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The OpuluxeLtd.com’s Daily Obsession: NEW By Kilian Collection created by Kilian Hennessy via [beautysnob and fragrantica]


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New By Kilian Collection


KILIAN_SP10 New  Product_Discovery set 02.jpg
By Kilian just launched Kilian
($140) which is a set of smaller vials of all of By
Kilian’s unisex scents —

* Prelude to Love, Invitation

* Love, Don’t Be Shy
* Beyond Love, Prohibited
* Liaisons
Dangereuses, Typical Me
*Cruel Intentions, Tempt Me
* A
Taste of Heaven, Absinthe Verte
* Straight to Heaven, White Cristal

* Back to Black, Aphrodisiac

Love, love, love the
names! As anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for cutesy names
(especially when it comes to nail and gloss shades), and luxe
packaging. By Kilian was started by the heir to the LVMH empire, Kilian
, so it’s only fitting that the celeb-favored fragrances
are luxuriously packaged (Keith Urban was just seen picking some up
for Nicole Kidman at Harrods!). This set comes in a gift box with black
tassels on each end of the box (very sexy and Agent
Provocateur-esque). I received small vials of all the scents to sample
and loved them so much that I bought the collection as a graduation gift
for my friend studying perfumery in Paris. If you’re the kind of
person who changes your fragrance with your moods this is the perfect
set as each of the luscious fragrances are wholly unique (though all
seem to have been created with many different notes, so I wouldn’t
suggest the set for anyone looking for ultra-light, non-complex

Prelude to Love: Invitation to Kilian  Hennessy`s Fragrant Empire

Prelude to
Love: Invitation to Kilian Hennessy`s Fragrant Empire

Kilian Hennessey, heir and grandson of the founder of The LVMH
group, luxurious brand Hennessey known worldwide for their production
of quality brandy, dared to start a brand, which will have aromas as
their main concern, just like the quality brandy.

He spent his childhood
with creations from his family’s wine cellars Cogniac, enjoying aromas
and watching his ancestors’ art.

After he graduated (“Schools of Higher Studies in the Information and
Communication Sciences” in Sorbonne), he wrote semantic theses on
language in common to gods and mortals. In his study “Angel’s share” he
met with the world of perfumery.

Angel’s Share is what the house of Hennessey explains as percentage
which evaporates from Cogniac cellars, as if angels themselves drank
that share, which is the gift to gods.

The perfumes presented
by the house of By Kilian are aromas which Kilian Hennessy has been
carrying with him since he was a child. They originate from the wine
cellar; they are sweet and alcohol-like, with an intoxicating, woody
scent of cognac vet. After he graduated, Kilian trained with the
greatest noses in perfumery and worked for the prestigious perfumery
houses such as Dior, Paco Rabbane, McQueen and Armani.

The collection “L’Oeuvre Noire” which includes 6 perfumes was
introduced in 2007. Each of the perfumes has both their title and
subtitle. Perfumers who worked on the collection are Calice Becker and Sidonie Lancesseur . The collection encompasses
the following perfumes:

A Taste of Heaven by Kilian – Absinthe Verte –
fragrance for men
Beyond Love by Kilian – Prohibited – fragrance
for women
Cruel Intentions by Kilian – Tempt me – unisex
fragrance Liaisons Dangereuses by Kilian – Typical me –
unisex fragrance
Love by Kilian – Don’t be shy – fragrance for
Straight to Heaven by Kilian – White crystal –
fragrance for men

The 7th perfume, Prelude to Love – Invitation, a fragrance for men
and women, will be joining the collection “L’Oeuvre Noire” in September

Prelude To  Love <br/>Invitetion by Kilian

This fragrance is based on the theme “Love and its prohibition”, and
is an olfactive memory of the first date. Cheeks blushing, heart is
beating like crazy. This exciting moment is refreshed with a bouquet of
beautiful citruses. Sweetness of bergamot, with delicate aromas of
orange from Seville, embraced by sparkling citruses, twists your mind
seductively and sends you a direct invitation for love.

The heart of the perfume Prelude to Love – Invitation includes intensive
ginger and accords of pepper, supported by neroli and orange blossom.
The base notes incorporate irresistible iris from Florence, which breaks
all possible barriers and prohibitions with its magnificent aromas.

The perfumer of this edition is Calice Becker. The perfume is available as 50ml edp
refill edition and as 1 liter refill fontaine edition.

Press Release By Kilian
Official Site By Kilian

Author: Sandrina (sandrina_bambina)

Fragrantica Member

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