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Welcome To OPULUXELtd.com Lifestyle Design.  Your Headquarters for Outstanding Luxury Service.

Opuluxe Rentals is a listing service consortium that brings together owners of luxury assets like mansions, yachts, aircraft, automobiles and personal services with global clients who want to rent these assets.

Our job at Opuluxe Rentals is to do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. We have been turning first class service into an art for more than 10 years.

Opuluxe Rentals is an international company based out of Beverly Hills, CA –the privileged place for pleasure and luxury.

The joy of renting luxury homes, villas, yachts, cars and more

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Why buy when you can rent? When you buy a luxury home or an exotic car, you are stuck with it. But when you rent one, you can always choose a different one in a different state or country next week. Today, a mansion in Orlando. Tomorrow a castle in the south of France, basking in the comfort of limousine service, a personal chef and a private tutor. And you can always go even more upscale next week. If words like “private”, “upscale”, “personal” and “exclusive” make your heart beat faster, look what the world of luxury rentals has in store for you…

Time is a precious commodity and we recognize it’s value to you. When planning your next extravagant event, luxurious vacation, or renting an exotic car, rely on our professional staff at Opuluxe Rentals to make it happen. The services that we provide are tailor made to meet the needs of the elite clientele that we serve.

Our mission is to epitomize the sophistication of a five-star rental and concierge service, defined by one-stop shop solution for unique and personalized services. Professionalism and satisfaction with a taste of elegance and a twist of style, embodies the very essence of what Opuluxe Rentals stands for.

Luxury car rentals – the thrill of renting an exotic car

Opuluxe Rentals offers you an extensive selection of luxury cars to get you from your house to the airport, the airport to your hotel or villa, from your home to your favorite places, or for your business trips. Your rental, with or without a chauffeur, comes with a range of services that set the standard for excellence.

Have you ever felt the thrill of slipping in behind the wheel of a brand new Rolls Royce or gassing a shiny new Porsche Boxster down Ocean Drive? If you have grown accustomed to this feeling, you know that nothing else will do. And if you have never enjoyed the experience, there is no time to lose.

For many people, the thrill of driving an high-end, exotic car – a Lotus, a Rolls, a Lamborghini, a Porsche, a Mercedes – is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that just has to be felt. And you can feel it with one of our exotic car rentals. We feature an impressive range of listings from around the world, particularly in Florida, New York, Georgia and Switzerland.

Wherever you are, find the perfect exotic car rental for your taste. So this is how the rich and famous live!

Luxury home rentals – the thrill of sleeping in a luxury home

Have you ever woken up on satin sheets in a room adorned in antiques and felt like you were living in the lap of luxury. An increasing number of people live that way every day, and you can capture that uptown feeling in a luxury home rental.

There is something special about meandering down a curved stairway and passing through a great hall on your way to breakfast. Luxury homes and mansions are ideal for weddings (don’t forget to book an in-home hair stylist and makeup artist), special celebrations or even just a once-in-a-lifetime pool party.

A mansion can also make a great luxury vacation home rental…

Luxury villa rentals – the thrill of luxury vacation rentals

Is there any moment in the year when you crave luxury, when you yearn to be pampered, more than while on vacation? Of course not. That is why cruises and vacation rentals are growing in demand.

So why not book one of our luxury villas rentals and discover how it feels when the limousine pulls up to the door. One thing you are guaranteed is that a Luxury villa rental is quiet, private, roomy and comfortable…not like some run-of-the-mill hotel. While you are at it, why not book a nanny to get a little adult peace. And how about a personal massage therapist to come right to “your” mansion. Call in the hair stylist while you are t it. Go ahead and spoil yourself; order in tonight…with a personal chef. And if all this pampering gets to be just too much for you, why not call in a personal trainer?

There’s nothing like a little pampering on vacation or over the weekend, treating yourself to some of life’s little luxuries that you might not always have access to during the working week. So try one of our luxury villas. Rental fees are less than you might think, and we list them in high-end neighborhoods from Florida to Hawaii, from California to New York, from the Caribbean to France.

So go ahead and take the ultimate retreat. Join us and visit some of the world’s most luxurious locales which reveal enchanting landscapes with lavish villas shrouded in luxurious discretion by splendid flora. You just have to say the word and one of these gardens, one of these seaside pools, one of these peaceful havens is yours for a change of pace away from the troubles of the world.

Luxury yacht rentals – the thrill of sailing a luxury boat

May we introduce you to some of the most private luxury yachts found anywhere in the world? You’ll have the option of staying on board in style and comfort; or to set off to jet ski, snorkel, or visit remote beaches.

Imagine cruising through the Cayman Islands in a brand new 4-foot yacht that comfortably accommodates ten people. Sound like a dream? It’s not…not with our luxury yacht rental listings. Rental yachts are amazingly affordable, because you pay for only a portion of the upkeep. And who doesn’t like a great vacation escape on an exclusive boat.

The Bahamas and Florida are particularly popular locations for exclusive luxury yacht rentals, as are France and the Virgin Islands.

Opuluxe Rentals provides you with a yacht and a crew for a day, a weekend, or longer. From every port, a fleet of luxurious yachts sets the scene for prestige; With first class service for an escapade at sea or a destination cruise you’ve always dreamt of.

Luxury aircraft rentals – the thrill of personal jet travel

Introducing you to the world’s most extensive network of private luxury jets. Whether traveling domestically or crossing international borders; You’ll travel in style and in comfort. But, most importantly… you’ll travel securely and safely. With access to more than 5,500 aircraft, globally; We will provide you with our 24-hour service.

From turbo props to mid-size aircrafts to Boeing Business Jets, We are a premier air charter broker who promises you extraordinary care and safety.

Enjoy the privilege of getting from one capital to another quickly, from one continent to the next. This service brings together simplicity, security, and trust. Opuluxe Rental’s experience in private aviation allows us to meet even the least of your demands. We choose for you only the best aircraft with regularly trained professional aircrews. We also take care of all of the formalities.

Personal concierge – the convenience of personal service

If you still have empty seats on your private rental jet, come right back to this website and book a nanny, personal chef and personal trainer on board. We also list, for your convenience, chauffeurs (you won’t need them on the aircraft, but they come in handy when you land), barbers, hairstylists, massage therapists, makeup artists, private photographers, personal assistants, babysitting and nanny services, private tour services, location scouts, event planners, tutors, high-end spas, professional artists, upscale landscapers, personal shoppers, high-end plastic surgeons, limousine service and even private detectives.

What personal service or luxury rental do you want today?

To make reservations; please contact Ms. Melanie Perignon at:

{P} (424) 354-1674

{e} Opuluxe.Ltd@gmail.com

{W} Www.OPULUXELtd.com

{b} Www.OpuluxeLtd.wordpress.com

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