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Social Climbing Game Proper: Genevieve Jones via [Mahalo, Society Noir, and Lovelyish]

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Genevieve Jones is a Manhattan socialite who has appeared in
magazines such as Vogue.

Vogue shows Genevieve Jones Some

New York socialite and Zac Posen muse
Genevieve Jones, has finally launched her jewelry line and is featured
as a ‘designer on the rise’ in this month’s Vogue US. The ultra-petite
Louisiana native has been working on her jewelry collection since 2006
and has produced some really nice pieces. I especially like her diamond
and gold, safety pin earrings. 

Genevieve I’m glad your putting
all that networking and popularity to good use. NYC WASP socialites
aren’t the only ones marketable these days. Get your money Genevieve,
get that money honey.
Genevieve are you still working on your handbag collection?

She has been referred to as It girl of the moment and the
black Paris Hilton because of the social circles she frequents.How ‘it girl’
scaled the world of fashion
(September 14, 2006)
FabSugar: Fabcon: Genevieve Jones
(August 8, 2008)

Fast Facts

  1. Hometown: Baton Rouge, LouisianaHow ‘it girl’
    scaled the world of fashion
    (September 14, 2006)
  2. Height: 5’6″
  3. Weight: 100 lbsHow ‘it girl’
    scaled the world of fashion
    (September 14, 2006)
  4. Referred to as the black Paris HiltonFabSugar: Fabcon: Genevieve Jones (August
    8, 2008)
  5. Attended McKinley High SchoolHow ‘it girl’
    scaled the world of fashion
    (September 14, 2006)
  6. Claims first boyfriend was Trent ReznorHow ‘it girl’
    scaled the world of fashion
    (September 14, 2006)
  • The Mystery “It” Girl

    Although considered a celebrity in the New York fashion scene,
    details of Genevieve Jones’ personal life have remained a mystery.
    Little confirmed information exists on her past, which has lent to her
    Internet fame and mysterious appeal.

    An article from the Wall Street Journal revealed that Jones doesn’t
    have a regular job, but she refers to herself as an interior designer.
    According to the same article Jones grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
    and was not raised in a life of luxury. Jones has reportedly attended
    college and has refused to reveal the source of her wealth on different
    Jones claims that her first boyfriend was singer Trent Reznor of Nine
    Inch Nails. Jones started appearing in elite social circles after
    moving to Manhattan in 1998. She befriended model Irina Pantaeva and
    started attending parties and art exhibit openings.How ‘it girl’
    scaled the world of fashion
    (September 14, 2006)

  • Style Crush: Genevieve Jones

  • For those of you who may not know her, it’s my
    pleasure to introduce you to Genevieve Jones. The accessories
    designer has been around for a while now but ruffled
    some feathers when she first came onto the fashion scene – seemingly
    out of nowhere- as a socialite with a wardrobe most starlets can’t get a
    hold of. People wanted to know who this girl with no breeding was (their
    words, not mine) so when reporters found out she was 31 instead of  27, they went crazy. How dare she lie about
    her age? What kind of person does that? Arrest her right now!  

    I wouldn’t care if she was 40; the girl can
    seriously dress!

    I seriously crush on her style because she
    looks like she has fun with fashion. She takes risks without looking
    like she’s thinking too much about them.

    I love the tights she wears in the second to the
    last photo and have been looking for a skirt much like the one she wears
    in the very first photo.

    Yeah, love her!

    Click here for more photos of Jones

    lovelies, let’s rate her overall style; 1 being ewwwww and 10 being

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