice-run crash on the Walt Disney World Speedway left him paralyzed
from the chest down.
Visit the Website
Price: $13.99

101 Secrets A Good
Dad Knows

101 Secrets a Good Dad Knows

101 Secrets a Good Dad Knows

Dads have a special way of relating to children. It is usually a
father who teaches a child how to shoot a free throw, catch a frog, or
fix a broken bicycle chain. Each of the 101 secrets in this wonderful
gift book is explained and accompanied by a drawing. Knowing these
secrets will enable any dad to look like a hero.
Visit the

Price: $13.99

What I Would Tell
Her: 28 Devoted Dads On Bringing Up, Holding On To And Letting Go Of
Their Daughters Edited By Andrea N. Richesin

What I Would Tell Her

What I Would Tell Her

In this surprisingly vulnerable collection, twenty-eight
talented fathers explore the complex, enigmatic bond they have with
their daughters. These endearing, often funny and sometimes
heartbreaking stories have in common an overpowering sense of
responsibility and a depth of affection that is unflinchingly tender.
Through their shared experiences, they examine relationships fraught
with challenges and struggles, but always filled with love. The gentle
strength they bring to this important role in their daughters’ lives
will speak to families for generations to come.
Visit the Website
Price: $13.95

Fresh, Inspiring,
Wickedly Funny Parenting Book

You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that Sustain a  (Mostly)<br/> Balanced Mom by Elizabeth Lyons

You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that
Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom by Elizabeth Lyons

In You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that Sustain a
(Mostly) Balanced Mom, Elizabeth Lyons (a mother of 5–including
twins–and inspirational entrepreneur) provides hilarious rules for
modern-day parenting and remaining sane while “doing it all.” Described
as a modern-day Erma Bombeck, Elizabeth explains her rules, which
include Fly Your Freak Flag High, Have a Treat of the Moment, There’s
Nothing Wrong with a Little Bribery, and The Sun Always Shines on TV
and inspires other moms to untie their own “nots” and be able to
proclaim with conviction, “I love my life.”
Visit the Website 

Price: $13.95

Book: The Side-Yard

Dr. Rick D. Niece

Dr. Rick D. Niece

He couldn’t fly, and he didn’t have X-ray vision. He didn’t
shoot spider webs or climb building walls. He never rescued an entire
city from the grasps of a villain. In fact, this ‘superhero’ couldn’t
even walk. Bernie Jones was born with severe cerebral
palsy. Confined to his side yard, he experienced the outside world from
the seat of his wheelchair. He never vacationed in another country or
experienced other cultures; he rarely made it out of his hometown.
Bernie Jones did, however, grant his childhood friend with lessons in
acceptance and tolerance that even someone who traveled the world
couldn’t teach. In The Side-Yard Superhero, Niece shares
the adventures he experienced with Jones and recounts the important
lessons he learned. Jones revealed to Niece the value of the
educational experience—as he could not go to school. He reminded Niece
never to underestimate even the smallest accomplishments, like dressing
yourself in the morning. Most importantly, Jones taught Niece never to
complain, judge, or stereotype another person.
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Dr. Hackenbush Gets
A Job… One Of The Best Indie Published Book Titles Of The Year!

Filled with wit and humor

Filled with wit and humor

Finally, the book for anyone who’s ever worked in an office
when they’d rather be making art. The book for anyone who’s ever
worked with an artist making ends meet between gigs. Set in 1988,
Mabel Hackenbush is between gigs, her baritone ukulele smashed, and her
car in the shop, she is bravely temp secretarying her way to a kinder,
gentler, not to mention, solvent life until she can get back to her
real work as a jazz standards singer. • Absolutely WITTY &
HILARIOUS! • Get the book that Warner Books calls “appealing” and
“lively”! • Avalon Publishing group describes it as “touching and quite
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StatKey Is The
Worlds First Branded Designer Key

