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Break out the NEW Bubbly: Camitz Sparkling Vodka via [Wine&Spirits Daily] 

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Camitz Sparkling Vodka

I’ve tried the O2 sparkling vodka but I’m intrigued by the new Camitz vodka because it’s topped with a champagne stopper (the O2 has a screwcap and was only mildy fizzy). The Camitz Vodka comes from Sweden and is made from water from the underground springs of Töllsjo and grains from the fields of Västergötland near the distillery. The vodka is distilled five times before carbonation.I haven’t tried it yet but The Strong Buzz reports that it delivers a satisfying pop when opened and has a nice fizz with a bit of acidity and needs to be chilled before serving. It sells for $45 and will soon be appearing in key markets in New York, Florida, Nevada and California.

[via Wine & Spirits Daily]

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