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LALA LU: the cutest organic baby fashions on the planet. via [Va$htie]

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shop: LALA LU – Organic Baby T-Shirt Company

The infant apparel line is owned by LUZ. She was ALWAYS a beast in
art school; and has started an organic baby t-shirt company. it is
inspired by and modeled by her daughter AMAYA…check it and maybe cop
some cute gear for a baby in your life ;)

LALA LU brings the bay area a locally owned organic
baby tshirt company. Not only CA and Bay Area inspired designs but with
long awaited culturally inclusive motifs for the culturally rich
lifestyles and families that our bay area babies represent! Coming
soon…NYC series! Stay tuned!!”

*”L is for LUMPIA”

*”S if for SUSHI”

*”D is for DIM

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The Outside-of-the box and “Assembly Required” Ikea Dinner Parties:A NEW Hipster Trend via [cockeyed and Mental-Floss]

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Despite early stumbles in America, twenty years later, the store has
so ingrained itself into our society that a trend amongst urban hipsters
is to host dinner parties at the stores. A meal of lingonberry jam and
meatballs at the cafeteria for the host and guests, and the living room
displays make perfect venues for a round of Taboo and Pictionary. A blog
posting chronicling the first party in Sacramento led to a string of
copycats across the country. So far, IKEA management doesn’t seem to be
complaining.— Mac Carey [author of the article: 5 Things You Didn’t
Know about Ikea, but (Should) via Mental_Floss]

via [Revver]
The IKEA Fancy Dress Dinner Party

Oh! Those IKEA room displays! Entire rooms full of furniture,
lighting, rugs and notions. Any one of those rooms would be a great
place to sit and entertain friends. They look so comfortable and
It was an invitation that Jason Adair couldn’t pass up. He decided to
have a Fancy Dress Party at IKEA.

Before the pary, he invited me along to a
mission-planning/brainstorming session. We scoped out which rooms would
work best for a large gathering, checked the location of employee
kiosks and established the availability of electrical outlets.

The West Sacramento IKEA is a huge store with tons of merchandise,
but shoplifting is apparently not a concern, because the upper level is
left pretty much unsupervised. The possiblilities were amazing! We
were both fairly confident that a group, particularly a well-dressed
group would not be kicked out… but you never know.
As insurance against getting thrown out, Jason made up
official-looking invitations.

The party was scheduled to start at 7:00 pm on Saturday, on the
second floor of the West Sacramento IKEA.  It would start at the
cafeteria. After dinner, guests would retire to one or more of the
living rooms for games.
The attire was semi-formal, and guests were encouraged to bring board
On the evening of the party, I arrived a little early and picked up
some wine goblets and a corkscrew on the first level sales floor.  I
ran upstairs and found an open table. Within minutes, guests began
arriving. Right away there were 10-15 of us, ready to eat.

opted for the meatballs and potato for $5.99. We must have looked as
if we were a wedding party, in the buffet line.
Guests continued to arrive during dinner, and by 8 p.m., there were
about 28 people.
Dinner was over, and we streamed out of the cafeteria and headed to
the showrooms.

Showcase Showdown
Jason was at the lead and paused briefly to get his bearings. When he
stopped, a very helpful employee noticed he was lost and asked him
what he was looking for.
This conversation with an employee didn’t look promising, but it
didn’t stop anyone other than Jason.
Most of us just walked past them and found rooms to occupy. Five of
us sat at a large glass table in a kitchen/dining room showcase. I
dustributed wine glasses and we busted out letter tiles for a rousing
game of BananaGrams. Other guests were in a model living room playing
Scott’s Boggle! game, and some others were gathered in a third room,
lounging around a television set.

Jason downplayed our real intent, but let the very nice man know that
we were here to play board games, and that we had chosen IKEA for the
location because it was so much nicer that any of our own
actual homes.
To his credit, he could not have been friendlier or more relaxed
about the situation. This guy was pretty much the opposite of all the
shopkeepers/management that Improv

We sat and talked for a few rounds.

IKEA shoppers drifted into the kitchen, but no one asked any
questions. They seemed a little perplexed by our presence, but not
enough to ask us what the hell we were up to.