StatKey Company

StatKey Company

StatKey is the worlds first branded designer key…First and
foremost, great design comes in simplicity, and if that simplicity can
get baked down to ridding itself of everything it doesn’t need, and is
left with only what is necessary, you have an iconic design. If we
design for reason in combination with functionality, and design with
the intent to solve problems and be stylish, Keys and what inspires us
in the designs: Simplicity, Functionality, and Style all wrapped into
one. For the keys, each shape has been made to target an audience.
Because everyone has keys, Stat Key’s target audience is everyone, but
not with EVERY key. These designs have been set up to hit a broad yet
personalized audience. Hopefully when people see the designs, they see
at least one that they fall in love with. The House key our best
seller, has been simplified to be clearly a house, yet still Iconic.
Solving and age old problem, all Stat Keys are easily distinguishable
on your key chain to help differentiate one from the other, as well as
be functional. StatKey has a key for the mom, the business owner, the
athlete, the valet, the babysitter, the pet lover, the romantic, the
real estate agent and the list goes on…. if you don’t find a key you
love on our website we’ll customize it for you as well as laser print
your company logo or info on the keys.
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The Most Important
Letter You Will Ever Write

The Precious Gift of a Handwritten Letter

The Precious Gift of a Handwritten Letter

Wondering what to give this holiday season? Give the precious
gift of a handwritten letter. Author and writing expert, Lilia
Fallgatter, makes it easy with her book “The Most Important Letter You
Will Ever Write, How to Tell Loved Ones How You Feel Before It’s Too
Late.” Give loved ones a gift sure to touch their hearts and become a
treasured keepsake.
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A Darker Secret

Embark on a wild journey with this title from Atlantic  Publishing<br/> Group

Embark on a wild journey with this title from
Atlantic Publishing Group

Upon the death of her father in 1967, fourteen-year-old Jordan
follows a series of clues and learns that she is from a blood line of
protectors, and perhaps the only hope of saving the world of Lighte
from Dark creatures that threaten its very existence. Author: Tyler M.
Stentiford Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company 1405 SW 6th Ave
Ocala, FL 34471 ISBN 10: 1-60138-315-0 ISBN 13: 978-1-60138-315-0
CIP: 2008041131 Pub date: March 5, 2009 Binding: Soft Cover, Perfect
Bound, Recycled, Acid Free, Alkaline Free Paper CD-ROM: No Pages: 288 

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The Father’s Plan: A
Bible Study For Dads

The Father's Plan: A Bible Study for Dads (paperback)

The Father’s Plan: A Bible Study for Dads (paperback)

Experience the Father’s love and become a better dad. Married
and single fathers will benefit from this study that explores the many
issues facing dads from a biblical perspective. The Father’s Plan: A
Bible Study for Dads encourages men at every age and stage of life to
strengthen their relationship with God, building a legacy of faith to
leave for future generations. This seven-week study helps fathers
explore fatherhood in the light of the Bible’s teachings. The personal
reflection questions will draw fathers into quality personal time with
their Heavenly Father, and the group discussion questions will lead
dads to reflect on their legacy and to grow in their God-given role.
The perfect companion to Dad’s Bible: The Father’s Plan.
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Price: $9.99

Does Race Still

David Goldberg

David Goldberg

How To Deal With White People by author David Goldberg is
intended to serve as a reference guide to assist non-whites in their
relations with Caucasians. Goldberg insists that people of color have
the right to express their grievances with whites and that there are
still some rough patches along the course to smoothing out race
relations. Originally indifferent, Goldberg reconsidered his opinion as
modern racism continued to rear its head in the form of noose displays
and death threats against the president. “There’s no better time
than now for people of color to discuss how they really feel about
bigotry,” Goldberg says. “Everyday something racist is exposed. It’s
time that non-whites openly discuss this to bring about real change.”
The book blends a straightforward, clear and easy-to-read approach with
humor and various scenarios paired with solutions. How To Deal With
White People is released through Walking Bulls Printing Press and is
available at http://www.dealwithwhites.com,
Price: $9.95

Downloadable Music

Great live music streamed free, now available for  download

Great live music streamed free, now available for

Wolfgang’s Vault offers free streaming while you shop great
rock t-shirts and clothing, vintage concert posters, rock photography.
For the Jazz lover in your life, purchase Newport Jazz concerts from
1959 by Count Basie, Thelonious Monk and more. For the rock lover:
U2, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Springsteen, Stones and Who. For the country music
lover: Waylon Jennings. For punk rock lovers: The Ramones, The
Clash, The Sex Pistols’ historic shows. R&B lovers, Soul, – much
for you, too. While you shop for gifts, enjoy the great music you
can stream free – and suggest shows to your friends.
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Custom Gift Boxes,
Gable Boxes & More.



