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How to Fake a Vacation Glow with the Hautest NEW MakeUp via [allure, ourvanity.com, and oceandrive]


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interviews Scott Barnes, a makeup artist who works with Jennifer Lopez
and is the author of About Face (Fair Winds Press).

When people say they want that “lit-from-within glow,” they’re
talking about the healthy, dewy look you have when you’re on vacation
in a sunny place. The first thing you should do to combat dull skin is
get a humidifier. When skin is moist, makeup will go on smoother and
sit on your face better.

Create Foundation. Unless you have phenomenal skin,
you can benefit from sheer foundation. Apply moisturizer first, let it
rest for a minute, then dab off any extra oil with a tissue. Choose a
liquid or cream foundation, and apply it with a brush, which looks most

Think Outside. Bronzer is crucial if you want to
look sun-kissed. Women often make the mistake of choosing a brick-red
powder, but anyone with fair or medium skin should choose a yellow-brown
formula. You want to create a halo of bronzer around your face: Moving
in a circular motion, lightly buff the apples of the cheeks, the
temples and hairline, and under the jawbone. Leave the areas around
your nose and eyes alone. Bronzer creates too much darkness there,
which can make you look older.

Highlight Sparingly. If you want the light to catch
your features, highlighter works well—just don’t go overboard. I like
to swipe a powder highlighter from the temples to the tops of the
cheekbones. A golden champagne looks good on fair and medium skin; dark
skin looks best with a deeper bronze shade. If you’re in a rush, use
pressed powder on your T-zone, nose, and chin. The areas you leave alone
will reflect light and naturally highlight your cheekbones and

Keep It Light. Lips should be neutral and glossy. A
woman with fair skin looks best with pink gloss; for dark skin,
mahogany lip gloss is beautiful. Finish by brushing a touch of golden
pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks.

Take Charge

by Andreas Ortner
Makeup by Kelly Kearns for MAC cosmetics

Pucker Up

Eyes: Eye shadow in Aquadisiac ($14.50), Fluidline
liquid liner in Blacktrack ($15)
Lips: Lip pencil
in Mouth Off ($13), lipstick in Morange and Vegas Volt ($14 each)
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural powder in Medium Dark ($26)
Pink Bronze pigment ($19.50) topped with Overlacquer ($12)

Bright Eyes

Eyes: Paint stick in Primary Yellow ($20), eye shadow
in Goldmine and Cork ($14.50 each), Fluidline liquid liner in
Blacktrack ($15)
Lips: Lipstick in Up the Amp
($14), lip pencil in Magenta ($13)


Lips: Lipstick in Crème d’Nude ($14),
Tinted Lipglass in C-Thru ($14)
Eyes: Eye shadow
in Stars N’ Rockets ($14.50), Eye Kohl in Costa Riche ($14.50)
Eye shadow in Stars N’ Rockets ($14.50), Pigment color powder in
Frozen White ($19.50)

All cosmetics, MAC
Pro. 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; macpro.com
ASSISTANT: Eley Gonzalez
HAIR: Kyra Dorman at Artists by Timothy
Priano using Big Sexy Hair

New Make Up Collections Spring-Summer 2010

Illustrious brands launch not only cloths and shoes collections but lines as well.
Have you already seen the main brands Spring Summer 2010
ranges? Let’s have a look at the makeup pieces we should get the place
in our cosmetics bags for.

Guerlain make up collection SS 2010

Japanese motif from Guerlain – Cherry Blossom Collection

The face of the new Japanese collection
who is far from being Japanese.

Guerlain make up collection Spring Summer 2010

But the rest of the collection is in pure Japanese style with the
basic color – cherry in blossom. and
blush gamut are in cherry-pink, pink-lilac and pin-beige palette.

Guerlain SS 2010 make up collection

Guerlain also offers the rich color of ripe cherry for the

Lilac sky above the desert from Chanel – Les Impressions

Chanel stakes on two colors this season – lilac-violet and
all the sand hues. They have even chosen the sand background for the new
collection ads.

