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The Top Vacation Retreat Favorites of Billionaire Celebrities. via [travelvivi]


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Where Billionaire Celebrities Spend Their Vacations
Posted by L.K.

The economic crisis has not spared the world’s richest people: their losses are calculated with astronomical sums. But whether this was reflected in their vacation last year? Maybe when many ordinary families in general were forced to abandon holiday voyages, wealthy guests were taking their rest in all-inclusive hotels? No, the billionaires are in no hurry to part with their habits: they still continue to spend on holiday such amounts of money which are simply compatible with the budget of some developing countries. So let’s see where some of the richest celebrities like to relax according to the magazine Forbes.

Oprah Winfrey: Antigua

The best-known television host Oprah Winfrey loves to enjoy the peace of the Caribbeans. Despite the fact that she owns huge tracts of land on California’s beautiful lands, on Maui and Montecito, Oprah tends to rest in peace and tranquility under the huge palm trees in the washed crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean beaches.
To do this, she goes to the coast of Antigua, where her neighbors are usually celebrities such as Eric Clapton, one of the leading classic rock musicians. Here the problems seem to be decreased to the lowest level and thus there’s no needs to worry about the US hitches which are left to far from the unusual paradise.

Richard Branson: British Virgin Islands

Let’s be honest- the Caribbean are a real reserve of billionaires from various countries. The father-founder of  the huge corporation Virgin, Richard Branson, apparently having decided once again to play with the words, bought himself an island Necker – one of the British Virgin Islands, and built a huge house with eight rooms in Balinese style. While being surrounded with the turquoise waters, this piece of land lies on the softest fine-grained sand. This gives an additional opportunity to swim among the coral reefs surrounding the Necker or to start learning any other kind of water sports.
Branson has a full staff of servants, including a personal chef and masseuse. Incidentally, the famous businessman from time to time turns his possession. So if you have nowhere to go relaxing and have some extra hundreds of dollars to spend freely, you can easily live there too. He enjoys hosting around 28 guests who are resting next to him.

Paul Allen: Octopus Yacht

Long stays in one place seem to be tiring and even the fact that it’s a luxurious place for resting, doesn’t save celebrities from boredom. And because of this Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, doesn’t like to have a rest on solid ground while preferring instead to swim in his own mega-yacht that costs him $ 200 million.
In this floating five-star hotel there are not only ordinary pool and a cinema. The hotel owner and his guests have a basketball court, a couple of helicopters and a real submarine for 10 people.  The yacht is so big that the crew serving the miracle yacht is no more, no less than 60 people.

Roman Abramovich: Wildcat Ridge, Colorado, USA

Not all the celebrities of this world like sandy beaches, palm trees and warmer climates. Roman Abramovich, if he does not travel on his 170-meter yacht, usually chooses to rest in the countries with a cold climate. The owner of Chelsea Football Club loves to ski, and so bought himself a small, only 80 hectares, ranch Wildcat Ridge near the famous ski resort of Aspen in Colorado.
There is no need to get surprised. The thing is that Roman Abramovich is not only owning a club following the idea of healthy lifestyle, but he also enjoys various sports himself, trying to appear to the public in his best shape.

Bill Gates: Western Greenland

Another fan of the cold countries and places can be truly called Bill Gates. Once in 2008, the world’s most famous programmer has left Microsoft, he began charity work and because of his wife, Melinda to spend much time in Africa.
Let’s not make any kind of rumors about why the African heat bothers him, and he prefers to rest in Greenland, in the heart of skiing Apussuit Adventure Camp, let’s just take this fact as a note. Greenland is a truly wild corner of the world. Even the cities of this country are quite deserted and even some of them are not even inhabited, and only at a remote resort on the west of the island is where some adventurers like Bill Gates enjoy having a vacation.

Francois-Henri Pinault: Ibiza, Spain

Although most of the billionaires do not like to be on the center of attention and thus avoid journalists, it’s not true about Francois-Henri Pinault, the son of billionaire Francois Pinault. Not long ago he decided to conquer the world of fashion and art, making a present for paparazzi, having gone with his girlfriend actress Salma Hayek to Ibiza.
Photographers were waiting for a couple of moments to take pics of the couple who were relaxing on this Mediterranean coast, and their shots hit the magazines of all over the world. However, the young Mexican was not embarrassed at all: she was so charmed by Pino (or, at least, Ibiza), that next Valentine’s Day the young and attractive couple decided to get married.

Mukesh Ambani: Mumbai, India

However, not all billionaires like to overcross the seas and oceans to soak in somebody else’s country house. Indian telecom tycoon Mukesh Ambani prefers to relax at home. To this end, he decided to arrange a home in Mumbai in its own extravagant 27-storey skyscraper worth around one billion dollars. It seems to be rather interesting to have something like a hotel for your own.

Under construction now this man’s residence will take four floors, and there will be everything necessary for a modest multi-billionaire recreation: outdoor garden, a large dance hall with a chandelier, which occupies 4 / 5 ceiling, yoga studio and a special ice room, where you can hide from the Indian heat. The only question left to be answered is the one whether Mukesh plans to have all of the house for his own or going to have some “guests” to come over?

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Spectacular Floating Condos For The Über-Riche: Four Seasons’ Ocean Residences via [2oceansvibe]


This is how we should possibly be doing it?