LiquidPrinter offers custom Gift Boxes up to full color
printing on quality materials in very reasonable price. In accordance
with your specifications, thoughts, ideas and contents, we will produce
custom Gift Boxes. We manufacture custom Gift Boxes exactly to the
size you need. We also offer embossing, custom die-cut, sand effect,
foil stamping, spot lamination, custom window, bar-codes and aqueous
effect for Gift Boxes.
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Jay Blake

Jay Blake, professional speaker

Jay Blake, professional speaker

Jay Blake’s Permatex/Follow A Dream team ran within a few
hundredths of a second of low e.t. at the SummitRacing.com Nationals in
Las Vegas only to fall to a run just one-hundredth from low e.t. In
the first round of eliminations, driver Todd Veney made his best run of
the weekend, 5.72 seconds, but NAPA Auto Parts driver John Lombardo
Jr. nipped him with a 5.67. Both crossed the finish line at 254 mph
(top speed for the entire event was 255), and the margin of victory at
the finish line was just four-hundredths of a second.
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College Football
Performance Awards

Brad Smith Executive Director

Brad Smith Executive Director

Description: The goal of
the College Football Performance Awards is to provide the most
scientifically rigorous conferments in college football. Recipients are
selected exclusively based upon objective scientific rankings of the
extent to which individual players increase the overall effectiveness of
their teams. As prominent scholars from a wide variety of disciplines
note, CFPA eliminates the politics that vitiate balloting-based awards.
Furthermore, CFPA is the only awards organization to receive praise
from both Republican and Democratic White House officials for promoting
objectivity and fairness in college football.
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Hollywood’s Hottest Dads Gift Guide

Jack Spade Bag

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Ray Ban Sunglasses

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The Art of Shaving Cream

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Gap T-shirt

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Paul Smith Soccer Ball

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Masterbuilt Grill

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Ceiva Digital Photo Frame

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Garmin Nuvi GPS

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Flip Video Camcorder

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The Photography Of Eva Mueller via [ifitshipitshere.blogspot]



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Bavarian-born photographer Eva Mueller
is best known for her projection photography – projected light, shape
and texture on nudes. But frankly, I find those are the least inventive
and beautiful of her work.

With an enormous portfolio that includes
everything from CD and album covers to lipstick ads, her large body of
work is quite diverse, despite certain stylistic commonalities. She
often acts as the art director for her own shoots, utilizing her
knowledge of graphic design for both the concepts and compositions.
Minimal and graphic, bold and clean, Mueller says her vision is that of
“less is more.”

Once you pour over the following images, you’ll
find that whether it’s gritty and black and white or slick and bright,
indoors or outdoors, stylized or natural, her work has an undeniable

Some of her photos of men:

Some of her photos of women:

Some of her beauty and make-up

Some of her projection photography:

Some of her music photography:

Some of her personal work:

The photographer:

She’s shot for American and British
record labels, editorials for the New York, Vellum and Zink magazine,
ad campaigns for Steve Madden, Panasonic, Master Card and Guinness. her
personal work, which consist largely of nudes, has been displayed in
galleries and museums in London, Germany and the US.

To see her
complete portfolio, visit EvaMueller.com
all images and info courtesy of the

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The Coolest New Way to Play Music


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rhea jeong: ‘void’ LP player

‘void’ LP player by rhea jeong

designer rhea jeong
has sent in images of her ‘void’ LP player.
the record player uses a
carrier and dock outfitted with a magnetic and auto-calibrating control
which carries the LP into thin air as it is playing music. a
self-running record player shaped
in the form of a red sphere,
contains a needle, amplifier and speaker, spins around the record,
the music to life. the sphere that plays the vinyl was technically
influenced by the ‘vinyl killer’,
currently the world’s smallest LP
player that has a built-in motor, amplifier and speaker.

colors and shapes express a kind of astronomical movement between the
object and space.
the levitation is managed electronically. once
turning the player on, you can manage the elevation
levels through
the touch sensors on the front side of the base unit.

‘void’ LP player

‘void’ while playing music…

‘void’ while playing music…

a self-running record player shaped in the
form of a red sphere

structure of the ‘void’ LP player