Chanel SS 2010 make up collection

Natural beige and golden and
rouge hues are perfect for the day , and the rich
violet and lilac are aimed to attract attention to your beauty under the
evening lights.

Chanel makeup collection SS 2010

The accent of the new collection goes to the eye while the
natural-pink or beige lips are only the background of the picture.

Chanel make up collection SS 2010

The same thing is acceptable to the nails. The universal tints fit
each skin color and type.

Chanel make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Dior opts for lace with Boudoir Look Collection

Delicate, light and feminine lace led Dior to the creation
of the eponymous collection.

Dior make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Usual 5-color shadows palette are launched in cold grey-pink-lilac
gamut with typical floral lace impress.

Dior makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

The texture of the compact powder is almost weightless just like the
lace should be. Blush hues are closer to the cold-pink than to the

Dior SS 2010 makeup collection

Lipsticks and glosses are pink, fuchsia, cold beige. Nail polish –
metal gloss.

Dior Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

Colorful kaleidoscope from Givenchy – New Impressions

Givenchy is brave in colors! Royal blue, rich violet,
delicate green, saturated terra-cotta and dazzling white colors are in
the palette of the range.

Givenchy makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Here is a new trick from Givenchy for the season . They launched
the of one color but in different textures: matte,
mother-of-pearl. The blush is for any taste: cold pink, warm peach and
chocolate tints. The
is very special in the line. Its color is violet.

Givenchy make up collection Spring Summer 2010

As to the gamut of lipsticks and lip glosses, they include all the
hues of pink. Nail should also be bright and colorful, admit the

Hollywood luster from Estee Lauder – Hollywood Stars

The Spring Summer 2010 collection
from Estee Lauder was created by the fashion designer Michael
who devoted it to the Hollywood stars.

Estee Lauder makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

At first it seems that the line produces the impression of the shy
and almost innocent, but look attentively and you’ll see the scarlet
lipsctick and nail polish, black and
pencil along with the natural hues.

Estee Lauder Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

With the help of this stuff you can try on various roles ranging from
innocent coquette to vamp, just like the real star.

Holy innocence from Jill Stuart – Jewel Crystal Eyes

Jill Stuart makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Jill Stuart launched the Spring range with delicate sexual

Jill Stuart SS 2010 make up collection

The shapes of the products are very girlish but besides the infantile
pink color, there is very adult violet and berry colors.

Jill Stuart make up collection Spring Summer 2010

Intoxicating freedom from MAC – Give me Liberty of London

Having decorated the cosmetic novelties with flowers and birds, MAC
created the spring mood.

MAC SS 2010 make up collection

This range is nothing but explosion! Pink, violet and corral tints
prevail. Moreover, the collection includes cosmetic bags and kerchief.

MAC make up collection SS 2010

Modesty colors woman into the grey color, think MAC
designers and promote the bright eyes and lips and nail of blue0green

MAC makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Spring in Paris with YSL – Paris Passion Spring Look

Spring Paris – isn’t it a dream of a romantic person? Bright and soft
hues of the YSL collection make you dream about the best city
in the world.

YSL makeup collection Spring Summer 2010

Saturated colors with delicate pastel hues always produce the
captivating looks. The basic colors are turquoise, lilac, and violet in
comb with pink or grey.

YSL make up collection SS 2010

Lips should be sensual and glimmering just like a real Parisian’s
ones, or chocolate and vanilla hues – for the shy ladies. Nails are
brightly red or shyly-violet.

YSL SS 2010 make up collection

Flowers and sea from – O My Rose

There are few women who may resist sea and flowers. Taking it into
the consideration, , made
them the basic motifs of its new collection sea can be dark-blue and
almost green.

Lancome SS 2010 make up collection

These hues you can find in the palette of the . The
designers made the main accent onto the mother-of-pearl golden sand

Lancome make up collection SS 2010

wear different hues like carrot-red, lilac, chocolate and even scarlet
including all tints of the collection symbol – rose.

Lancome Spring Summer 2010 make up collection

Nails wear bold colors up to black!

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