Four Seasons

As the global recession continues and we here at 2oceansvibe continue subsconsciously programming you, through various mechanisms and tools, to live the dream and to unlock your potential; it is important that I bring you this, the Four Seasons Ocean Residence .

four seasons header
From US$3.8 million to US$39 million

With the news that a 25 year old Spanish woman won that R1.5billion PlauEuroMillions lottery, it is amusing to note that she would be able to buy ANY one of the the units on board the boat.

Pam Golding are exclusively marketing the floating residences in South Africa and have announced prices ranging from US$3.8 million to US$39 million.

Visiting some of the world’s most exotic destinations and vibrant cities is one thing ? being able to view them from your own living room window is quite another. Yet this becomes a reality with the launch of Four Seasons Ocean Residences, a 720 foot (220m) luxury vessel which offers 112 wholly owned private residences with all the onboard benefits and amenities provided by the legendary service of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Check out these pics:

four seasons slide 07
This may well bring a smile to your face

four seasons slide 08
I can see you there.

four seasons slide 04
Your entrace hall

I’ll be honest, I’m tempted. I’ve been keen on acquiring a residence within a hotel (like at Green Point’s Cape Royal 5-star hotel, for example) but there is something VERY appealing about one that floats around the world and let’s you attend the various glabal highlight events taking place.

I really would like that. I think it would suit my vibe. Like a non-stop 2oceansvibe Strangthening Ties Tour! I could just cruise around, playing nicely – from one port to the next and record it all for YOU right here! Wouldn’t you enjoy that? In a way, you would be right there with me.

With 70 000 sq ft (6 500sqm) of public space and 13 decks, the ship offers an expansive array of onboard activities and entertainment including the 11 000 sq ft (1 021sqm) Four Seasons Oceans Residences Spa and fitness facility, a European-styled promenade with exclusive merchandise from many high-end and well known retailers, gourmet market, state of the art business centre with secretarial and video conferencing services, wine cellar, helipad, putting greens, driving range, state of the art communications technology and a marinan facility providing ship to shore service, scuba operations and a launch for jet skis or sailboats. There are four signature restaurants, a coffee shop, jogging and walking track, pool deck and cabanas, meditation garden, medical centre, art gallery, boutiques, library, laundry and dry cleaning, house of worship, 24 hour security, daily housekeeping service, and even tutoring facilities.

Nice, I’d learn some French while I’m at it.

Let’s have another little squizz:

four seasons slide 05

four seasons slide 01
Where are we, darling?
Is that New York?

four seasons slide 03
So fresh and so clean clean

four seasons slide 06
The Molteno Library

four seasons slide 09
It’s in another league altogether

It looks like they’ve got QUITE a schedule as well:

Hosting its owners, their guests and 220 crew members, the design of the Four Seasons allows her to circumnavigate the globe, visiting cosmopolitan centres of the world and to dock or anchor near remote habitats only accessible to a limited number of smaller sized yachts. Following the sun for optimal climates, the schedule takes in some of the world’s major events such as the 2012 London Olympics, Cannes Film Festival, Carnival in Rio, The British Open and the Grand Prix in Monaco. Four Seasons Oceans Residences expects to average approximately 250 days in port each year, offering extended stays for in-depth exploration on all seven continents. The vessel is due to visit South Africa in 2012, visiting Durban, East London, Mossel Bay and Cape Town.

Keen to join me?

God, can you imagine the fun we’d have?

Can you imagine the international angels on board the boat. Some of them you wouldn’t even know were on board for weeks at a time.

But then she would spot you in the casino, WINNING, and she’d say, “Hello Meester, what ees yor name? My name ees Varooshkah!”

Then you’d place the dice in her hand, she’d blow on them and then, without taking her eyes off yours, she would throw the dice on the table.

“SEVEN!!!!!” would come the cry from the croupier, as the table appluads you on this, your 25th winning throw in a row on the craps table.

You would leave with her and dine the next day, once the ship reached Monaco.

From that day on, everybody would call you The Captain.

Check out more about that little slice of heaven at the Pam golding website here.

To win the money required to buy one of those units – CLICK HERE to play the EuroMillions lottery

Seth Rotherham

Four Seasons Ocean Residences

WHAT Residential ocean liner.

WHERE Launching initially from London.

AMENITIES A spa and concierge service, among others.

PRICES Residences starting at $3.8 million.

STATUS Sales began recently, and the ship is scheduled to begin service in 2010.

DEVELOPER BV International Ocean Holdings.

CONTACT (877) 507-3393 or www.oceanresidences.com.

DETAILS The Four Seasons — a 719-foot, 13-deck ship operated by the hotel company that will be filled entirely with residences — will begin construction next spring in Helsinki, Finland. Its 112 residences are described as nothing like standard cruise ship cabins. The one- to four-bedroom units, sold in whole ownership, will range from 800 to more than 7,000 square feet and will have full-length windows, walk-in closets, terraces and full-size kitchens. Each residence will be credited $12,000 a year for food, drinks and spa services. Amenities, other than the spa, will include a fitness center, a pool, a shopping promenade, four restaurants, a specialty food market, a wine cellar, a business center, putting greens and a driving range. Sailboats and motorized water scooters will be launched from the ship’s marina area, which will also be used for diving trips and shuttles to shore. Round-the-clock concierge service will be available to help arrange on-shore activities, and in-room dining will be offered. Plans call for the ship initially to follow a two-year fixed itinerary that will take it to Antarctica, the Amazon and the 2012 Olympics in London. During that time, it is expected that the ship will spend an average of 250 days a year in port.

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