At one point, two casually-dressed friends of Jason needed to leave,
and they asked him for directions out of his “house”.
“Oh, just turn left at my second living room, down the long hall, til
you hit my third kitchen. Go through the second master bedroom and
downstairs to the warehouse.” was the reply.
As with any good dinner party, the time flew by. Bananagrams was
interrupted by an announcement – IKEA was closing in 30 minutes!
It was, by now, obvious that we would never be kicked out.
The party was really rolling at this point, so I recruited as many
people as I could for a boisterous game of electronic Catch Phrase.

We split into two teams for a 12-person contest of electronic beeping
and feverish clue shouting.
Nine O’clock arrived and the intercom announced that IKEA was now

We proceeded with a disorganized exit.
Gathering outside, we were pleased to discover a well-stocked garden
area, inviting us to stay a while.
Many of us stayed, joining Jason’s impromptu patio quiz show.

What a terrific time! I highly recommend having your next formal
event at IKEA. Before you get started, you should be aware of some
shortcomings with this location:

  1. IKEA doesn’t serve the kind of beer that I like.
  2. Hors d’ouvres were impossible to track down.
  3. We had to assemble the whole thing by ourselves
  4. Not enough GULLHOLMEN in the VORDAGSRUM

6 Beautiful Tree House Restaurants via [Green Picks]


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Eating in a tree: Six wild, tree house restaurants

By Trystan L. Bass

Yellow Treehouse
, New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

In secluded woodland outside this country’s biggest city of Auckland
hangs a birdhouse-like venue designed by Peter Eising of Pacific Environments
. The Yellow Treehouse is situated over 32 feet up in a
tree on private land. It seats 18 diners and can be rented for private
events and parties — imagine a wedding reception up in a tree!

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

Yellow Treehouse
(Photo: Lucy

Tree House Restaurant, Bar, and
, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tree House
Polo Alberto)

Nestled high in the cloud forest of Monteverde, this large restaurant
offers fine dining, live music, gourmet coffee, and even free wi-fi to
customers. All within the tangled branches of a giant Higuerón tree.
Take a look at the live webcam
to see what the weather’s like today.

Costa Rica Tree House
Polo Alberto)

Garden Treehouse Restaurant
, United Kingdom

Alnwick Treehouse
Patrick Fulton)

This historical Newcastle garden features a rambling
wooden structure
with a “tree house” restaurant known for fine
local and organic food. While it’s not that high up in the air, the
setting features a roaring fire screened with fallen branches, and
tables are lit by candles. The restaurant and bar are filled with
handcrafted furniture. Altogether, it’s a delightful environment.

Ridge Treehouse Restaurant
, South Africa

Bushbuck Treehouse
Bushbuck Ridge Game Farm)

Take a walk on the wild side with safari-style meals at this tree
house in Port Elizabeth. Built around two giant yellowwood trees, the
restaurant has spectacular views of the Colleen Glen valley, and it
seats 90 guests for private dining, weddings, and special Sunday
luncheons. Specialties of the house include venison and Kudu, an African

Tree House Italian Grill,
United States

Italian Treehouse
(Photo: Tree
House Italian Grill)

For over 700 years, a gracious live oak has stood in what is now
Austin, Texas. Since the 1950s, a restaurant has been built around the
tree, and in 1998, the current old-world patio style restaurant was
created to honor the huge tree. It’s not technically a restaurant in a
tree, but the tree is certainly an important part of the restaurant.

House Tea
, China

China Treehouse
People’s Daily Online)

Newspapers report that Mengyin County in east China’s mountainous
Shandong Province are trying to attract visitors by opening tree house
restaurants. Perched in a small tree, this 2006 prototype is big enough
for just a few people to enjoy tea and snacks. Hard to tell if the idea
caught on…

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Breathtaking Ultra Modern Kitchens via [loftlife]


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Round-Up: Lofted Kitchens

The kitchen. It’s made a big comeback in recent years. This is especially true for kitchens with open layouts that lend themselves to a more communal dining experience. According to Adilin Darling Design, an architecture firm based in San Francisco, when a kitchen has an open layout, it becomes a “stage” within which the most average of cooks can shine. In that vein, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite open kitchens that we’ve found inspiring for your enjoyment this Friday.







Photography, top to bottom: Tom Ackerman, John Nietzel, Maï Linh, Maï Linh, Adroam Houston, and Matthew Millman)

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